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just here to show apreciation to the wonderful writters that have entertained me for countless hours that otherwise would be REALY boring.

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Me again, Anzul! Thanks a bunch for the Fave of The Father of My Children. I'm glad that you could enjoy my story about two ponies who are still in love.:pinkiesmile:

Hey, Anzul! Thank you very much for the Fave of A Cup of Joe. I hope that the story was moving for you!:twilightsmile:

well i do love your stories! and so far no one of 'em has disapointed me!

im yet to finish reading them though. been busy whit homework!
i'll make sure to give you my thoughs when i catch up whit your writtings!

Oh, wow! Anzul, you Faved a lot of my stuff today! I'm very glad that you are continuing to find so many works of mine to enjoy!:twilightsmile:

I'm glad you enjoyed my little foray into the little world of Spike and Dash, Anzul. I'm glad that you Faved Every Little Bit, and liked how they contemplated how their lives are similar... and, you know, their kiss!:moustache::rainbowkiss:

  • Viewing 16 - 20 of 20
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