The Ballooning Bolt

by PonePlumper

Secret desires can be troublesome *Edited*

*G-g-give...all Rainbow Dash?* Applejack blushed a bit as she thought to herself.

*And....s-she's askin'...M-ME to HELP?......Rainbow ain't gonna do much exercisin' for a while, if she can't fly....'Specially since she can be pretty lazy to begin with.* Applejack started to imagine Sootaloo and herself, each taking warm, home made, Apple family goods to Rainbow Dash; as she scoffed them down and kept accepting more and more and-*NONONO! NUH-UH! Stop, right there, Applejack!*

Her conscious was trying to fight back. *Get a hold of yerself, girl! You know better than to take advantage of somepony for self pleasure! Let alone one of your friends!.....Ah-Ah mean....Ah did kinda lose control, already, when the family stuffed Twilight.....B-but that don't count! Mah family wanted her to try all our goods!.....Although, it didn't stop me from gettin' ahdeas.*

Applejack was biting her lip. Her face was turning slightly red. She started sweating bullets. Scootaloo was getting a bit concerned.

"Um...Applejack?...Applejack? Are you okay?" Applejack kept staring with a strained, but content look on her face. Her breath seemed a bit shallow. Scootaloo tried waving her hoof in front of Applejack's face. Applejack looked like she was getting ready to faint.

Scootaloo yelled, "APPLEJACK!!!"

"DW-WHA-WHA-Y-YES-AH'LL-DO-IT!!!" Applejack blurted without thinking. She looked incredibly nervous and conflicted. But, Scootaloo seemed oblivious to that, at this point. She got the answer she was looking for.

"You'll make the food? Alright! I told your sister that this was a good idea that you would agree with!"

Applejack finally got out of her stupor. But, she wished she hadn't. She heard Scootaloo, loud and clear. Now that, not only the excuse and temptation to submit to her dark desires, but also a promise to help a little filly's thoughtful - although very misguided - cause to help her best friend had been put in front of her muzzle, she couldn't resist.

"Uhm.....heh, heh....yeah....Oh, pony feathers."

"What was that?"

"Uh-uh, nuthin'-nuthin'!"

Applejack and Scootaloo awkwardly stared at one another within an awkward silence. Applejack felt very awkward. More awkward than she had ever felt before. She realized that Scootaloo, a little filly that she hardly knew, was going to take part in fulfilling her neglected desires. She loved seeing mares get stuffed and fat. And, she had always dreamed of having a fat marefriend to call her own. But, of course, Applejack hid this side of herself from everypony. Everypony, except Granny Smith. She knew that she could tell Granny Smith anything without being judged. And, Applejack couldn't understand her feelings when they first surfaced.

When Applejack first talked to Granny Smith about her confusing affinity, all Granny Smith said was, "Now, don't you fret, sugar plumb. Nopony has the same kinks as another. Alls ya gotta do is be sure to show 'em when the time is right. Whether or not ponies will accept you for who you are ain't gonna be known 'til it happens. And, when that time comes, always remember to stay true to yourself, hun. Your real friends and family will love ya, no matter what."

Applejack wished that she had the courage to tell her friends. But, she had pretty much labeled herself as a health nut, over the years. She is probably one of the fittest mares in Equestria. And, she always gave others the impression that honest, hard work and athleticism was what she was all about. She wasn't going to suddenly make it seem like that was all a lie, any time soon. Even if it all wasn't. Letting everypony know that she was really a filly fooling, chubby chaser - all this time - frightened her furiously.

Applejack had to say something to break the silence.

She said with uneasy uncertainty, "So....Ah guess....since we're not doin' anything else important right now......We can start makin' RD's food.....right?"

Scootaloo perked up in anticipation.

"Now, your talkin'! I did say that we should give her 20 apple pies, 50 apple fritters, and 30 caramel apples. But, do you think that's too much, or not enough?"

