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What do you do when somepony breaks into your house only to kiss you and leave?

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Well that was short and sweet. How nice.

Pretty good.

This is actually so cute. Rainbow being so afraid is the cutest thing. Did I mention that this was cute?

Brief, but amusing.

i chose this one cause i live and breathe twidash

Well, TwiDash is OTP. :rainbowkiss::twilightsmile:

i'm aware "bursted" isn't actually a word but that's beside the point
anyway i actually started writing mlp fics when i like. 11. i'm 14 now and just came back to this site and remembered i had drafts.

Hah, that explains a lot, comrade! I was wondering about that.

Also, yes, it was perfectly readable and enjoyable. I liked it, in fact. :twilightsmile:

This is for the lover of TwiDash and I AM LOVER OF TWIDASH!!!!

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