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I want to be a lion, everybody wants to pass as cats. We all want to be big big stars, but we got different reasons for that...

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I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike it. :3

The last line is really a pearl :pinkiesmile: Great story overall

I was confused about the sexes of the kids until they split up. I was certain Dash's kids were both colts and the Apples were boy and girl.
Otherwise it was okay.

Guess it matters on if you know your names. Stormee is female. I don't know how you got a boy from Opal and Topaz...

3184485 I just noticed Rarity named her daughter after her cat. :P

Noooooo! God, I knew someone would catch onto that. lol. No, Opal is actually an apple cultivar made by crossing Topaz (which is another apple cultivar) and Golden Delicious. I done my research. Strangely enough, Jasper is the only one without both an apple and gem name.

....this has been my head canon for a while..... :twilightblush::unsuresweetie:

3185286 Hah hah I figured that wasn't what you intended.

Pretty lulzy though.

3185271>>3185286 Don't forget, Indiana Jones was named after the dog.:applejackconfused:
It's good to see some-one does their research here.

This was a cute read...
but what happened to Pinkie Pie?

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