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Set shortly after The Mysterious Mare Do Well.

Perhaps Rainbow Dash had read a few too many comic books? Seen one too many hero movies. Either way, this was not going to end well for anypony.

Rainbow Dash has decided since each of her friends (aside from Rarity) have gotten a chance, she wants to give being The Mysterious Mare Do Well a try. The only problem? Ponyville is too peaceful. It seems all the craziness that had happened the past week has passed, and there really isn't any need for a costumed crime fighter now.

Twilight, seeing Rainbow Dash's annoyance at not being able to be a hero, takes it upon herself to help her friend experience a super hero adventure. By creating the powerful, the terrifying, the surprisingly sarcastic, Professor Nightshade.

Yeah, this is totally going to end well.

My entry into the TwiDash group's first Fanfiction Contest.

Yes, this is for the TwiDash group, so there will obviously be TwiDash inside.

***Story is currently being edited, please excuse the mess!***

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 154 )

An interesting take on the whole MDW prompt, I'll be keeping my eye on you, fellow competitor. Thought there is one thing that bugged me:

Or what about when that Cerberus was in town?

I'm probably just being really nitpicky, and I apologize in advance, but last I checked Cerberus didn't show up in town until "It's About Time" near the end of S2 while the MDW episode was towards the beginning :derpytongue2: Again, probly just being nitpicky here.

This looks really interesting. Nothing much happens in this first chapter, granted it sets the stage and that's what the first chapter ought to do. I'm left with a feeling of 'moar!' which is good. Also, I love all things Twidash.

I think Twilight's alter ego is going to be hillarious. Spike's reaction was priceless.

twidash-instant fav:pinkiehappy:, great story idea-sighing in dissapointment at all the long days waiting for the next chapter:raritycry:.
bring moar evil laughs:twilightblush:

This is going to be awesome :rainbowdetermined2:, just a question, I'm the only one that thought that Professor Nightshade is Queen Chrysalis? That or Twilight really want to be an awesome villain.

I'm all ears. Let's see this go down.

~Skeeter The Lurker


Ack! You're totally right man. I caught myself a bunch of times putting in stuff that didn't happen until later in the season (originally Dash kept talking about Daring Doo and Ahuizotl :P), I tried to go through and keep it all within the timeline of the season :raritycry:. Welp, that was my bad, Will fix once I have the next few chapters up.

I notice that Twlight's channeling some Doctor Horrible so far. Good choice.


Don't you mean Bad Horse? :rainbowlaugh:

An interesting story so far, I like it! :yay:

Is Twilight already an alicorn? I noticed the mention of wings. Can't wait to see how she does her Professor Nightshade persona.

Well done so far, can't wait to see where you go from here! :moustache:

Uh.. Not to nitpick... But you might wanna check the summary...

Pretty sure it's supposed to be 'obviously', not 'obviouslly'.

Just sayin'.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Yep, and I actually just realized I forgot to credit that in my author's notes. Fix incoming!

Nope, Twilight is still a unicorn in this one. This takes place a day or so after the episode The Mysterious Mare Do Well, so season 3 hasn't happened yet. Though this dastardly Professor Nightshade does have wings! How mysterious :derpytongue2:

No changelings in this fic, although it's interesting you mention that, because originally I was going to do a story about changelings for this contest. Find out more in the author's notes for the next chapter :pinkiehappy:


No no no, it's a new word I invented, a combination between obvious and sly.. obvioussly. See, that... yeah, fixed now :scootangel: Thanks for the catch!


Heh, no problem. I do what I can.

~Skeeter The Lurker


Yeah, that's when I thought it took place, which was why the wings got me confused since I didn't think Twilight knew how to even make wings except for the delicate gossamer ones. either way looking forward to what you'll do next.

“This town is a mess, and I just need to rule it.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog reference?
Insta-fave! :pinkiehappy:

Ahhh hero vs villain superhero style. And Twilight being that kind of villain? Glorious.

I look forward to future chapters.:pinkiehappy:

I can't wait to see if twilight will get a letter of condemnation from the deputy Mayor

Interesting story, tracking :rainbowdetermined2:


"Spike, the papers are calling me a Nazi! What the hay?"
"Well what did you say?"
"I only told them how the unicorn master race would enslave and destroy all subpony degenerates! I bet it's the outfit. Maybe if I replaced the skulls with something happier, something like... Aha!"
"Look at this! It's a Handu good luck symbol!"

Poor Applejack and Big Mac :facehoof:. This story is really good, and Twilight remind me of the Joker... A lot less psychopath.

