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This story is a sequel to The Fruits of Their Labors

Rarity always believed that she knew exactly who she was, what she wanted, and exactly how she would obtain it. Then she fell for somepony wholly unexpected: Applejack. When unhappy tidings call Rarity to the frozen North to spend the Hearth's Warming holiday with her relatives, Applejack accompanies her into the family fray.

The ponies arrive in Whinnyapolis at a time of endings, and find that relationships can be fragile things, vulnerable to the cold. Rarity will search her past for the key to her future, but the old house at Maple Cove may not hold all the answers she needs. Perhaps, though, two ponies will learn that there really is no place like home for the holidays.

Cover art provided by the lovely, talented, one-and-only WhiteDiamonds.

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I could have waited until Christmas morning to unwrap this gift, but I couldn't help but peek inside despite the late hour here. Such wonderful mood and scene setting! You do make Rarity and airship travel go together like ducks and water.

I shall definitely return when I'm more fully awake to share my thoughts, but this is already shaping up to be a great outing! And I will certainly need to heap some praise on that gorgeous new cover artwork as well!

The cover art, Rarity’s eyeshadow is too close to the color of her coat. I know she’s supposed to look mournful, but unless you’re paying attention, she just looks enraged.

Which casts an interesting interpretation of Applejack’s expression.

Rarity in buffeted airships again! Do you do a lot of air travel, or is it only a fascination in your writing?

I have so been looking forward to this. I'm also... Well, I can identify with Rarity here. You've pretty much described the situation surrounding my own grandfather's eventual decline. Granted, this is only the beginning of this story, and mine doesn't involve any sinility, but I can't help but feel this is going to be familiar.

Besides complimenting the effectiveness of the mood in this setting, I'm afraid I can't think of very much to say here. I'll definitely be following this as it's posted though. A story tagged romance that starts after the formation of the couple? This will be good.

Edit: wow, there must be something special about Rarity's eyes that makes everyone misinterpret them all the time. Geez.

Ooh. I believe I shall enjoy this story very much indeed.


Sorry, but this was the first story I literally printed out and read while not on the computer. All 29k words of it. It was that good. So, I'm naturally a little excited about the sequel...

Sequel to The Fruits of Their Labors? Yes, please.

Canterlot Weather Management Zone, I like that little bit of world building. Same for the two pegasi employed as onboard weather scouts.

As mentioned, I'm really impressed by both the mood and the details of the setting of this introductionary chapter. Rarity's emotional disconnect to the news of her aunt's deteriorating health is easily relatable, even as we hear how influential this relative has been on her. (I quite liked this touch, as Rarity does seem a bit further removed from the rest of her immediate family, so an alternative source for many of Rarity's passions makes sense. Also, let me say that I love the name Silver Belle in this context.) Facing family reunions can be trying in the best of times, but compounded with the loss of someone meaningful and combined with the introduction of a new relationship (possibly of an unexpected nature) it is certainly a ripe set up for some drama and comedy both.

I also love the imagination that you put into airship travel. It's a great combination of fantasy and the more romantic methods of travel of old. The logistics of air travel and weather management make it feel very unique to Equestria, and you even worked a bar scene in there as well... I doubt a story could seem more "you". I see that this Rarity has a better handle on her drinking than the "Flight of the Alicorn" one. Luckily, Applejack is there to pick up the slack.

Also, let me say how much I love the cover art (which I'll have to further comment on once White Diamonds shares it with her DA followers). The expressions are just perfect, as the combination of Rarity's downturned eyelashes and upturned brow combine to really convey that unease and conflicted emotion that she is struggling to define in the story itself. Looking off into the distance, not knowing what she is searching for, while a concerned AJ has her back... It's such a simple image, but so well conveyed. Great work!

Why in the hell does this have so many downvotes?? Anti-f/f and insecure rival shippers or what?

It can't be for the writing, cuz it's amazing. Awesome work as always Ponydora, I can't wait to see where you go with this.

I sense another masterpiece in the making.

