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Strawberry Sunrise


This story is a sequel to I'm Digging a Hole

You think you know what happened? You think it was the shovel? You're wrong.

I have a confession to make.

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A great little story, fun read.

The original was dark.

The sequel stayed dark.

Honestly, I don't really see the need for this to be an AU either - it fits pretty well.

I really like this complementary piece to your other story. It solve some of the mysteries in the 1st one but not without adding new ones to ponder. Normally when people write add-ons like this they answer too much and leave nothing to the readers imagination. I think ya done a great job here. Thank you for the story.

Liked how you kept this dark like the original story, it was a very good and fun to read.

Comment posted by Westle deleted May 9th

Both this story and its predecessor are very intriguing. Whether a “why” could even be applied to an instrument such as a cursed shovel, or an even more cursed quill, is at the heart of it. Good horror like this always the leaves you wanting to know more.

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