"Um-uh, Ah think that MIGHT be a bit much...."

"Oh....Well, how much do you think we should make her? I know that this was all my BRILLIANT idea. But, if you're going to help, I guess I can give you some choice."

Applejack bit her lip again. "Uh.....maybe....10 apple pies....and 10 fritters....." She gave Scootaloo a sheepish, pleading look as she blushed a bit. She couldn't believe that she still suggested enough food for 3 mares.

Scootaloo put a hoof to her chin. "Hmmmmmm......I guess that would be good. I am planning on doing this until Rainbow Dash can fly again. I probably shouldn't go all out on the first day!"

Applejack gulped. *RD....eatin' like this until her wings get better? She's bound gain weight before then!* Applejack knew it was wrong. But, she started getting excited.

"Yeah-yeah-yeah. THAT'S whah we should make less! Heh, heh......" According to the position of the sun, there should only be an hour left before noon. "And, it would probably take too long to make all that."

"Oh, yeah. Well, then what are we waiting for? Let's bake!!!" Scootaloo whizzed past Applejack; straight into the kitchen.

"Y-yeah...Let' it....." *Ah'm probably gonna regret this....*


Rainbow Dash was not crying anymore. But, she was still moping about in Pinkie's room. More specifically, she was lazily lying on 'My Guest Friend', staring at the ceiling. The time was late in the afternoon, closing in on the evening. Pinkie Pie should be done with her shift for the day, by now.

"sigh...."- Rainbow rolled over, onto her stomach, and ruffled her feathers with her hooves -"Nope. Can't feel a thing....Man, that's gonna be hard to get used to....I mean, it's bad enough that I can't use them. But, not being able to feel them either? It's almost like they're not even there. That's not just disturbing...Celestia, this is cruel."

Pinkie's head - with a ridiculously big, rainbow colored top hat that had a piece of paper taped on the front, with the words 'RD is da best!' sloppily written on it - suddenly crept up at the foot of the bed.

"AAAAWW...Is Dashie still sad?" She proceeded to put on a pouting face as she did a random jig on the top of the foot of the bed, with her head seemingly frozen in place. When she finished with a graceful pose, she expected a reaction. Preferably, Dash's hardy laughter. But, what she got was a completely unfazed expression of disinterested melancholy. Pinkie Pie visibly deflated and went to Rainbow Dash's side.

"It's that bad, huh?"


"Is there anything that I can do for you?"

There was suddenly a low, growling sound that came from Rainbow's direction. Rainbow blushed a bit. She felt very hungry, all of a sudden. Maybe drowning in sorrow builds a strong appetite?

"Uuuhh....Ya...I'm kinda hungry....sort of...."

Pinkie's mood swung from sympathetic Pie to get-up-and-go Pie in the blink of an eye.

"Don't worry, Dash! Pinkie Pie is here to help!" She threw off the large hat - which kind of disappeared into nothing, out of eyes' view - and sped through her door. Until she reared back just as fast and said, "Be right back!", then sped off. Rainbow Dash normally would've went with her. But, she felt that 'My Guest Friend's' comforting embrace was all she had to keep her from falling apart completely. All she needed was some grub to go along with it.

When Pinkie Pie got downstairs, she headed for the kitchen until she got distracted by something. She had a strange, violent, bodily twitch - then looked past the pink, tinted window at the front of the store. It seemed as though Applejack, with a small cart full of apple pies, was walking towards Sugar Cube Corner. She was mere feet away when Pinkie noticed that Scootaloo was accompanying her, holding a basket of apple fritters. Pinkie Pie didn't know what her Pinkie Sense was telling her, this time. But, it had to be something good or exciting if it triggered because of Applejack and Scootaloo bringing Apple family goodies to Sugar Cube Corner. She trotted to the front door and opened it with gusto.

"Heya, Applejack! Hiya, Scootaloo! Are we having an apple pastry party? Cuz, if we are, this is absolutely, superific, perfect timing!"

