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Pinkie Pie's search for a super prank turns out to have far-reaching ramifications!

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This was written in March 2011 for Equestria Daily's April Foals contest. I got fifth place, which is rather good considering I've never run a race before! :twilightsheepish:

This predates the Sherlock Holmes references and bubble pipe in MMMystery on the Friendship Express, so I didn't rob them straight from the show, I used a common cultural reference just like FIM did!

What did I just read?! :applejackconfused:

"I haven’t the foggiest... But here she comes."

I remember this one! One of the first decent MLP FiM fics I've read. I enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

I did not yawn!

BR #6 · May 10th, 2012 · · ·

I yawned.


Fuck it i yawned.

A classic. Good to see it on the site.

Author Interviewer

I especially love Rainbow Dash and Twilight's part. :D

Must... Not... YAWN...

You got me not once, but twice. Curse you, Cupcakes.

Comment posted by Nordlichter deleted Jan 31st, 2016

Wait...I don- "yawn"....you sneaky filly

Nope! Nopenopenopenopenopenopenopenope!
I am strong!

569942 I see what you did there.:twilightsheepish:

Oh, I'll get you back for this, Pinkie!

Dear Pinkie Pie,

You are now breathing manually.


No! I refuse! I am stronger than that, and I will not be influenced by light aranged to form a legible written language to make me commence in a sign of fatique!

But damnit it's hard...

I didn't yawn i laughed, well not for a while at lest but i just keep thinking about it and now i can't stop yawning

I was able to resist yawni-oh dammit.
Apparently writing about yawning pushes me over the edge. Regardless, this is probably the greatest example of this I've ever seen, because it actually works. And that's a page with Pinkie Pie herself as the image.


I deserve a medal, because its 3 in the morning and im not yawning. i win. :pinkiehappy:

569976 I'm glad they came out well! It just seemed like a really natural exchange for the two of them on April Foals.

570059 Oh wow, the addendum at the end matches up with my story so well! SCP is great. Thanks for pointing this out. :pinkiehappy:

570602 :pinkiegasp: Looks like you win this round, but watch your back!

570786 Actually, this story is in the fan works section on that page, as someone pointed out to me a couple weeks ago. It made my day!


Comment posted by Nordlichter deleted Jan 31st, 2016

i actually yawned and didn't even realize she made me do it until the end. well done pinkie

i trotted down the street, making my way to sugar cube corner. It was a beautiful day, and the warm air was cooled by a soft breeze. it was also april Foals day, and i had planned an awesome prank on my friends.

Then i saw Pinkie pie bouncing happily down the street towards me. i waved a hoof at her. she noticed me and bounced over to me.

"hi Pinkie! what are you up to?"

"oh hi Captain Literal, check this out!" her voice was bubbly and happy like usual.

at that moment she gave a great big yawn. after seeing her yawn, i couldn't help but yawn too.

she happliy bounced away, as i discovered something was off.

i couldn't STOP yawning. everywhere i looked, every pony was yawning, which made me yawn. i just knew this was her doing. damn you pinkie pie. you got me good.

571275 Cool story, br-*yawn*


Comes in, does what it wants to do, and leaves without overstaying its welcome. I can't praise this story enough. How I wish to return to the days when I could end a story at 1500 words and call it good!

571301 *yawn* thanks:twilightsmile: im writing my own fic, as well. also i thought your fic was worthy of a 5-second side fic :pinkiehappy:

571307 Aww, thanks Couch! But I really can't consider this a "story." It's a ... comedic short, I suppose? A cute little skit? But I'm glad you feel that it has artistic merit! :twilightsheepish:

Great...now I can't stop yawning.

Good story, annoying ending. =P

I didn't yawn when I read the ending, but five minutes after I closed the page, I thought about it again, and yawned.

571094 Oh wow, it is? I didn't even realize! :rainbowlaugh:

This is freaking marvellous. This is science. This is art. I love you.

Have my foals.

"Incredible Interplanetary Super" and the punchline is yawning? Nice idea and all, you even caught Pinkies sense of humor and i quite enjoyed the scene with RD and Twilight, but something seems off here. Oh yeah: I was expecting a funny story and it actually made me sleepy. :rainbowhuh:

572911 Um. Ummm. Okay! :rainbowwild:

574057 Then Pinkie wins again.

didn't yawn HAH! RETAINERS B****!

I was thinking about not yawning...I won't yawn...nope, not going to happen.

Then I yawned.

Interplanetary, indeed. :pinkiesmile:

I have successfully joined your reading community, Cupcakes - I just totally yawned, then facehoofed.


:facehoof: - Ugk.

Here via CouchCrusader's blog, and happier for it. Nicely played, Pinkie.

In all seriousness I can't stop yawning now. :pinkiegasp:Oh my GOD!!!! Typing yawn made me yawn.:pinkiegasp: I did it again.

I did not yawn through the entire story...I should have stopped while I was ahead

I yawned while reading the comments.:facehoof:

God I've yawned like five times on this page alone.

You make Pinkie proud. :pinkiehappy:

AHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! That was dead on perfect!:pinkiehappy:

713951 Curses! Well, perhaps next time... *yawn*

I love that episode. I honestly think that this

Pinkie: "..and twilight can be my assistant who asks stupidly obvious questions."
Twilight (looking clearly unhappy with this): "Oh, okay, I guess we look for clues now?"
Pinkie: "Oh, Twilight, what a perfect stupidly obvious question."

is some of the shows best writing.

Oh, right, talk about your story. Well, Pinkie PIe got me, so there was the fourth wall breakage that everyone loves. Not much else to say, really. Mildly amusing with a nice twist, I've read funnier but the twist was quite nice.

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