• Published 24th Mar 2014
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Time Doesn't Heal All Wounds - Caineachu

When the land of Equestria is decimated by an apocalypse, the Element of Honesty must do whatever she can to survive the world left behind

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Chapter Thirteen

Rainbow was aware of two things when she came to: her hands were bound behind her back, and there was an intense pain in her left side.

Normally, she wouldn't have minded this kind of idea, in slightly different circumstances, and without the pain. She was always into rough play, even when she was younger, and she had her fair share of tied-up romps before. But this was an entirely different situation, and so she struggled against the rope holding her wrists together. If she was sitting or standing up, she could've easily slipped her arms under her and been in business to bail out of here, but judging from her close-up view of the ground, she was face-down on the marble floor.


She turned onto her side, looking at her surroundings. She was almost expecting to see grand spires, a painted ceiling and tapestries hanging all around, but instead, she was in an old bedroom, from the looks of it. She struggled in her restraints as she slowly sat up and took in the room. There was a grand bed in the middle of it, fit for royalty, with what looked like silken sheets on it. The other furnishings in the room, the bedside table, the desk, even the small letter opener on said desk were all high-quality as well. It almost looked like how she always pictured...

Celestia's bedroom? She licked her dry lips before forcing herself into a sitting position, her hands still behind her. Glancing down at her feet, she saw her feet were tied, too. She cursed under her breath, glancing behind her, as if she was trying to see her hands. Testing the tightness of the rope around her wrists, she slowly pulled them forward, trying to tug them past her hips and rump. If she could do that, she could untie her legs and be home free.

And by "home free" she meant "able to find Applejack."

Her heart suddenly froze as her thoughts when to the orange mare. Where was she? Was she okay? What if they were killing her, right now, and she was sitting here just thinking about it?

She bit her lip as she forced her hands past her rump, ignoring the pain in her wrists as she quickly went about untying her legs. After a few minutes of trying, she groaned, her legs still stuck together. She looked around the room for something sharp to cut the rope. Her eyes slowly fell back to the desk, more specifically, the letter opener. Perfect!

She slowly scooted her body across the floor. With all the adrenaline coursing through her veins in Rainbow's fear-riddled state, it felt like it took hours, when in reality it only was a minute or two at the most. She moved her bound arms onto the top of the desk and gripped the letter opener in her hands.

Alright, gotta be fast. She set to work cutting the rope around her ankles, biting her lip in concentration. After a few minutes of working at it, she had enough cut that she could force her way out of the rest, her legs now free to full movement again. She grinned and she nearly hopped to her feet.

"Hell yeah, we're back in business now."

Besides one of the numerous windows in the room, the only way out was the single door, which she quickly ran up to. She tested the door, groaning when it didn't budge. "Yeah, of course it's locked. Why wouldn't it be..." She bit her lip, trying to think of a way out of her situation. Then, it came to her.


It wasn't the most perfect plan, but it was a plan.

Rainbow positioned herself behind the door, gripping the letter opener in her hands. She didn't know if anyone was even out there, but it was a chance she'd have to take. She jammed the letter opener into the side of the door, right next to the knob. After a few seconds of wildly jerking it from side to side, the door opened for right up. So far, so good.

She poked her head around the doorway, looking out into the massive hall. Surprisingly, no one was really around. As suspicious as that was to her, she wasn't going to complain about it. She dashed out into the hallway. She wasn't entirely sure of where she was going, but she knew that she'd eventually find her way out if she kept moving.

As she rounded the corner, she screeched to a halt, and two guards only a few feet away turned to face her. There was about half a second of them just looking at each other before her mind picked between fight or flight.

It chose fight.

She raised her hands up and tossed the letter opener in the air, catching it by the blade before she whipped it at the guard closest to her. The blade flew through the air, catching him in the throat. As he gasped for air and the other male turned to him, Rainbow dashed forward and kneed him in the side, forcing him to double over. She moved behind him, moving her arms over his head. Her still bound wrists pressed hard against the front of his neck, and he was desperately trying to breath. His strangled gasps soon faded away as his life did the same, and she let him collapse to the ground.

She turned to look down at the other guard, who wasn't quite dead yet. She bent down to look him in the eyes, her hands gripping the letter opener. "You should've picked a better side." And she tore it out of him, standing and continuing onward as his choking groans stopped.

After walking along for who knows how long (she got lost a few times), she arrived in the main throne room. Tapestries still hung from the ceiling, and the intricate window art still detailed many old stories and legends, just as they did before. In fact, the whole castle looked to be almost untouched by the destruction that gripped the rest of the world. She would've been in awe if it wasn't for two things: the whole "I'm still technically captured and don't know where Applejack is" predicament, and the being sitting on the throne. It certainly wasn't the Princess, but she couldn't make out exactly what, or who, it was.

Rainbow swallowed. "H-Hey! Who's over there?"

The figure's ears perked up at her voice, and a voice pierced the silence, sounding entirely too happy, and entirely too familiar. "Oh, you're awake! That's quite good, you see, I almost thought those buffoons that brought you here killed you by mistake." The figure stood from the throne, walking towards her. A gasp escaped her when she got a good view of him, and when he spoke again.

"It would've been rude of you not to give your old pal Discord a big hello."

Author's Note:

You guys have no idea how long I've been waiting to introduce this magnificent asshole into the story.