When Applejack and Scootaloo got in front of Pinkie Pie, Applejack shifted her eyes every which way - trying not to make eye contact with Pinkie. She was sweating, again.

"Uh-uh, hi Pinkie Pie. Fancy meetin' you here!"

"Well, I live and work here, silly! Although, I am usually everywhere and anywhere these days."

"I-Is that so? Heh, heh.....heh....."

"Are you okay, AJ? Something seems weird about you today...It's a familiar kind of weird that I'm supposed to watch out for....What was it?....Are you riding something?....No. That's not it....Biding something?....No-no. That's not it either....Chiding something? Or, maybe-"

"AH AIN'T HIDIN' NOTHIN'!!!" Applejack blurted out loudly. She froze. Her eyes shrunk to the size of pin pricks.

Pinkie Pie looked confused for a second, but just shrugged it off. "Okie Dokie Lokie, then!"

Scootaloo took over the conversation. "Don't mind her, Pinkie Pie. She's been acting funny all day. Anyway, this isn't for a party."


"All of this food is my gift to Rainbow Dash!" Scootaloo explained.

"Wowee wow wow! That's so nice of you, Scoots! And, this really is perfect timing. Dashie seems pretty hungry right now."

"How has she been, since she settled in?"

"Oh, she's just terrible! I couldn't even get her to laugh at the old, 'Rainbow Jig' routine. And I was sure that would stop her from being such a mopey moperson! She's currently in my room."

"So, I was right!"

"Right about what?"

"You said that she is really hungry right now, right?"


"And, right now she is so depressed that even you can't make her happy! It has to mean that she needs this food to feel better!"

"Hmmm. Y'know, Scoots. That does make sense. Okay! Let's give Rainbow Dash what she needs!"

"Alright! Let's start taking these fritters and pies to Pinkie's room, Applejack!"

Applejack couldn't believe this. She was starting to wonder if this was all an elaborate joke or fetish dream. It was like the universe was allowing her to indulge in her fantasies without anypony questioning her. Whatever was going on, she wasn't about to back out of this opportunity. Even if she did feel bad about taking advantage of her friends' ignorance.

*Ah coulda' said no to Scootaloo. Ah wouldn't be here, about to get sick joy out of stuffin' mah friend's face. Ah guess it is what it is. This pony's had an itch for a long time. And she deserves ta' finally scratch it.*

Without saying a word, Applejack started carrying the basket, full of Apple fritters and as many pies as she could hold into Sugar Cube Corner. Pinkie Pie and Scootaloo carried the rest.


Rainbow Dash - expecting Pinkie Pie to get her some cupcakes or something - was no less than surprised when Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Scootaloo walked into Pinkie's room with 10 apple pies and a basket of apple fritters.

"WHOA! Um....H-hey Applejack...and Scootaloo....."

Rainbow Dash was shocked and almost didn't know how to react to this sudden occurrence. But, strangely enough, she was actually somewhat happy that they brought all that food for her. At least, she assumed it was for her.

* gosh. Am I dreaming?....And why do I actually not mind this?...Is all of it even for me. I....kinda hope it is....For some reason, I feel that this was just what I needed....What is with me, today?....Wait a minute...Oh no...I reeaally don't need THAT to happen again.*

"....What are you all doing here with....all that food?...."

Scootaloo put down her haul and scurried over to 'My Guest Friend'. "Rainbow Dash!!!" Scootaloo hopped onto the bed and hugged Rainbow Dash. "I knew that you would be staying here with Pinkie Pie for awhile. And that you might be depressed about not being able to use your wings. So, I thought that you would feel better if I got you some good food! It's all yours."

Pinkie Pie - being her normal, gluttonous self - added, "Well...I was hoping that I could have some too...sigh...but I guess you really need this..."

