• Published 20th Jul 2013
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The Ballooning Bolt - PonePlumper

The Wonderbolt trainee's lazy side gets pampered after she gets into an accident, while showing off a new stunt. And, let's just say that her athletic body becomes the complete opposite.

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Reckless Dash *Edited*

"You ready for this, squirt?"

Rainbow Dash was preparing to show off the latest stunt that she had created - using special techniques that she had recently learned from her time at the Wonderbolts Academy. And Scootaloo was given the honor of being the first pony to witness what she, herself, could consider to be the next amazing feat of awesomeness that nopony other than Rainbow Dash could ever achieve. Scootaloo was more than ready.

Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo have pretty much become unofficial sisters since that fateful camping trip. It really wasn't too long ago. But they were slowly, but surely, bonding more and more - each time they had the chance to hang out. It wasn't too often, but Rainbow Dash could tell that Scootaloo was starting to see her as more than just an icon for her to obsess over....At least that's what she assumed. Dash isn't exactly the perceptive type.

"You bet I'm ready, Rainbow Dash!"

"Alright! I call this one 'The Blaring Bolt'!"

Suddenly, Rainbow Dash vanished in a prismatic blur that left behind a strong burst of wind. Scootaloo felt the strong force for merely a second before a booming thunder emitted from the sky. Somewhat shaken, but used to things like this when spectating her hero up close, Scootaloo looked up and saw that Rainbow Dash was creating a series of storm clouds by brushing multiple clouds together at high speeds. They were starting to form a diagonal line that pointed vertically. When the line was done, Rainbow Dash began looping in a downward spiral around the thick line of clouds, leaving a rainbow trail, until she reached the bottom. Rainbow stopped for a moment to position herself at the bottom end of the line. It looked like a needle composed of a thunder storm, wrapped with a thin, rainbow ribbon.

Truth be told, Rainbow Dash had only learned the techniques used to create this stunt a few days ago. And she had only practiced a few times since. But, she was so eager to show off these techniques that she had specifically created a stunt for the sake of proving to Ponyville that she was going to be the next Spitfire. Sure, Spitfire warned Rainbow Dash and her fellow trainees that these techniques could be dangerous if not perfected. But this wasn't going to stop Rainbow Dash from using them prematurely. Besides, being reckless is what got Rainbow Dash this far.

Rainbow then dashed right into the tip of the needle at an incredible speed. As she struck and went through it, lightning began to erupt all around the needle. And it was radiating with brilliant, rainbow colors - just like Dash's cutie mark. The stunt was also creating a continuous, blaring sound of thunder. Soon she had cleared the entire form, making it look like one long streak of flashing, prismatic lightning and clouds shooting into the heavens.

Scootaloo was speechless.

*That has to be the greatest, most awesome and epic thing I had ever seen in my life.* She thought.

Scootaloo hadn't noticed, but there was a crowd of ponies from Ponville - including all of Rainbow Dash's friends - gathered around the area; staring in awe at the spectacle. And they thought the Sonic Rainboom was an impressive sight. After the last few seconds of thunder, there was silence. And after a few seconds of silence, Sootaloo was screaming.


"Wait a minute....THAT WAS RAINBOW DASH!!??!!", Twilight Sparkle screamed.

The crowd started cheering wildly for Rainbow Dash. Everypony had apparently showed up when they noticed the strange anomaly in the sky, but didn't see what created it. However, there was now a problem.

"Where is she?", asked somepony. Then, there was silence again. Even Scootaloo had stopped cheering. Rainbow should've been visibly eating up the attention and praise by now. But the mare was nowhere to be seen. Then, somepony noticed - "Oh Celestia! She's lying over there!! On the grass!"

Rainbow's friends were now very shocked and alarmed. Scootaloo, Spike, and the other 5 of the Mane 6 sprinted over to her immobile, charred body. The crowd watched as Rainbow's friends freaked out, picked up Rainbow Dash, and rushed to the hospital.

Author's Note:

As you can see, I want to not only submit to my sick fantasies. I want to make a legitimate, entertaining story. One that is good practice for when I get into more serious or thoughtful writing. This is why I ultimately decided to have such a weird, ridiculous story come first. Let me know whether you like it or not; what you do or don't like about it; how I can improve; and what ever else comes to mind, after reading this. But, don't give me flack just because you don't like the idea of the story. If that concerns you, then don't read it. Everyone deserves to write about anything involving MLP and its characters, on here.