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Hey noticed there wasn't an infection, so why not?
stories have to do with an infection of so kind, such as zombie or otherwise
other than that go wild

Please put only in one folder, but eh i don't care

Ground Zero- The first case
Outbreak- Goes beyond the first outbreak
Survivors- A group of survivors and their story
No Hope- Last Survivor either alone or everyone dies along the way
Immunity- Cases where someone's immune
Last Remaining- Last group of survivors in their world
New World Order- Years after infection, either it has been beaten or is just years later
Human- Has humans in it
Hunter- Hunting down infected or zombies

Brain Pickin' Good- is the what i see as the best, (My view is subjective)

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Thank you for reminding me this video existed after six years 😂

I remember that video, I watched it long ago, and tbh, I thought it was a fever dream at first.

Comment posted by Quite The Anonymous deleted Feb 1st, 2020

398624 :facehoof:... oddly enough, we're on the same page...

375518 And that was thirty-seven weeks ago, almost a year and a half if my math is correct. To liven the place up a bit...

No Comments. Wow I'm The first just like to let everyone know here I'm making a epic story which I'm sure will fit with an infection. Have a great day my fellow bronys.
Sincerely, Digital Brony

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