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This story is a prequel to But Would Anything Matter?

Littered around Ponyville are stains of blood, an’ more an’ more bodies. Ponies I knew. Ponies I called friends. Ponies who will, dependin’ on how much of ‘em is left, probably get up and do the same to anyone else left alive. I wish I could stop it, but I can’t bring myself to desecrate their bodies like that.

Everypony who was able to evacuate is gone, I think, an’ all that’s left is me an’ Dash an’ the other… the other things that are lurkin’ about.

Written for a Quills and Sofa’s Speedwriting Panic. The prompt was Fangs!
Thanks to Emotion Nexus for prereading.
Cover art is a screenshot edit made by yours truly.

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and should i be shocked now
by the last thing you said?
early sunsets over ponyville. i like it.

I like this story it's not bad :)💯

I wish I could write words like you do.

Haha thanks I’m glad you think it ain’t bad.

Silver you write phenomenal words! But thanks gah!

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Damn, good job with this one. It's really chilling and to an extent realistic in how the characters would react to the event.

Thank you very much! :) That means a lot

paper kingdom or bust

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Howdy, hi!

Really enjoyed the atmosphere of this. The absolute desolation of the characters over the course of a mere 1500 or so words. It's heartwrenching watching everyone fall leaving only two, while also knowing it was hopeless seeing as how I've read the sequel. An excellent prequel to But Would Anything Matter?

The horror is intense and brief, tension-ridden, and a quick flash of gorey action. I enjoyed this. It's depressing but in a good way. Solid prose and building of the scene. That moment when the first of them fell and everything went to hell was glorious in the saddest way possible.

Excellent read, thank you for the fic!

Ah thank you very much for the nice words! That means a lot :)

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