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Applejack and Rarity's relationship was never easy, even at the best of times. But their love for one another was constant, an irresistible force, up until one day when it was no longer enough.

Years have passed since then, and on one quiet night, their paths cross once again.

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I'm with Dashingping on this one.

Cool. I like it.

I love it. It's beautiful and perfect.

I've been wanting to read something by you for a while, after seeing you comment places, but our ships seem to be at odds. I'm glad I was scanning the front page today.

In my personal opinion, this is the best RariJack fic ever. I'm just gonna bookshelf spam you now, I have three different shelves this needs to go on.

See, this is exactly how it would go. There's no perfection in this pairing - nothing of it that /sticks/, or is healthy. But it can definitely still happen. It's pretty much 5244767 's thoughts on rarijack, crystallized.

I don't really upvote or favorite any rarijack fics. I still can't bring myself to favorite this, but you're definitely getting an upvote from me, for showing how the ship truly would be, and having written it well.


I just can't say anything else that bookplayer and Tchernobog already said. Well, except the fact that I'm crying.

You, sir, did an amazing job with this fic.

Came here on 5244767's recommendation, and I'm very glad I did. This is a very compelling angle for Rarijack, going to show how that old cliche of attraction opposites deserves explosion and interrogation. Granted, I still enjoy reading stories where these two "complete each other" or something along those lines, but the way their decades of breakups, refractory periods, and reconnections blanket the evening these two have together is as reassuring as it is somber -- they don't get their fairy tale ending, or even lasting happiness, but they wouldn't be themselves without those ordeals.

Thank you!

To be quite honest, your blogpost on Rarijack ended up providing quite a bit of inspiration for me. I don't think all Rarijack is necessarily doomed to this particular sort of relationship, but I also think it's a powerful (and romantic) idea that was really interesting to explore.


I don't think all Rarijack is necessarily doomed to this particular sort of relationship, but I also think it's a powerful (and romantic) idea that was really interesting to explore.

I actually agree, there are plenty of other ways to write RariJack. What a lot of people seem to miss about those blogs is that they're titled some variation on "How X is the most romantic ship." I'm not arguing that any or all of them are THE most romantic ship, I'm explaining the way (as I see it) that a ship can be written in which it will come out more romantic than any other mane six ship would in the same way. The thing that makes it uniquely romantic.

So I'm glad you've captured that for RariJack. Like I said, it's a beautiful fic.

This reminds me of A Terrible Reason to be Unhappy.

This is a very solid RariJack story. Well done. :heart:

I don't like on-again-off again RariJack, I like them being a stable relationship quite a bit more, but this was good pal. Keep that head held high, you deserve to.

I admit, in terms of reading Rarijack, I often prefer the stable relationship side myself, because I'm a sucker for cute romance. It's more of... I really find it hard to write that. I'm not particularly good without some conflict or high-concept to bounce off of, and it led me down a more bittersweet path this time.

(Though stable Rarijack is also potentially very fun in them-versus-outside-force because damn, I feel sorry for anyone that has to face an angry Applejack and angry Rarity both. As, hey, Laughing Shadow in some ways demonstrated. :raritywink:)

I know what you mean in regards to writing it. I've been trying to do a cute little SoL one-shot with 'em and it's like pulling teeth compared to how I was able to get chapters done in The Laughing Shadow. It's like the only way I can do romance is if it's a side-bit while I focus on the main issue of punching monsters. But I guess that's the joys of trying something different, huh? :ajsmug:

Just ..really well done. You were able to tell an entire story in a one shot, that takes talent. :raritystarry:

The mistakes made were mistakes that needed to be made. So keep making them.

Excellent job with this story. You did a great job showing us just enough of the heartbreak to give context but not enough to fill in all the gaps. While I don't see a relationship between them this doomed, I can certainly see them having a few rough spots. Although, for my money the hardest thing they would have to deal with is that Applejack is tied to Ponyville and Rarity kind of yearns for the big city. I think of a relationship between the two, Rarity would have to give up more of her dream for it to work.

I also liked how you had them kinda try again in the end, I don't think in the context of your story they would be quit as doomed anymore since both of them are older and wiser now. I don't know, it would be awesome to see a sequel though.

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a short story I could write


Go at writeoff.me

A very sober and realistic take on a relationship.

I like it.

Very. Well. Done.

I DONT like RariJack. I only read this because it was featured, and I was curious. But wow. Just wow. I rarely fave any shipfic that isn't one of my three OTPs, but I think I will fave this for the writing alone.

