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It's the anniversary of a very important day in Apple family history. Important, but tragic. Granny locks herself in her room, reminiscing about what happened that day and why none of her grandchildren will ever be told the true tale.

A Full-cast reading can be found here:

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Hello Magpiepony, nice short story. It is an honor.

If you see my comment, I just wanted you to know that I really liked An Apple Sleep Experiment and decided to write an expanded story building it for this month. I wanted to include other ponies and creatures that were not mentioned or barely mentioned and give them some attention. It is not a sequel, it is mid-quel with some new characters.

This is it Apple Sleep Experiment (Expanded)

Brilliant work. Granny being used as a bargaining chip like a medieval princess makes a great deal of sense, and this even explains why none of Bright's siblings might have stepped in at the Acres after they lost him and Buttercup. And the attitude at the end... wonderfully chilling, and perfect for the season. Thank you for it.

Why isn't there a horror tag?

because if you want this to be a horror than count of Monte-Cristo should be one to, this is just a revenge story told in the way of E.A.Poe but still a revenge story

Exceptional storytelling! As always your talent shines through in both your writing and your voice acting. Granny is so on point and though I am not a farmer by any means I really enjoyed how well you reflected the southern and farm culture of the Apples. It was a nice little nod to events where such situations could have happened in the past. The whole story from start to finish was riveting and it had such an enjoyable ending. :D

Author Interviewer

Ah! I wondered why Lost read so many of your stories this year. :D

Im late but wow, so basically he cheated on granny smith sister and have a son, I'm sorry it a good story but I think i was a bit confuse

Then where did AJ abd Applebloom come from?

Bright mac is the father of bigmac,apple jack and apple bloom

This was really good and I really liked how you explained things! 10/10 would read again! :D

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