After hearing that, Rainbow Dash - trying hard not to show it - was touched by Scootaloo's thoughtfulness. This just made her more eager to accept the delicious feast. Even if she wasn't sure she could eat it all. She was now determined to try.

She chuckled warmly. "Thanks, Scoots. Y'know, I actually am pretty hungry. Hey, AJ!! I bet you a mug of free cider that I can eat all this in one go!!"

*What am I doing?! Ugh, I just can't resist this now, can I?*, Rainbow Dash chided internally.

Applejack kind of just squirmed, twitched one of her eyes, and kicked herself with one of her back legs. Any denial that this wasn't really happening was forgotten. And she was ready to have a great night.

"Y-Y-Y-YOU'RE ON, RAINBOW DASH!!!" She said in a crazed, excited fashion.

Rainbow Dash jumped a bit. That was a little bit unnerving. She leaned in, next to Scootaloo's ear. "What's with AJ?...That was kinda weird."

"I really don't know. She's been acting strange, ever since I got her to make all this food for you."

Rainbow Dash pondered for a very brief moment before Applejack trotted over to the bed with the basket of apple fritters. The smell of the morsels was incredibly intoxicating, and gained her full attention. Rainbow Dash has eaten Applejack's fritters before. And, she knew that they had the power to put a pony into a submissive hold of bliss. If not careful, anypony can get hooked. The same could be said about any of the Apple family's recipes. If she wasn't such an athlete, Rainbow Dash would probably be a lot less svelte. Between Applejack and Pinkie Pie making all of these amazing pastries, she has had her fair share of that bliss. She sometimes wishes that she could eat their goods every day. Then, some thoughts struck her.

*Oh my gosh. That smells amazing!...But...this sure is a lot....I know that I'm gonna end up getting carried away, if I'm not careful. I'm not going to be able to exercise as much, since I can't do my usual routines....I don't wanna become a butter ball....BUUUUT....If I did....I would totally get in shape again! Yeah! That's right! That most likely won't be happening. But if it did, I could totally be athletic again! I'm Rainbow Dash for crying out loud! Besides, my friends just walked in here, offering me a bunch of food that I didn't have to get for myself! And, how can I not try to get some free cider from AJ?

I promised myself and Fluttershy that I would never let it happen again, anyway....*


Applejack put the basket next to Rainbow Dash, on the bed. She had to stir up the restraint of a Solar guard to not out right stuff a fritter into Rainbow Dash. Rainbow sat up, leaned her back against the frame of 'My Guest Friend', and picked up a fritter from the basket. She was a bit hesitant at first, but ended up taking a tender bite.

"MMMMmmmm.....Oh, sheleshtia, theesh never tashted thish good before!" The blissful submission hold of pure, confectionery greatness was never this strong. Rainbow Dash swallowed and quickly scarfed down the rest of the first morsel, licking all the crumbs from her hoof and muzzle when she was done. The metaphorical cuffs were off. Rainbow started eating the fritters like a mad mare.

Applejack started jittering and biting her lip. *WHOA NELLY!!!...M-m-m-maybe Ah shoulda' made more! Ah had no Ahdea that Rainbow was such a good eater! S-she kinda puts me and Pinkie to shame....And Celestia knows Ah've fantasized a lot about Pinkie's appetite before....Horse apples, Ah'm sick....*

Scootaloo was surprised at first. But, she got really happy and excited; bouncing up and down on the bed. "WOOHOO!! Go Rainbow Dash!! You'll win that cider for sure!!"

Pinkie Pie was impressed. *WOWEE!!! And I thought I was the piggy of the bunch!! Come to think of it.....I don't think I've ever seen Rainbow eat this much ever! Teeheehee! The echo of my thoughts sounds cool!* She distracted herself with the sounds of her thoughts.

Pinkie Pie was right, though. She and her friends had always thought that Rainbow Dash wasn't exactly the biggest eater. It always seemed like she tried to watch her weight. Which made sense, since she always wanted to be the top athlete. But, there were times when it seemed more like she was having an internal conflict when large amounts of food were involved.

