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An accident has taken our beloved Apple Bloom from the Apple Family. They can get her back though. They must! Family is everything, and they can’t let their parents last wish be in vain. Discord says he has a way; there are rules, but if little Apple Bloom can be returned, they will obey them.
For the Halloween in April Horror Contest with the Barcast, Here.

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Wow, this was very good. Wonderful horror twists!

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D Hehe gotta love them twists right?

Discord isn't as reformed as we thought...

Nope, he still loves to mess with our beloved ponies. :pinkiecrazy:

Hey there, thanks for the entry. I look forward to reading it!

No problem! I hope you enjoy! :D

Nice story, however I don't understand the bits part.Why would Discord need bits?

Thanks! :pinkiehappy:
And of course, to build himself a throne made out of bits! Sure he could just snap them into existence, but where is the fun in that? ;)

Love stories that show that disco over here can still be a b!tch when he wants to :DDD

Hehehe me too! Sure, might be considered 'reformed' but he is still very good at bringing the chaos when he wants to. :P Thanks for the comment and I'm glad you liked!

Wow, what a nasty Faustian (no, not THAT Faust) bargain.

Indeed! *cackles* I'm glad you enjoyed!

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