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At the request of Dr. Quest Colton, the following data logs and observation notes have been compiled about the case study surrounding Subject 1 and the highly infectious anomoly that now plagues ponies in the hundreds. It is the doctor's hope that these files will eventually help us find a cure before all of Equestria suffers this horrific end. Subjects 2, 3, 4, and 5 are also presenting troubling afflictions and will be recieving case studies of their own. Princess Twilight's sudden death could not have come at a worse time for us all.

(Thanks to VladiVoices for the amazing art!)

Hope you enjoy my first MLP Infection AU :)

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Ooh! Very interesting!! I would love to read a full story in this au!

A couple tiny nit-picks, if I may:
1. The first one infected by a virus in a situation like this is usually referred to as Patient Zero (though you can obviously call it whatever you want).
2. You describe the first spot the gems appear on Rarity as being on her "forehoof, just above the knee". It would technically be the "foreleg", since "forehoof" would be the hoof itself and nothing else.

Hope it's okay that I pointed that out! I really like this story and would love to read more! Great fic!

I'm pretty drawn in already. I look forward to seeing more!

:moustache: Was it another one of Zacoras shampoos or...
:facehoof: Spike was it you?
:ajsmug: Don't know I got apples growing out of my flank.
:rainbowhuh: Really.
:flutterrage: Discord stop that right now!

Will there ever be a full story in this AU?

I'm wondering how twilight died

I'm guessing that each of the Mane 6 are afflicted with a disease connected to their special talent.

This will be a nice story to read later!

Well aint this horrifyingly squeamish work of art.

Holy 💩, that was freaky. In a good way. I'm glad that I found this on the Featured page. Awesome cover art. I hope there will be more stories in this AU soon.

"Do the forelimbs of quadrupeds have forearms?" is actually a really good anatomical question.
Overexpressed supernatural traits, sometimes to the point of debilitation or at least detriment, is always a fascinating thing to see.

I was going to speculate that AJ's might be connected to overwork-but that's already been done. (Apple Sleep Experiment, anypony?)

As someone suffering from chronic psoriasis (my current medication helps a lot), this story reminded me of times I try not to think about too much.

Going off the title and the advanced age of Rarity (and by proxy, the rest of the remaining Mane Six), I'm guessing Twilight did something sciencey and/or magical to give them the same immortality as her; now that she's passed away for one reason or another, the mechanism is failing without her to keep the gears from grinding each other to dust. Ashes to ashes…

Whether or not there'll be any future installments — you do you — I definitely enjoyed the morsel. Kudos!

You are right about patient zero term, but there is patient one , and subject one as a non-medical analog. Patient one is someone on individual treatment (monotherapy, I think, that's called). Subject One is a first one to be studied. Patient zero exists before any treatment was applied (or existed), he is literally "before" the first..

Fascinating and horrifying in equal measure. Evocative examples of both explicit and implicit horror.

Ah, I see! I was uniformed then, thank you!

It reminds me of some japanese horror manga I cannot remember deatails of. Only there patient produced hardware parts

For some reason, seeing the picture and hearing of the effects made me think of the ailment Rarity suffers in th4 Equestria Divided universe. Have you read or seen a bit from that AU?

Otherwise, this has the potential to be both horrific and yet morbidly fascinating.

-Are the other 4 Subjects the remaining Elements of Harmony?
-What are the remaining names of the months called?
-Do most ponies live up to 546 years or is this rather moon cycles instead of years?

Much ouches. 😖

I'm guessing subject 5 is pinkie, 2 is rainbow dash, 4 and 3 are Aj and shy

What's this infection AU. Anyone please explain.

So, basically poison joke except it kills you and infects others?

Also, the cover art off reminds me of the Sapphire Scales diseases that came up in One Piece recently.

Rarity got infected with SCP-409 (very real)

The way it spreads also appears to bear resemblance to Swamp Fever, the old favourite of the Infected AU writers.


Do the forelimbs of quadrupeds have forearms?

Yes: It's the portion of the front legs running from the elbow to the knee, (the 'knee' on the front leg being equivalent to a primate's wrist). In equines, this is actually the upper portion of the front legs, (as the upper arm is within the torso).

This Story gave me the chills. And I loved reading it.

After hearing TheLostNarrator's reading, as odd as it seems, despite the body horror aspect of this story, I feel like "horror" just doesn't sit right with me. I suppose it is a psychological horror, but the story feels more sad than scary. The worst part is that, despite the Death tag, considering the name of this story being Immortal Affliction, we don't know whether or not Rarity is dead or somehow still alive in that stone. That's the disturbing thing about this story. How much is NOT known. Is Rarity still alive somehow, or dead (death is the merciful option, of course)? Even if Rarity can't be saved, can there be answers to what exactly this affliction is? If the effects can be reversed, is there a point of no return?

This story makes you ask questions. And that lack of knowledge is where the psychological horror is. It makes you fill in the gaps, and either make assumptions, or just wonder the what-ifs.

I want to give Rarity a hug just so she can have a little comfort. But the knowledge of what that could end up doing to me is even more painful, since it means I either sacrifice myself to comfort her, or watch her suffer.

Would make for a compelling reason for why Equestria fell…

I love Rarity stories, she’s such a gem.

I have to wonder, if she'd gone to the Crystal Empire, where they have Crystal Ponies (and crystal everything else), would her mutation have stabilized? If they'd used some of Sombra's magic on her, could they have slowed or stopped her transformation?

i just saw the vid losty posted, now I am haunted by the incident

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