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This story is a sequel to I Am Trying to Break Your Heart.

Tragedy hurts more when you know it's coming.

A shameless Rarijack shipfic, if you haven't figured it out by now.

Cover art used with permission (nay, encouragement) of the esteemed WhiteDiamonds. Go check out her stuff and throw money at her!

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I honestly thought it was Winona. Leave it to Applejack to be upset about a Tree.

I like this one a lot. In-character for the both of them. Well-written.


Yeah, I kind of assumed right away it was a tree.

Always down for a shameless Rarijack shipfic.

authentic frontier gibberish

Rarrin'! (Van Johnson is right!)

I guess now I gotta go back into town and git me a sh!tload of dimes!

Okay, you got me. I thought it was going to be something else.

Well done.

I look forward to more. :ajsmug:

Assumed it was the dog. Damn AJ.

Yes, this counts as a shameless Rarijack shipfic. Splendid job with both AJ and Rarity here; they're so true to character!

I thought it was Granny..

I think rarity should still be a might but upset at applejack. She was right to get angry after applejack used vague words instead of just telling her, leading her to believe granny Smith or even worse applebloom had died. And applejack just assumed rarity would know how important the tree was instead of explaining it. Hell we still don't know what makes the tree important other than it was the oldest. Rainbow said it was applejack favorite tree, but why was it her favorite? Was it planted by her parents or maybe first owners of the farm? Applejack, no matter how unintentional, played a mean spirited joke on rarity and should give her own apology for that, not just yelling.

Rainbow Dash, the relationships consult slash timber thief!

Also, a cute ending for a cute story. :raritystarry: :ajsmug:

Ooh, lovely ending. Now get married, you two. :p

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