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Fluttershy has seen her share of tribulations and tragedies in her time taking care of animals. She realized that the thing she hated the most was to see them suffer; especially when there was no guarantee that they would recover from an ailment. Fluttershy knew the kindest act she could ever do would be to release those animals… and ponies, from their misery. She would be their Angel of Mercy.

Be sure to check out TheLostNarrator's full-cast reading of this story on her channel!

(Special thanks to Danny's Art Den for the artwork!)

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This is....


Ironically I feel that the ending felt the most cliche considering almost everything else was mega unique feeling.

Nightmare fuel, mostly for how true to Fluttershy's character it seems, her caring nature taken to an insane, twisted degree

Chilling… The idea that Fluttershy’s kindness and compassion is what makes her terrifying was well written. Like, dang. 😶

This was so good.

And a believable twist to Fluttershy's character.

Disgusting. From start to finish, disgusting.

as I said in on the reading, Kindness has never been so terrifying

No astute observations..?

No, just obvious ones. The author hit their mark, that's all.

Lmao, so many people butthurt that I called an intentionally disturbing story disgusting. You know, something that evokes a feeling of disgust? It was exactly as it was intended; a disturbing tale meant to shine a light on a different facet of a character. Don't like it? Tough shit, block me and move on. I stand by what I said. It's fucking disgusting, and that's the point. Horror is supposed to be that way.

EDIT: That second paragraph is a general response to the ones deciding to downvote my comment over it, not at BlueBlooms. Grow up. : )

I liked the premise, however the execution is, in my opinion, bad.I'll try to explain myself as better as I can:
-I don't need to say that Fluttershy is OOC, but here, she is just straight PSYCHO!And considering the alternatives, this is just for the sake of a"dark, horror story"
-as for the alternatives:we don't know for sure that the unicorns can or can't cure illnesses, but the fact that it is never adressed in the story, bugs me.Hell, they are friends with one of the strongest unicorns!The Element of MAGIC!Or, you know, considering Aj is an Element herself, just...just talk to Celestia?
-again, the fact that AJ asked Fluttershy why doesn't she get a saying in this, and Fluttershy replies"This is the only way, I'm gonna miss you very much", is just...the worst!Fluttershy, you are friends with Twilight!!She just went full murderer on there, without reason
-the story feels underdeveloped.Give reasons for why Fluttershy acts like this.Maybe her fragile psyche was damaged slowly by her pets passing away, for example, instead of"You'd suffer, so I decided to kill you out of mercy"
-Fluttershy acts(and is) stupid.Literally.I don't think you need medical training to differentiate a "mercy kill" for a pet and one from a person.We "mercy kill" horses, but we don't do that to injured people...
I'm sorry for the rant, but I really wanted to like this story.But this forced trope of"kindest people are the most sadistic" is so overused and executed so bad in the context of MLP.Sure, it works for grimdark stories, but when the character is so OOC and without context or background, it just feels unrealistic...

I liked this immensely. I think it would be true to Fluttershy's character in a grimdark universe that she would only kill to end suffering. You thinking about making a possible sequel?

Author Interviewer

oh my god! XD where the heck did this come from? I love it

I found it

That was a good story.

Wow. Such a good, dark story.

Also, maybe there will be a sequel where Fluttershy's friends noticed that ponies have been either disappearing or dying all of a sudden, so they set a trap and found out that she was the culprit?

I thought that this story presented a pretty convincing failure mode for Fluttershy's sanity. We didn't get to watch her descent, but i found the outcome mostly believable. Only mostly? Well the jump from killing AJ to seeking out Granny is a bridge too far. It should take more than two crimes of convenience before she actively becomes the Angel of Death.

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