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Hi! I'm RainbowDash1990! I enjoy making snuggly/cute fanfictions! Feel free to donate to me on patreon to help support me! https://www.patreon.com/rainbowdash1990


During a reading session with Twilight, Rainbow Dash says something she probably shouldn't have. The night takes an unexpected turn.

TwiDash! :3

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Comments ( 17 )

cute and adorable :3

Thank you very much! :3

That's what I was going for! :D

You should put the romance tag tho

Fixed! Thank you for pointing it out! :3

This is a cute shipfic! :yay:
EDIT: Nice to see that this got featured, this fic deserves it! :raritywink:

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :3


I spotted a typo, a He instead of Her in the beginning, spellcheckers don't catch those.:twilightsmile:

Love it.

You should totally make more!

(TwiDash, That is.)

" Why? " She kept asking herself " why am I being like this? "

It’s called gay, Rainbow Dash.

Also, I suggest removing the “Implied Twidash” in the story’s description. The kiss at the end seals the deal.

A wonderful little pick me up! Good job!:twilightsmile:

Fixed! Glad you enjoyed! :D
I will! Not too sure when, doe. :3

Will do! Glad you enjoyed! :3
Yay! Thanks for reading. ^-^

Well, certainly a cute FimFic. I wish you luck in your future works.

yes thats right twi you are cute and adorable

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