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Dumb gay retired writer. Used to run Neighvada Nights and BronyCon panels or something.

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What a pleasant surprise I received this morning, I was just going to read some stories before I slept.

Another excellent stuffing story from you, BVC. I notice you really like using Applejack as the feeder, I now know why.

Hopefully you use Pinkie Pie in one of your stories. Could you imagine how much that chubby mare can fit away?



I fucking love Feederjack.

As far as Pinkie Pie, I would like to! I've been meaning to do some kind of eating contest story, perhaps to defeat some villan or something... naturally, the Mane 6 would choose Pinkie, and you can see where that's going.

No promises, though! I honestly don't like Pinkie all that much, so I don't know if I could do a story that long about her, but we'll see. Maybe a one-shot.

Why is this not featured?:pinkiegasp:


Not enough likes, I'd imagine! Also got unlucky with the queue and ended up posted at 4 AM and pushed off front page by 5 AM. Getting featured depends on views/likes/favorites within the time it's first posted, meaning that getting posted at 4 AM when nobody is awake to read it kills your chances.

And yet my mouse keeps heading towards the start button :raritydespair:


I think you probably are the only one, yes!

But really, I've seen a lot worse here than food play.

At least it isn't foals.

True, there are much worse. And menchoning foals makes me think of that Diamond Tiara fic that somehow made it into the featured box.
I mean . . . pedophilia is a line you really shouldn't cross:twilightoops:


Yeah, I can't figure out (still) how that got featured, but hey, maybe it was really good? I don't know, I didn't read it. I keep away from the foalcon stuff.

I did out of curiosity and, well, let's just say the pedophile in that fic made me wanna shoot him in the dick with a nail gun.
The real shocking part was that it was well written, but at least the comments were hilarious :rainbowlaugh:


I know, hahaha. That seems to usually be the case. All of the weird stuff is well written.

Another great story, was wondering if you are going to write a twilight fatpony clopfic.:twilightsmile:


Control Group is going to be TwiDash with Twi as the one gaining, so yes. Soon!

>no pinkie pie

unsubscribed, voted 1. u really sunk low this time u dumb ass.

That sir, was glorious! Absolutely Flippin' Glorious!!

Here's a dancing Dinky for you :pinkiehappy:


I have no idea what foodplay is, but I'm interested. Will read later.


Food in or around genitals, basically. You'll see.

My fetish? My fetish is gay clopfics. They just turn me on. M/M(/M/M...) just does that to me.

You should have a thread "My Little Fetish". We tall our fetishes and let the whole world see. Good idea? No. GREAT IDEA? No. WONDERFUL IDEA? No. BEST IDEA EVER!

I'm surrounded by perverts.



I second this motion. :rainbowlaugh:

Two down, how many more to go? :pinkiecrazy:

Wel this was new for me, I like it.

Hmm, wonder what Luna will say once she sees Celestia after this....heck, I wonder what Twilight would say, hehehe.


If you havnt already, check out his other fat pone story; Soft Spot

I never pictured Celestia with a feeding fetish but after this I must say I llike! :twilightsmile:

Any plans to write a story about Luna getting stuffed?

Glad you enjoyed it!

Me neither, but I sure do like it.

No, but that doesn't mean it's entirely ruled out!

oh you :3c

Changed quite a bit since I saw the draft. Still love it. :pinkiehappy:


Finally got around to reading your stuffs (sorry, my job has brainwashed me lately).

Great work, man. I think you may be turning me on to the whole Feederjack thing.

-putting her mouth well within reach of her mouth-

I not sure that should read like that...

That aside, pretty good job

I giggled quite a bit through this confection of a story. Nice work, hon!

BigD #36 · Jan 13th, 2015 · · 1 ·

Just out of sheer curiosity, how come Celestia doesn't let out a hearty belch at all?

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