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The Ballooning Bolt - PonePlumper

The Wonderbolt trainee's lazy side gets pampered after she gets into an accident, while showing off a new stunt. And, let's just say that her athletic body becomes the complete opposite.

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Secrets and Lies *Edited*

*Good gracious. What have Ah done?*

Applejack looked a bit worried as she stared at the bulbous, gurgling ball that was Rainbow Dash's belly. It very subtly rose and fell with every breath. At least she seemed okay. She looked like she was sleeping peacefully. Then, Pinkie Pie started poking and prodding Dash's tummy. Rainbow didn't stir. And, this just made her belly make more noises.

"Heeheehee! It's hard and a little squishy at the same time! It's squishardy!......Okay. I'll admit. That one is stupid."

Applejack gave Pinkie an awkward smile and chuckled lowly. "Yeah. It is. Isn't it?" Applejack proceeded gently rub her fore hoof on the side of Rainbow Dash's gut. She was blushing furiously.

*Now, this here's wrong. But...Ah don't know if Ah wanna be right. She's mighty cute when she's like this. And, she actually looked like she loved what we did...That is strange, though. Since when did Rainbow Dash LOVE food so much? Well, she was depressed. It's possible that she just got absorbed in the moment because it was makin' her feel better.....Doesn't matter, though. Ah got mah fix. And, Ah made her happy. This night went better than Ah thought it would.* Applejack was satisfied. She continued rubbing Rainbow's stomach and was enjoying every second of it.

Scootaloo shouted, "QUIT IT, YOU TWO!! That's just weird!"

Pinkie Pie and Applejack jumped at the sudden outburst from Scootaloo. Both blushed and tried to not make eye contact. They just got scolded by a filly.

"Besides...it should be me doing that."

"W-what was that, sugarcube?"

Now it was Scootaloo's turn to hide her feelings. "Oh, uuuh.....Nothing, AJ....Just...Let's just call this a night. I've got school tomorrow. And, we should really let Rainbow Dash rest...." She sounded disgruntled and anxious to leave. Scootaloo glared at them for a second and trotted out of Pinkie's room; and, presumably, out of Sugar Cube Corner. Pinkie Pie and Applejack didn't realize until then that the sun had set.

"Huh...I wonder what's got her all bent out of shape? Maybe she wanted some of the pie too? I know I'm a little bit bummed that I didn't get any. But, oh well. Friends before food. Right, AJ?......AJ?" Pinkie Pie darted her head towards every part of her room. But, Applejack was nowhere to be found. She disappeared as quickly as Scootaloo did.

"Wow. Rude much? However, I guess I should be impressed. I thought nopony other than me could clear a room like that."

On that thought, Rainbow Dash snored loudly and hiccuped in her sleep. "....MMMmmmm.....yeah....yeah....more cupcakes, daddy......no...no mom.....I love daddy's cupcakes......I.....I'm fine mom......" It seemed as though she was dreaming.

"Aaaaaww. Dashie is so precious." Pinkie stood on two legs and stretched. "*YAAAAWN* I guess it's time to hit the hay.
*giggle* What a silly expression. Ponies don't hit hay. We eat it. We sleep in beds. And, we don't hit them, either. Unless somepony is frustrated and upset and needs to let out that frustration and-and-"

"PINKIE. GO TO SLEEP." Carrot Cake's voice grumbled from another bedroom.

*When did Mr. and Mrs. Cake get home...Did they even notice that Applejack and Scootaloo were here? Or all the noise Rainbow Dash made?....Golly, listening to my thinking voice sure is addicting.* Pinkie Pie just shrugged, put on her night cap, turned off the lights, and jumped into the covers of her bed. But, as soon as she closed her eyes, Dash's snoring and sleep talking made her cringe.

"Ugh. First, you eat all of the treats. Then, you make too much noise for me to sleep in my own room?" Pinkie put her pillow over her head.


Applejack was trotting through the evening as if she were trying to find somepony in a hurry....And, she was.

"SCOOTALOO!! Where'd that filly go? SCOOTALOO!!" Many ponies were packing their wears and heading home from work. They gave Applejack strange looks as she passed them. However, she ended up bumping into one pony in particular, who was returning home from an evening stroll. Applejack almost crashed into Rarity, but she skidded to a halt just in time.

"Why, Applejack. What is the rush? You nearly barged right through me. And, you look rather wound up."

"Sorry, Rarity. Have you seen Scootaloo in the past few minutes?"

