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Being told you have a 'disorder' can be a terrifying and embarrassing thing for anypony, and Pinkie Pie is no different. Her marefriend Rainbow Dash tries something way out of her skill set to try and cheer her up... but there's a reason Dash hates pies.

Be sure and check out the AMAZING reading of this story by TheLostNarrator!

And a HUGE thank you to for the cover art Moss Ghost! Isn't it ADORABLE?!
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you finally came on :pinkiegasp:

Lovely scene between these two. Thank you for sharing such a deeply personal moment.

This is good! It's an interesting idea, it's well written, and, even though this has an auto-biographical element (as you said in the notes), the story works well on its own too, so that maybe other people can relate to it as well. This kind of "therapeutic" reading can be really good, you know! Have a thumbs up!

Yes. These two as a ship are absolutely adorable and I approve 100%.

On a serious note: thank you for sharing your story and I'm glad you have someone like Lost to be there for you!

This was astonishing.

Author Interviewer

I definitely should not have spent as much time as I did wondering what the heck was up with the title. :facehoof:

This story was amazing, very well done magpie. my favorite quote by far is "the pair melted into the moment, reveling. In on how perfectly Imperfect it was. " I love that. By the way you and losty need to stop making me cry. damn it LoL

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