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Sharp Spark

Nothing says I miss you quite like war poetry carved in your door with a stanley knife.

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seems intresting! ill read it late

Tune in next week as Apple Bloom and the Llama Lama meet the Gorilla Guerilla in the Burro Borough. :trollestia:

That was really enlightening. I liked how you portrayed Apple Bloom as the most likely one to connect with him. Just like Zecora.

Very zen.

Let me just check my feed here, same ol' shit, same ol' shit, same ol'-

A new Sharp Spark story?


You don't even know how sad I was to find that the artist did a very lovely one of these for every main member of the Apple family except Apple Bloom.



I remembered that they never got around to Applebloom. Poor thing always gets horseshoed-out. *pets the filly*

That was...
Something. It was a good something though - a very interesting take on Apple Bloom, and a nice bit of world-building to boot.

You cannot even begin to appreciate how happy I am to see Buddhism represented in a pony fic. :twilightsmile: Excellent work. A beautiful introduction, and Apple Bloom does seem the most likely to be able to 'get' it.

Also, a llama Lama? Brilliant :rainbowlaugh:

Too much focus on narrative, not enough on philosophy. All the same, this is probably the fourth best philosophical pony fic I've read.


Ah think… maybe it’s like swimming

Apples not being the focus of the metaphor?! Heresy!

Comment posted by B_Munro deleted Oct 21st, 2014


"So...is that a sailor's Cutie Mark?"
"Not 'xactly."
Eightfold Path

Apple Bloom's attitudes and her dialogue with Mr. Walky felt really natural. Loved it.

Apple Bloom then figuring typical meditation techniques by herself, in a single setting, felt forced and not really necessary.

Excellent story; and the philosophical aspect is addressed well.

I suspect AB is the reincarnation of the llama's Lama, eh?


So, philosophically speaking, Apple Bloom is a yak. I can see it...

Anyway, this is very stimulating, all very zen. I enjoyed it immensely.


That was something else!

Very deep, but easy to understand. I loved it!

~Skeeter The Lurker

Very nice. I prefer not to dwell on whether Apple Bloom is this yak or not -- I would rather believe that we are all capable of such introspection, and that we needn't be a reincarnation of a great teacher to do so.

The three of them turned to go their way, their voices cheerfully ringing out through the rows apple trees.

Word missing.

Truly inspired. I love long moments of introspection... it's good for the soul. :twilightsmile:

An excellent addition to Rated 'E' for Everyone and a most wonderful OC. Well done!

and so he found the lama within a filly.

This was great. Instafave and aspot in my top five, and I don't do that very often

Lovely, just lovely! :twilightsmile:

And this is why monks live solitary lives in monasteries.

Because the general population are jerks that will prevent you from reaching nirvana getting your cutie mark

A very good story, well done and very appreciated.

This is absolutely one of my favorite stories on fimfiction.

thanks for not being heavy handed, pretentious, and calling out the other schools of thought to speak from a soap box. and of course not butchering the concepts used.

I almost thought you were gonna go with the whole dalai lama route and have Mr. Walky there to bring applebloom to their monastery. i mean, imagine little applebloom and the whole pomp and circumstance sitting as a dignitary with celestia and luna?

although, those not knowing what a sutra is... probably thing you've got poor apple bloom fucking a lama.


I really liked this. I'm going to have to remember this.

5258072 just add it to your favorites list

5287750 I already have it in my remember bookshelf

Aren't philosophers wonderful. :p

Nice lil story.

I've been looking for a story like this for a long time. I'm just glad I didn't have to write it myself. A wonderful bit of literature. :twilightsmile:

Lovely concept, loved the llama and his inner turmoil in becoming a Lama. Not a fan of the 'Ah's all over the place, but less bothered by the 'of's replaced by 'a's, oddly enough. Might try that out sometime.

It's a little iffy that Apple Bloom would talk to a stranger just like that, with stranger danger being a thing and all, but in the show's context that is exactly what she's known to do, so good use of the character. The only other criticism I might have is that Apple Bloom is pretty candid about details of her personal life, even going so far as naming names.

But those are tiny nitpicks. It's a heartwarming story, good use of characters, adds a bit of depth to the littlest Apple in a way that requires thinking inside the chimney. Good one.

Enjoyable and relevant. I'm just sorry it took so long for me to find my way here.

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