"Well...Erm, yes I have. She went back to her home. However, Sweetie Belle is still at that clubhouse with your sister. Probably for a spot of the usual scheming. Could you please tell Sweetie Belle to come back to the boutique? My parents are most likely waiting there for her to go back home with them. Hopefully, they will leave right away."

"Well, darn..." Applejack just looked dismissively at the ground between her and Rarity. This lasted for a couple of seconds before Rarity broke the awkward silence.

"Is something the matter, Applejack?"

"Oh-uh nothin's wrong Rares! Ah'll just-uh...go tell Sweetie Belle that it's time for her to go home. See ya!" Applejack darted towards Sweet Apple Acres in a hurry.

Rarity looked towards her direction in suspicion. *My, Applejack. You really are a terrible liar.* She turned and began walking back to her boutique. *She is clearly hiding something. I can sense when a fellow mare is keeping a secret. And, this is one of those cases. What could Applejack possibly want with Scootaloo, of all ponies?....Should I even care? She seemed rather troubled by something.....BAH! You really shouldn't discern something that may be so trivial, Rarity. I'm sure it's nothing too serious....*

Little did Rarity know that Applejack galloped all the way to her apple orchards with a face almost as red as the fruits themselves.

*Oh, sweet applesauce. That was close. If there is anypony in the whole wide kingdom of Equestria that can never know what Ah'm doing for mah life's sake, it's Rarity. No matter how, Ah will see to it that she never finds out...* With that thought in mind, Applejack had reached the Cutie Mark Crusaders' clubhouse. There was light coming from the inside. And, some energetic music could be heard.

"Apple Bloom!! Sweetie Belle!! It's time to call it a night!!" No response.

"APPLE BLOOM!! SWEETIE BELLE!!" Still no response.

"Land's sake. Ah guess Ah'd better make mah way up there." So, Applejack trotted up the incline to see what those fillies were so preoccupied with. Even after opening the door and walking in, Applejack didn't catch the girls' attention. They were dressed up in what seemed to be little workout clothes - including head bands, fetlock bands, and body tights that matched their respective mane and coat colors. And, they were doing odd stretches to the energetic, Sapphire Shores song playing from Big Macintosh's radio.

Applejack smiled warmly. *Well, ain't that cute....Ah wonder how they convinced Big Mac to let them borrow his radio and mix tapes....*

"Howdy, girls!!" Apple Bloom finally noticed her sister and shut off the radio.

"Howdy, sis! What did you think of our routine? We're practicin' to be Cutie Mark Crusaders Fitness Instructors!"

Sweetie Belle chimed in. "YEAH! We've pretty much gotten the stretching segments down! We just have to come up with other stuff...which we're....working on..."

"Well, ya'll were pretty professional as far as Ah could see. But, Ah'm afraid it's time fer you two to rap this up. It's gettin' late, and ya'll have school tomorrow. And, your family is waitin' for you to go home, Sweetie Belle."


"Ah told you, Sweetie Belle. We probably would've made a lot more progress if you didn't give Scootaloo that crazy idea."

"*sigh* Yeah, I'm sorry about that. But, how was I supposed to know that telling her about Rarity eating a lot when she's depressed would make Scootaloo do that?...." Sweetie Belle's eyes became as small as pin pricks when she looked at Applejack. Her eye twitched. Then, she slid on her back knees towards Applejack, and put her forehooves together. "PLEASEOHPLEASEPLEASEPLEAHEASE!!! Don't. Tell. Anyponyyyyyy!!! *whimper*"


Then, Apple Bloom realized something. "Hey.....Wait a minute....Sis, didn't Sootaloo come to you, askin' fer you ta make her a ton of food to offer to Rainbow Dash?"

Applejack's eyes almost bulged out of her sockets. Her hair drooped and her face grimaced awkwardly.
*HOOORSSE AAAPPLESS!!* "W-well-uh.....y-y-yeah......"

"And, Scootaloo didn't come back to the clubhouse after she stormed off to ask you....In fact, Ah haven't seen her since..."

Applejack was frozen in place. She didn't know what to do. She didn't think that Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle would know about Scootaloo's plan. It seemed as though Apple Bloom would become a problem that Applejack would constantly have to deal with now. Considering the fact that they live together, and that Apple Bloom could definitely tell when Applejack lied through her teeth. Applejack knew that, if there was one bad thing that she wished she were better at, it was lying.
Ironic. Huh?

"Ya didn't give Scootaloo all that food......Right, sis?"