Oh my celestia this chapter was soooo good:heart::heart::heart:, I loved prof nightshade's character and looking forward to the next chapter

Heh, you win points for adding in a quote from The Dark Knight.

Awesome! But, now I have to do this:


She rides across Ponyville
The alicorn of sin
She put Sweet Apple Acres
In the mess it's in

She's Mare Do Well's archvillian
So let the games begin
A heinous crime, a threat is made
Her evil always makes the grade

She's bad

There's evil plans of evil
She's hatching, so beware
The grade that she gives you
Will be your last, we swear

So pray that our masked hero
Can stop this wicked mare . . .

Get saddled up
There's no recourse
Professor Nightshade's
One Bad Horse

'They're a bit tied up at the moment.' I loved Profesor Nightshade's maniacal persona, so in tune with Twilight's own brand of occasional insanity.


Wow. Just... wow. That's... Copy+Paste.

Anyway, brilliant! I love me a good evil villain. You get so little of this sort, the kind that just never takes it too seriously, or always sounds like they're 3 seconds from killing everything. It's the banter, the witty banter. The goading of the hero. The bragging. The joke-cracking. The casual-danger talk. The Joker and Riddler from the Arkham games, and Discord are my favourite examples, and now I'm adding Prof. Nightshade to that list. Well done.

i'm in love this story, it's great, it's like reading a good comic with out the pictures, which wouldn't be a comic anymore, but that's beside the point this is great, you're great i hope you win with this.

What precisely makes the sandwich evil?

Nevermind. Its probably funnier if we never know.


Oh my god... :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

That was awesome! Oh man, I totally wanna put that in the story now. I'm going to be laughing maniacally every time my Bad Horse ringtone goes off now. Seriously, good show old sport, good show. :moustache:

Thanks. Again, the story is great and I can't wait to see where this rivalry goes.

Go right ahead and use the song rewrite, just mention I made it. I'd like to see how you fit it in. Maybe Pinkie Pie dresses as a cowgirl and sings it as one of her random songs out of nowhere or something.

I have Nightshade talking like Mark Hamill's Joker in my head. Which is awesome. :raritystarry:

Have to say I'm loving this, fake-evil Twilight is hilarious.


Sun dried tomatoes. Totally evil.

Amazing, great chapter, now MOAR :flutterrage:

And one suggestion, put a space between paragraphs. :twilightsmile:

Space between paragraphs get! So yeah, that's been done for chapter 3. I'll go back and reformat chapters 1&2 once I get the rest of the story uploaded.

The contest is almost over! Gotta hurry, clock is ticking ssjgokillo, clock, is, TICKING :twilightoops:

Nightshade kinda reminds of me of the joker crossed with the riddler. So awesome

“Insert dialogue here

How intimidating.


Pffft hahaha, oh my lord, I can't believe that. I uploaded an earlier version of the story. I tend to skip ahead to other parts of the story when I'm writing if I get stuck, can't believe I did that though :twilightblush: Fix inc!

Apologies to anyone who's following this if you're getting multiple alerts about it. I done goofed and had to make some changes, then I found out I goofed again. Know however, that if you strike me down now... I'll be dead. And that would suck, so please don't do that.

Uhhh... Play me off Pinkie! :pinkiehappy:

The answer is a zebra with a combat knife in its eye.

"Welcome back, true believer!" Oh, you... :rainbowlaugh:

Action was decent. The mooks they're fighting aren't exactly heavy-weights and Twilight/Rainbow are, so it's not like I was expecting a climactic fight, but it was entertaining to read and the part with Twilight freaking out was suitably impressive.

I really like the "intrepid heroes" and "true believers" stuff (and the Green Lantern reference in your AN). It's the little details mimicking cheesy superhero stuff that really make this kind of story, in my opinion. The story is good, but how you tell it is also important, and it really does help when you put effort into creating the feel of cheesy comics and cartoons; partly because it's funny, but I think partly because I miss that kind of thing.

this just gets better and better you should keep doing these even after the contest ends!!!!

everything about this story is great the more i read the more i can't wait for the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

I am enjoying the series! If there was a story that needed to be turned into a comic, this be it!

oh wow, this is sooo good :pinkiehappy:
I went up on the page to fav it and found out I had already :moustache:

Just want to say, Although that this fic is for the contest, I would certainly would not mind seeing more adventures.

This should be carried on...you have more characters to make into villains for MDW!

Dude, screw the contest, keep this going! Twi's got a real nice Harvey Dent/Two Face thing going on, minus the horrific burns.

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