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Rarity and Applejack have been married for over 2 years, but what's this? Rarity is pregnant? - Rest assured, I love this ship too much so I didn't make this warrant a "Sad" category. Also, "Alternate Universe" is for lack of twilicorn.

This is my first fanfic. No proofreader, but I will try my best.

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I may not like this shipping, but I do like this story, its very well written. :derpytongue2:

Thank you. I think of myself as a stickler for good visual presentation.

gonna be captain obvious here, but....HOW?! And please, don't just say "MAGIC!!" unless there is a serious reason for it.....:ajbemused:

I'm curious myself on how you'll explain the pregnancy.:twilightsmile:

Anyway, MARRIED RARIJACK WOOOOHOOO:raritystarry::ajsmug: + no sad fic = insta fave

Saw the title and desc and was speechless until i wrote this. How can she be pregnant??

2202469 <---- THIS
I'd love to fave this, but until we get an explanation...?

One of my favorite fics involve Twilight getting Trixie pregnant, but I doubt the same thing happened here.
Aside from HOW, maybe the better question to ask is WHY? What is going to happen between these two? I believe Rarity was faithful, but will Applejack? Who benefits from this the most? Maybe even how will this affect other characters?

Beautiful questions. some of which i asked myself while typing up the story. I will try my best to answer. I will probably give my reasons in the author's notes next time.

something tells me magic is to blame its always magic

Let me guess: Applejack has an invisible penis.

Damn still no explanations :ajsleepy:
The Princess better have the answer.:flutterrage:
Can't wait next chapter, Keep going !

Hmm, still skeptical here.
Also, GRAMMAR FIX TIMEEEEE~ Don't put spaces before words, I used to make that costly mistake too. Instead of " I do. ", write "I do."

thanks for the advice. yeah i hate when that happens.

Am I the only one who noticed something? Scootaloo has a HOME!? Not the orphanage? You treat her better than I do. :rainbowlaugh:
Back on subject, I hope one of the other three: :fluttershbad::pinkiegasp: and:rainbowderp: believe Rarity was faithful. Like Pinkie: Duh! Like you would ever cheat on Applejack. You're so in love silly you couldn't do that.
Please continue.

This has been in my "read later" folder since it got updated.
I finally decided to read it today and I'm so happy I did!
I was actually meaning to write something like this but I'm really happy I didn't, considering how well you are doing. Just thought I'd let you know I love this story because I know you wanted to know my personal opinion.
Hugs and kisses,

You know, Rarijack like this is going to kill me someday and I will die happy. I want to use Rarity's speech in my own wedding vows. This is great and you should feel great.:yay:
Question: Why is Rarity preggers? Why not Applejack? Is it their personalities and your plans that make this specific situation? Or did you basically flip a coin? Keep doing what you're doing and continue to be awesome.:raritystarry:

YAY! An update!
I was just thinking about this story earlier, and now it's back!
What a good day.
Great chapter, by the way. Very emotional.
Love it!

I plan to make a story with the same premise one of these days, i.e. Applejack getting Rarity pregnant and living happily together. So, as a reference, I'll be putting this in my read list as reference. Looks good so far.

oO must have explanation of how this happened, :3 plz more soon.

Not bad so far, but the hat's a Stetson, not a Stenson.:ajbemused:

thank you for that. never actually looked it up.:ajsmug:

When is the next chapter expected? Please don't take too long, you'll make Applebloom sad:applecry:

Friendship is Magic. Like you said. Now we have to hope Applejack didn't do anything stupid last night.
But that would make things too easy...:rainbowderp::raritycry::pinkiegasp:

2679665 Applebloom is very happy. She also knows this isn't over.
Will the other three have a role in the upcoming chapters?

Awesome chapter! Glad to see an explanation, pretty cool one at that.

And now...
Apple Jack has to talk with Rarity...

:pinkiecrazy: Or I have to do something about that


Oh man, as talented as you are, a happy Rarijack story by you would be the best thing ever! :twilightsheepish::pinkiehappy: If you do ever write that, I'll be first in line to favorite and plug that all over the place.

This is a cute story! Simple but very sweet, and I liked the explanation for Rarity's pregnancy. Keep it up.

I hope Applejack doesn't get mad when she sees Rarity.
Hopefully everything will work out for the best.
Eagerly awaiting the next chapter!

This story is by far one of my favourites.
I was on the edge of my seat during the tale of the two unicorns, and can't wait to find out AJ's reaction~:heart:

Did you get the, noise cancel spell thing from University Days? Also what did Twilight need the spell for...or should I ask WHO did Twilight need it for?:raritywink:

I swear if some stallion slipped something Rarity's drink while she was on a trip, by Celestia he won't see the next sunrise:flutterrage: nopony ruins best ship and lives!

i prefer a long wait for a good chapter. as oposed to a short wait for a bad one:twilightsmile:

Finally AJ's not mad at her :raritystarry: are you going to explore the birth and the growing up of their foal? :rainbowkiss:

3119691 I hope to do so yes. :raritywink:

This would have made a good one-shot. But we can't have everything. I like it.:ajsmug:

*See's this story has updated*

I'm actually quite curious as to how far you are going to go with this fic. The wait was well worth it :raritywink:

i love it :pinkiehappy: and i can't wait to read the next chapter when that comes out

Wouldn't it make more sense for Rarity to move in with Applejack? It's not like Rarity needs to be at a dress shop at all times, and Applejack would still be able to work on the farm.

FoP? What does that mean? I like you in the groove.
And thank you for explaining AJ's "fitting in" issues. I thought she had something wrong but I never could put my finger on it.
:yay: Thank you for the update

3130975 FoP Fairly Odd Parents and thank you. I thought about a good way to put it.

3130988 FoP: Oh I see. "Timmy's Dad!" and what not. Thank you again for not going the typical Scootaloo route like me.:scootangel: Scootabuse is Scootalove, but not always.

3130661 I did think about it a bit and I kinda wanted Rarity to move so the kid(s) would have the farm to play in, but then I thought about the boutique being close to the town itself. Meaning closer to shops and, more importantly, the hospital, for when Rarity has the kid(s) and for he kid(s) health as well. I also thought about who would be needed where the most and I tried to solve that by saying that the Apples would hire people, manual labor, vs Rarity getting help, which I would assume is difficult when your job is being creative.

Loved the story and I hope the next chapter comes out soon! It would be a crime for this story to end here, you are a great writer and I'm excited to see where u take this story.

I'm confused as to why they weren't living with each other already. Isn't that one of the first things you do when you get married?

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