Nothing like flying in a storm to really make your day.:applejackunsure:

Better keep an eye on this one.:pinkiesmile:

Omigosh omigosh omigooooosh!! :rainbowkiss: More Rarijack from Ponydora Prancypants?! Words fail me!! :raritystarry: I love literally EVERYTHING about this so far (except the fact that Silver Belle is dying, of course) because everything is so perfectly worked together! All the tiny details like the dirigible-decorated tree, the weather scouts, Silver Belle coming down to help care for the family... they all work together so wonderfully to make a real-feeling, living-breathing setting that I personally cannot wait to see more of! But I will, because the wait will be so worth it. :raritywink:

RariJack is, as far as I'm concerned, the only acceptable inter mane 6 shipping. And you are definitely the best at writing this particular pair. I loved the world building and all the little details that go on every scene.

I must also point out that I love how you do portray Equestria as a big expansive country that takes days to transverse even by the fastest means of travel in your fics.

As usual, your talent for sensory immersion and polished prose are on fine display here, and the scene structure (my only real quibble with "Fruits...") seems to be starting out much more coherent in this one. Looking forward to more.


Thank you! I've certainly had your feedback on that story in mind as I work on this one. I'm not trying to be so cutesy with the framing device here. There won't be the back and forth between POVs.

It took me longer than I expected to get round to this, but it was fully worth the wait.

I love how tactile everything feels. When I read one of your fanfics, Equestria doesn’t feel like a world created for Saturday morning television, but somewhere real, and vast, and full of history and living, breathing ponies, and countless stories happening around every corner and behind every closed door. There’s so many incidental details that build up and create the sense of realism – the Canterlot Weather Management Zone, the pony playing on an aluminium piano in the background etc. It feels like I’m actually up there in that airship with Rarity and Applejack, being jostled around in that fearsome blizzard.

But I think what always gets me most about your stories is the sheer joy you take with words and with writing. Sentences like, “Thiers was a stylized winter with all the rose-colored veracity of a sentimental holiday card, but none of the cold, wet truth”, and then later on, “this raging winter storm seemed personally offended by the shipful of ponies that had dared challenge it, and it was making its outrage known,”… descriptions like this make me smile so much! This is actually the first fanfic I’ve read in about 7 or 8 months*. I’ve been catching up with the big pile of books that was lurking at the back of my wardrobe, but truth be told, very few of the author’s I’ve read this year can turn a phrase quite the way that you can.

I can’t wait to see where this is going! :raritystarry:

*Still haven’t finished reading Ponemurdered yet. I hear Wanderer D’s chapter is quite something.

I am impressed as ever with this, Mr. Prancypants, even though it is only the beginning. I can't do much but echo the sentiments made in previous comments, in particular those of Harwick, Skywriter, and Lucky Dreams: You have a definite talent for immersing the reader in the setting and mood of every scene, and your ability to weave prose to your will so perfectly is something I aspire to achieve some day. I am very interested to continue through this story, though, in all honesty, it's not necessary to even mention that; Everything you publish is stellar, and the reason I have a copy of The Flight of the Alicorn on one of my bookshelves.

There was only in imperfection marring this chapter; This small error that I feel obligated to point out as an editor:

She immediately launched into a sprightly rendition of “The Fire of Friendship” that almost overcome the flat tone of the miniaturized metal piano through sheer enthusiasm.

And with that out of the way, here's to another fantastic Ponydora Prancypants story, ladies and gents!


Thanks, JP! The funny thing is, I don't personally have strong feelings about any particular "ship." I just feel that it's a good idea for my personal growth to practice writing romance in whatever form, because love is what makes the world go 'round, and whatnot. I will go so far as to say that, taking for granted the conceit in the particular "AU" in which the above series of my stories is set (which is that pony sexuality is fairly fluid, and a large percentage of the Equestrian population is what we might call bisexual (but dolphins and other like-minded real world critters might call business as usual)), Rarijack is the most "plausible" of the mane ships, because those two at least seem to have complementary personalities and do not strike me as (a) actually loony, (b) pathologically narcissistic, (c) completely asexual, or (d) socially crippled. That said, if Hasbro/HUB ever decides to just say "screw it, we already have a cross-dresser cartoon, let's just be the full-on progressive network and have a lesbian horse couple, too," I would fully support that decision. We're about due for a new fandom crisis, after all.

Hey, did you hear? There's another Rarijack episode coming! To celebrate i re-read this and the first part as well. :raritystarry:

well, that was a nice read, eagerly awaiting for more whenever you can share it.

