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When Rainbow Dash approaches the Princess of Friendship with a question about friendship, Twilight Sparkle is delighted to help her friend, even if that friend is being uncharacteristically coy about some of the actual details of the question. As she digs for the right answers, the question continues to become more complicated.

Then things get awkward.

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It's spelled "yeah" not "ya". You're writing dialogue not transcribing text messages.


Fixed now - thank you!

This is such a charming and lovely story! Lots of wonderful stuff here, especially the slowly teasing, unfolding revelation that the two ponies are in love with each other. Keeps up the tension really well. As always, splendidly written, vivid characterizations, and plenty of genial humor (the book titles on the library shelves just being one of the funny moments). It’s also great that there’s an undercurrent that this relationship may take a little work on their parts (one’s a bit flaky and take-charge, the other more bookish and reserved), but then again, these kinds of pairings can and do work.

An absolute delight, very much enjoyed!


Thanks. I admit that I'm a bit of a sucker for the "opposites attract" trope, so I went for a pairing where it will take a bit of effort on both sides to make it work. I like your description of the two, though if I could make one amendment to it, I would apply the term flaky to both of them.

I sneaked a Monty Python reference into the books that

This is some high quality twidash! Extremely well written, everything felt very in-character. I really really enjoyed it, thank you for making this!!


Thanks! This one was fun to write, so I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it.

I don't know what prompted me to start shipping these two, but this story popped into my head during a boring day at work a couple of years ago (it has taken me awhile to get around to actually writing it).

I did my best to try and keep them true to character. Any time I write dialogue, I try to imagine the lines being said by the voice actors, and if it sounds plausible in my head then I go with that.

This was a cute and charming story. The plot twist of Dash's love interest was pretty obvious, but that didn't detract from watching it unfold within the story.



I didn't try very hard to obfuscate Dash's true objectives in the story - it would have felt a bit contrived in the end if I had. The actual underlying conflict in the story was Twilight Sparkle versus her own obliviousness.

Something I learned in a Business Analysis course I took years ago is that sometimes we spend so much time looking for the right answer, we miss the obvious answer.

"What's his name? Who's the lucky stallion? Tell me! Telltelltelltell!"

"Twilight Sparkle,"

"About ... who was it again?" asked the other pony cagily.

"Twilight Sparkle," admonished Rainbow Dash sharply with a firm stamp of her hoof.

*cough cough*


Nice catch.

I'd originally planned to make the romance more of a twist in the story, but that's been done, and often comes across as forced. Instead, it became a journey of realization for Twilight Sparkle as she finally wrapped her oblivious head around what the readers had likely figured out a couple of paragraphs into the story.

Very nice. The bit about forgetting at the end though has convinced me that AJ is in a hellish position where no one can see or remember her regardless of how loud she might scream though.


Originally her omission was just a benign oversight on my part, which I didn't even notice until a beta reader commented on my story with, "Applejack has felt a sudden chill and doesn't know why."

When I thought about it after, it occurred to me that I had managed to (unintentionally) omit her from all of my stories to date. That was actually the impetus for the story I wrote right after this one that centred (almost) entirely on Applejack.

Charming, cute, fun and funny! It was, however, a bit jarring how Twilight was constantly being referred to by her full name. I mean... Kind of like reading a fic starring Princess Cadence where she is always referred to as "Mi Amore Cadenza" :rainbowlaugh:

It cracked me up when you revealed that Rainbow wasn't actually intentionally giving hints when she was saying Twilight's name. Of course she wouldn't think to do that.


Thanks. In the back of my mind when I was writing this was the idea that these two clueless mares - neither of whom could pick up on the obvious social cues they were both giving and receiving - were made for each other. On the one hand, Rainbow Dash thought she was being clever and coy but was literally draping herself all over Twilight during the roleplay. And for her part, Twilight was blithely missing the fact that she was the target of Dashie's affections, despite clues that might just as well have been written in raised letters with full-colour diagrams and arrows.

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