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After a disappointing date with Fancy Pants, Rarity finds herself longing for a hard, rough, physical encounter. Hot and bothered, she sets off to find somepony who can fulfill her lustful desires. Luckily for her, a familiar face is among the crowd, and soon Rarity’s plans of seduction are set into motion. Will she succeed in her quest? A lady doesn’t kiss and tell ;) so you better just read to find out. (Rarity X Applejack)

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Comments ( 34 )

I was gonna say, okay, but rushed. But then I got to the end and lost it.
Gah, my sides hurt. :pinkiehappy:

p.p.s You know you are addicted to mlp fim when you find a stray cat on your doorstep and name it rainbow dash. LOL

You. What. I don't even.

Got to agree with TrevorLaneRay, it was kinda rushed and I was hoping for a story with several parts due to the description, but it was great and well written. Thumbs up for me and keep on writing.

why to totaly shatter the freaking fourth world pinkie kudos

I would have liked this to be a multi-chapter fic, but as a one shot it's still pretty good. Though I must agree with the others it does feel rushed. Thankfully it's still good regardless.

i have only read the name and its awsome. :rainbowderp:

I... I enjoyed this a lot...

2095425 thank u very much :ajsmug: I am glad u enjoyed it

2028930 hehe glad i could make you laugh....working on my pacing of stories with my new multi chap twiluna fic
2029480 there are no words for this lol
2030607 i agree with both of u that i probably could have paced it better...it started out as so many ideas lol and should have been a multi chap fic...i am glad u enjoyed it regardless of that fact!
2030791 haha thats pinkie for u:pinkiehappy:
2036631thanx for the kind words....i realized from the comments i do need to work on the pacing of mys tories and maybe multi chapter fics are the way to go:twilightsheepish:

Best title ever.

If this is a complete fic and there is only one part, why is it titled "chapter 1"?

I really enjoyed this :rainbowlaugh: Made me laugh a couple of times which is pretty good.

fantastic story, i give it a 10 out 10 :ajsmug::heart::raritywink:

2096243 haha thanx ;) i can honestly say that wasn't the original title and just as i was about to post...the title came to me:pinkiehappy:

2098796 lol hmm i dunno..the site said it could just be called chapter one so i went with it:rainbowlaugh:

2098833 im happy u enjoyed the fic...nothing makes me happier than knowing i made readers laugh!:twilightsmile:

2107300 wow! thanx so much! as an author that makes all the hard work worth it :ajsmug:

This was sweet and steamy at the same time. Totally random ending. :pinkiehappy:

2114921 hahaha thank u! i like a bit of randomness or "crack" as they call it in my fanfics....:moustache:

I will know think of chibi princesses when I have a moral dilemma involving choosing between right and wrong. That and Pinkie having a shipping sense is awesome.
Ciao darling :raritywink:

2166873 lol chibi princesses rule! luna will always win out on my shoulders hahaha thank you for the review! glad u enjoyed!:raritystarry:

This one is definitely my fav RariJack:raritystarry:
I love your writing style and that “You simply must take me NOW.”-part.? HILARIOUS!
Go on with the good work and keep this RariJack-gold coming! :ajsmug: :heart: :raritywink:

Oh and thumbs up for all funny parts,too :pinkiehappy:

2269922wow thank you so much for your praise! You made my day lol I feel another rarijack fic in my future :raritystarry::pinkiesmile:

can't believe this was the first RariJack story I have EVER read,now I'm gonna go read more XD

"That's like calling us RainbowPie."

Pinkie gasped."WE.SOUND.DELICIOUS."

That killed me, lmfao. :rainbowlaugh:
Nice story, though. :heart:

Why did you have to skip that clop?
Anyway, I really enjoyed this. Hope you write a sequel/clop of this n the future.


2652591 I am working on some RariJack clop as we speak! The world needs more lol :) thanx for the kind words!

Aint nothing but a chicken wang.

That last part with Rainbow Pie was great. :rainbowlaugh:

That was awesome, Also Rainbow Dash cat lolz XD :rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild:

3228856 thank u for the kind words on my fanfics u have read! It's readers like u that make it worth all the time and effort we put into writing! :) I am working on a new chapter of tangled up in blue...hopefully out ASAP! (But no promises as life has been getting in the way)

P.s lol I never planned to keep the cat but guess who stayed? Lol I call her "my little dashie" :)

3229746 Of course I know how awesome it feels to get good reviews and so when a author deserves them I make it a point to make sure they know how much I like their stories, Yeah I get that, I just updated a couple of my old stories that had'nt been updated in about a year, so yeah I'm not the type who will keep bugging someone about updates because I know real life comes first, That and writer's block is a :flutterrage:

This story cracks me up!!! I usually don't like Rarijack, but damn, when you put some work to it, you have quite an interesting piece!!


I do hope that you do eventually try to attempt clop, at some point. As good as your work is with the SFW, sometimes one needs to go through something that is completely uncomfortable or different from normal. The reason would be because you definitely know what you want, or at least a more concrete idea of what you want. Challenge your limits!

4019437 thank u thank u! One day soon I may attempt a rarijack clop! I get messed up with aj's dialogue tho hehe!

Kudos for pushing that "T" rating as hard as you could. If this were a clopfic, you had the verbal firepower to easily steal a like, a favorite, and possibly even my lunch money from me. As things are it isn't, and the comedy couldn't win me over. As a consolation prize, take second-best flower pony.


Lord knows I would.

Great story love. Adding it to my favorites. :)

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