Within a mere minute, Rainbow had demolished the basket of fritters. Her tummy had become a small, but noticeable lump. She looked like she was in ecstasy as she tenderly rubbed it with her fore hooves. She even made soft, almost inaudible moans of pleasure. This was very much unlike the normal Rainbow Dash.

"Oooooh.....uuurrp.....That was amazing...."

"YAY!! I knew that you would like this!!" Scootaloo squealed with glee.

Pinkie Pie was in her own, little world. Applejack almost couldn't stand idly any longer. She was, just barely, able to restrain herself before. But, now she was completely turned on by the scene before her. Rainbow Dash was indulging as a gluttonous mare. She may not realize that she is putting on an erotic show for Applejack, but she seems to be enjoying herself. Does Applejack dare offer to feed her?

"AJ!! Bring me those pies! This feast is going down!!!"

Or, maybe she doesn't even need to offer?

"S-s-sure thing s-sugarcube! Ah c-can h-help you."

"Oh?! AJ, you are the best!"

Scootaloo felt a twinge of competitive possessiveness over Rainbow Dash. "Hey! I can help too, Rainbow Dash!"

Applejack proceeded to bring the pies over to the bed. She pulled out her trusty, baker's knife from the basket that had the fritters, and started cutting the first pie into multiple slices. She was going to cut up all of the pies before giving the slices to Rainbow Dash, but Dash had gotten very greedy and impatient.

"AJ! Just give me those slices! You too, Scoots!"

"A-a-alright, alright!"

"YES, MA'AM!!"

Both Applejack and Scootaloo grabbed a slice of pie. As soon as they did, Rainbow Dash pulled Applejack's hooves towards her muzzle and sloppily gobbled up her slice. Rainbow even licked the left over debris off of Applejack's hooves. Applejack was giddy and very happy that Rainbow Dash had suddenly become a ravenous feedee. She didn't question it for a second.

"MMmm. Thanks, Applejack. Your stuff tastes even better than usual!"

She blushed and looked towards the floor. "Hehehehehe. No problem, RD! T-thank you kindly!"

Scootaloo was a little bit annoyed. Rainbow Dash seemed to appreciate Applejack and her cooking more than the fact that this was Scootaloo's idea, in the first place. She was going to show them that she was the unofficial sister that Rainbow Dash deserves. She proceeded to stuff her entire slice into Rainbow Dash's face. The whole thing filled up her cheeks. Rainbow Dash wasn't mad and moaned in approval as she chewed up the big piece. She swallowed it whole. A sizable bulge went down her neck and visibly stretched out her belly slightly more.

"BURP.....AAAAH......" She purred slightly as she rubbed her belly some more.

*Oh yeah...I haven't eaten this much in a long time....It actually...feels good.*

"HA!! See, Applejack!! I'm way better at pleasing Rainbow Dash than you are!!"

Applejack was slightly confused. She didn't notice that Scootaloo was competing with her. However.....
*HMMMMM....Ah reckon that Ah can take advantage of this....* Applejack thought deviously. A dastardly grin struck her face.

"Oh yeah?!?!"

Applejack grabbed another pie slice and crammed it into Rainbow's maw. Dash gratefully accepted this and ate it in mere seconds. She opened her mouth again, expecting more. She was surprisingly approving of all this. Appejack stuffed another. Before Rainbow was done with that one, she readied another. This kept going until the first pie was completely gone, with nothing left but the tin. Which Rainbow Dash licked clean.

Rainbow Dash moaned in bliss. ".....S-sweet...HIC...Celestia....HIC....Don't stop there!!"

*No turning back, now.*, Rainbow Dash thought to herself.

"Beat that, missy!!" Applejack shot out.

Scootaloo was a bit flustered. She wasn't going to let Applejack be more respected in the eyes of Rainbow Dash.