The amazing amounts of Rarijack in the latest episode (Trade Ya!) reminded me of this series of stories. I hope you're getting some inspiration from this season cause dang, it's almost like it's a real thing.

Please, please finish this! :fluttershysad:

I haven't read this yet but I have to ask, is whinnyapolis a play on minneapolis?


White Diamonds Ltd sent me.

She said you need to finish this.

No pressure, man.

I'm here to bother you and encourage you to finish this story, as suggested by the magnificent White Diamonds.

Also I'm really sad you haven't logged on in 7 weeks. :raritydespair:

It's too bad Rarity didn't get to say goodbye. What, she cut out all her relatives save Rarity? Why? First comment!

nice to see this back

a pissed off family is fun to deal with

Took the words out of my mouth

:rainbowhuh: Ponydora, Ponydora. Nope not ringing any bells.

Jk. Loved it. Although it did take a few minutes to access my memory.

Hooray, you're alive! And with an update to one of your stories I was most looking forward to. You write the best Rarity in the fandom, and you've previously written the best Rarijack I've ever read.

New year wishes do come true!

Ponydora Prancypants posted a new chapter of How Far Away You Roam

I'ma hafta reread the first chapter and catch myself up but w/e

Man, I so do love the way you Rarity. I just used "Rarity" as a verb. I am unapologetic.

Such an awkward situation to be in! I really feel for the mare. Echoing absolutely everyone here, it's great to see this updating again.

Oh, a very different story from the one it seemed to be at first -- though one I should have seen coming, and that suits Rarity.

So do I take from the comments section that you respond to being prodded to write more? Because I'm liable to abuse such a power.

What an absolute treat to see this continue! I love the concepts behind Rarity's family and their frosty environment... Mood and setting are blended together so well in this story. It makes for such a rich experience to travel along with the fashionable mare. And now hints of mystery, conflict and intrigue as well... I'm thoroughly excited to see where it all goes!


He Rarities like you Cadance.

Don't I wish. Cadance comes off as an overblown monster of self-indulgent wordiness under my pen. Somehow PP uses the same amount of obscure words and maintains the character voices far better.


One can get away with murder writing Rarity. She rarely speaks the same way in any two episodes, and that's irrespective of the greater universe of comics and whatnot in which her character ranges from elegant maven to harmless twit. Suspension of disbelief for any oddball internal voice for her is practically baked-in. Conversely Skywriter's Cadance, whatever else she may be, is a product of genius.

This is gonna be one of those scorched-earth mutual admiration battles, isn't it?


Aww, you two are so cute together, I shall call you Writypants. :rainbowkiss:

Not anything that hasn't already been said, but I am so glad to see you're still with us and writing pony fiction, and it's such a treat to read your Rarity again.

Oh, wow. I absolutely missed your writing. Thank you so much for continuing. What you have here with these characters is just beautiful.

When I saw this had updated, I think I stared at my feed for several seconds, then did a noise not unlike a squee. Thankfully, I was alone at the time. I'm so glad to see this continued, and that you're still with us.


My vote's for "Skypants". It's epic and comical at the same time.

The most gleeful of gleeful squees definitely escaped me when I saw this had updated. :raritystarry: It is such a treasure to find really good RariJack, and Ponydora Prancypants is the absolute master of Rarity-voice. *snuggles copy of The Flight of the Alicorn* It's terrible that she didn't get to say goodbye to Silver Belle, but that is one heck of a can of worms that's been opened up. :applejackconfused: Very curious as to who it is in the photo, if it ISN'T Rarity, or why Rarity wouldn't remember going to the beach if it IS her.

5497861 5498487 Might I suggest Writeydora Skypants? :ajsmug:


21 party cannon salute!!!! :pinkiehappy:

I cannot properly convey my delight in seeing this continue!

Wow! It's good to have you back! I certainly didn't expect this. What brings you back to the land of pony words? Or perhaps a better question, what dragged you away?

I've missed your Raritying. You were always so good at it. I don't care what you say about inconsistent voice and easy suspension of disbelief, it is not hard to write Rarity wrong, and you don't do that.

For those that for some weird reason read this fic but don't follow rarijack daily, this is inspired by chapter 2 of this story:


Rarijack Daily

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