Edit: What the hell? Why am I getting dislikes! All I said was, while I don't care for the ship, I thought this story was great. Can someone explain the dislikes please? :rainbowhuh:

Author Interviewer

fuckkk I wish I could write shipping like this .-. this was romantic as fuck omg

A beautifully tragic romance. A fantastic read. I really enjoyed this

5249272 rarity is my fave pone but I actually really dislike aj lol

Damn son. This is some Rarijack at its finest. :raritycry:

This seems very wrap-around, as in it never seems to get to the point.

And another thing, how old are they and how far into the future is this? In an early timejump AB is married with one child and another on the way, but in the second to last timeframe Applejack said she wasted five years of her life on Rarity, so I assume they were already older to begin with.

I guess I miss the worldbuilding in a vignette-like troubled/realistic love story. I don't know. I just feel confused.

It's not too complex, it's just that there's a fair amount only stated implicitly.

The story takes place in one major scene, set in Manehattan in winter quite a few years in the future. During that scene, there are three specific flashbacks: one to roughly the time period that the show takes place in, when the relationship first began; one an unspecified amount of time later, in the middle of the relationship; and one around five years after the beginning, when the relationship came to an end. Before, in-between, and after the flashbacks, it's just returning to the same first scene, where they're both older and haven't seen one another in several years.

Rarijack is the only pairing I don't inherently roll my eyes at because it's the only one from the show that i don't find obviously platonic or one sided at best, and a lot of it has to do with the fact that the very first time we see those two together they aren't new acquaintances but instead they are ponies with a story that are patching things up.

This story takes that angle and works on it in such a great way it made me smile. Thanks you!

Years of farm labour out in the sun had faded her to an even lighter shade of orange, but hard muscles still moved under the surface of her coat. Her hair was pulled back in its normal style, longer than ever, and Rarity was surprised to see a streak of silver prominent in the straw-colored blonde.

Whoo, is it gettin' hot in here or...

And hay, compared to you, I’m not so much to look at.

She is PLENTY to look at, especially when compared to Rarity.

Applejack wasn’t lying. Not at all.


Applejack moved forward and pulled Rarity into an embrace.

Very glad I'm reading this today of all days.

“Well, I always did tell you ya shoulda been nicer to that Blueblood fella.”

No, seriously, she should have. Rarity expected him to treat her like a princess without her introducing herself. She was an ungrateful bitch, but when he turns the tables to drive her away she does not take the hint, and suddenly he is the villain.
That was sweet.

5257215 I see. Thank you for the clarifications.

Ow! Bucked me right in the feels!
Good story. Mildly unsatisfying end, but then, I guess their story isn't over, is it?

Nice. It can really bring out the feels.

A very good RariJack fic. :pinkiecrazy:

I really like that ending. They both know its probably a mistake, but being without each other is just so much worse....I love it! Beautiful story. Very sweet.

Pure gold, as all your stories tend to be

The only thing that really bothered me here is that there's no reason given for why these two are so fixated on each other, even though they drive each other crazy.

Other than that, it was a fair representation of RariJack: Doomed from day one.

i dunno... it felt weird to me, like they knew what was going to happen but they still did it anyway even though they KNEW it wouldn't... couldn't work. they even said so in the last few paragraphs. i mean, i can understand hormones when they were younger but they have clearly grown up to the point where they have grey hair. it just strikes me as odd that they would still be making the same mistakes as in their youth. maybe it was the alcohol but it still felt odd.

I like this fic a lot. I have never seen RariJack as a plausible ship, and your fic addresses why very well. And it's well written. Bravo.

Even though their relationships never last, it's still better than anything else including solitude.
It's like the song says:
Just one year of love
is better than a lifetime alone
One sentimental moment in your arms
is like a shooting star, right through my heart

The rest of the song also applies.

Perhaps things might have been different if Rarity had managed to refuse Applejack the first time, though we'll never know.

Author Interviewer

God, it's been almost a year. Ten months of frustration, toil and... mostly just waiting around, but it's finally finished.

Wow. Very melancholy. There is clearly love and sadness throughout, but the sadness seems to run through stronger. There's the hope that maturity has resolved things between them at the end, but that feeling of inevitability that even they sense. As others have said, very bittersweet.

Quite worth the read and Like.

I reviewed this story!

My review can be found here.

I like rarijack, and I like this story a lot even though it's sad. Thankfully they get along exceptionally well in the show, even when Applejack messes up Rarity's fashion show, like their bond is incredibly sturdy. They and all of the mane cast will be friends for life. :)

Bonus, it looks like there's hoofful of good rarijack fanfics to read in the "Also Liked" category as well. ;)

I still love this story. It hurts so good. :heart:

Brilliant. I love the theme of jaded ex lovers and shared sorrow. In bars! One of the best fics I’ve read.

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