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I'm a pegasister who just can't get enough pony magic in her life!


To help Pound and Pumpkin cake get to sleep, Pinkie tells them fairytales with her own special little twists. Join Applejack as she journeys up the beanstalk on an adventure with a giant, a tuba, and a talking tree

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Comments ( 14 )

This was a joy to read, what are you planning on doing next?

cute and clever

the two best things a fanfic could have fanfic !:pinkiehappy:

Fee Fie Foe Fan
I smell the Blood of an Equestrian
Be she a pony or be she a drake
I'll grind her bones to make my cupcakes

This is great. The orchard of Fluttertrees at the end made this for me.

You did it a again this is the best story ever!!!!
I love it !!:pinkiehappy:

I loved I hope you'll make another story

I watched the fan telling adaptation and highly enjoyed this story. I love how AJ breaks the 4th wall with her awareness.

Odd though to not have Raricow be--well--the cow in this given it being as big a thing as fluttertree. I think someone might ship Rarijack, lol! :ajsmug:

I loved the audio version!!

This was a joy to read, great work--though I'm surprised you didn't give the Flim-Flam Brothers some karma at the end.

Talk about adorable. Man I loved this.

A tuba. You're kidding. (I mean this in the best humor; the whole story was so, so funny!)

so, i'm gonna guess you're gonna upload every Pinkie Tales onto here, right, Magpie?

whelp, i'm not complaining

Hey Magpie, have you consider just putting all the Pinkie Tales as one story with each tale asa sseparate chapter? Would make posting future stor

Fitting that Pinkie would point out the flaws of the original story.

Like the changes made with Rarity being a Tuba and Fluttershy a tree

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