Scootaloo hurried over to the rest of the pies and brought them to the bed. She picked up one whole pie and removed the tin.

"Say, 'AAAAH'!!!"

"OHMYGOSH-OHMYGOSH-OHMYGOSH!!" Rainbow opened her jaw as wide as she possibly could. Which was apparently wide enough, because that whole pie went straight into her gaping maw. When she closed her mouth, her cheeks were almost the size of party balloons. But, she didn't care. She just munched and moaned for several seconds.

"GUULP....BRRAAAAAP!! SIGH...I can get used to this..." She said with lidded eyes and a stupid grin on her face. She then blushed as her face quickly shifted into a panicked expression. She tried to keep her cool after that. Nopony seemed to notice, at least.

*Easy there, Rainbow Dash. This is amazing and all, right now. But, you can't let it get to your head! Tomorrow, you can just go on with your normal, healthy lifestyle. This is just a treat from friends that has really cheered me up....They have no idea how awesome this is for me, right now.*

Rainbow Dash just relaxed and let the gluttonous bliss take over. She needed this. She might as well play along.

Rainbow's belly was now close to the size of her own head. Another loud outburst of gas finally stirred Pinkie Pie out of her thoughts.

"O-oh! Hey, everypony! I didn't think we were still-GAAASP!!! What are you two doing to Rainbow Dash!?!?!"

Applejack quickly retracted her one hoof from Dash's mouth, as she had just fed her the third pie, and whipped her head towards Pinkie Pie's direction. Scootaloo, who was rubbing Rainbow's belly with both hooves and an expression of steely determination, stopped and stared at Pinkie.

Rainbow Dash swallowed and just drunkenly said, "Oh.....HIC...Hey-UUURP-Pinks! Ca-HIC-can you feed me too?" She seemed totally out of it.

"W-W-WELL-Y-Y'S-SEE-AH-AH-AH....THISAIN'TWHATITLOOKSLIKE!!!!" Applejack was pouring sweat; her eyes the size of her freckles; they were darting about, wildly, as she clenched her teeth and shook like a windigo's cold breeze had struck her. She looked like she was about to cry.

Scootaloo just stated matter-of-factly, "Me and Applejack are helping Rainbow Dash finish her feast. And, I'm OBVIOUSLY doing a better job than Applejack."

"OOOOOO-That sounds like fun!! Can I help too!?"

Applejack's jaw dropped. But, the more she thought about it, the less surprised she was. This is Pinkie Pie. Of course she would think that this could be considered fun. Then, she realized that she had just dodged a speeding arrow.

*PHEW...Ah thought Ah was caught fer sure....Well...Ah kinda was...*

"Sure thing, sugarcube. Yah can give an extra hoof in feedin' RD the rest o' the pies."

"Okie Doki Lokie!"

Scootaloo didn't say anything. But, she didn't look happy about this. Now Pinkie Pie was going to try stealing Rainbow Dash's attention during her moment to shine? She continued rubbing Rainbow Dash's belly as she contemplated.

Pinkie Pie gave Rainbow Dash the fourth pie. Then, immediately followed up with the fifth. Both her and Applejack continued the same pattern until all of the Apple family confectioneries disappeared into Rainbow Dash. Her stomach was so big, that Scootaloo could barely see past it as she stood at the side of the bed. It was as tight as a drum, and as round as a ball. Rainbow Dash sluggishly shifted until her head was sinking into one of the ivory pillows of 'My Guest Friend'. The mattress sank ever so slightly, comforting Rainbow Dash with its soft embrace.

Her hooves rubbed as much of her belly as they could. "Ooooooooooh...I'm....s-soooooo-BUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRP......stuffed....." She huffed breathlessly. Her breathing was labored. Although, she had never felt so amazing while not showing off her flying skills before. Before long, Rainbow Dash had slipped into a blissful, food coma.