Applejack had to think of something. Quickly. "I-I-uuuuuuh....." Then, she realized that she could stretch the truth here. As feeble of an attempt it may be. "Well....Ah did make SOME stuff....She did ask for a ridiculous amount.....B-but, Ah told her that it would be too much! So, Ah only made a fraction of what she asked for! Scootaloo accepted that as it was."

"Hmmm...." Apple Bloom studied her big sister's demeanor. She figured that Applejack was telling the truth. But, at the same time, she knew that Applejack was being apprehensive about the subject. Not to mention that she knew very well that when Scootaloo wanted to support Rainbow Dash in some way, she'd go all out. Scootaloo has been gone since she claimed that she would get Applejack's help. Which meant that Applejack did take her up on her request.

"So, after you made her the food, she took it to Rainbow Dash?"


"And, you haven't seen her since?"


"Huh. Ah guess that was nice of both of you. You and Rainbow Dash really are great friends."

*PHEW* "Heh heh heh. Yeah. So, anyways, Ah will take Sweetie Belle back home. You go to bed, li'l missy."

"Yeah, yeah." Apple Bloom picked up the radio with her mouth and trotted out the clubhouse. "Goohnaght, Shweedie Belle!"

"Goodnight....Apple Bloom..." Sweetie Belle seemed a little uneasy. She looked guilty as her eyes were downcast.

"Welp, it's time to git along now, Sweetie Belle." Applejack began to walk out into the orchard. Sweetie Belle hesitated as she was distracted by her thoughts. But, she proceeded to walk alongside Applejack.


The night air was cool and slightly breezy. But, it wasn't so much so that it brought discomfort. The moon and stars shown bright. Their luminescence traveling far enough to light anypony's way within the ambient darkness. This created a serene atmosphere. Its splendor inviting even the sleepiest of ponies to bask in its beauty before allowing the shroud of sleep to take hold. Celestia might have been able to create a suitable nighttime for the past millennium, but Luna's was off the hook. It initially was her job, after all. Celestia knew as much as her sister did that Luna still made a mean evening.

It all wasn't good enough to quell Applejack's thoughts though. As she and Sweetie Belle made their way through the mostly slumbering Ponyville (Some ponies were more accustomed to the late hours. Doing all kinds of...things......And I mean that very broadly.), Applejack couldn't help but think about Scootaloo.

She pursued Scootaloo to ask about what was upsetting her. It seemed as if Applejack had done something wrong that offended Scootaloo. Not to mention that Applejack wanted to speak to her about her weird but effective plan that she had come up with. As much as Applejack wanted to stop while she still had some integrity left, she secretly hoped that Scootaloo's sudden displeasure didn't mean that she would stop asking her to make treats for Rainbow Dash. At this point, Applejack was losing her restraint the more she thought about this.

However, Sweetie Belle interrupted her mind. "Um....Applejack..."

"Huh?" Sweetie Belle was giving Applejack a look that could melt the heart of the most cynical pony.

"Aaaw...What's botherin' ya, Sugar Cube?"

"I'm sorry about Scootaloo bugging you to make the food....Scootaloo can be a little crazy sometimes....But, it's my fault that she got that weird idea in the first place. And, now I especially feel bad because I blabbed about my sister's personal secret...THREE TIMES!!"

Applejack grinned and wanted to laugh, but just giggled slightly to refrain from upsetting Sweetie Belle.

"Oh, Sweetie Belle....You shouldn't feel ashamed for helping Scootaloo. Ah'm sure she wanted to show her appreciation for Rainbow Dash, and cheer her up out of the goodness of her heart. Ah certainlyyy-uh....didn't mind being a part of her gift to RD. *That didn't come out the way Ah wanted.* And, just so you know, Sweetie Belle - lots of mares do what Rarity does to cope with their feelings. Sometimes it gets a little out of control if they feel really bad and have no other way of making themselves feel better. But, it's perfectly normal. Rarity, herself, shouldn't be ashamed. But, if she really cares about keeping it a secret, then Ah'd advise not blabbin' it anymore. You know how she is. Otherwise, no real harm was done."

Sweetie Belle smiled. "I guess you're right. Thanks, Applejack...." Then, Sweetie Belle frowned again. "But...if Rainbow Dash appreciated Scootaloo's gift, then I know that Scootaloo would do it all the time for Rainbow Dash until her wings got better. She would bother you a lot....And...what if Rainbow Dash is one of those mares? She looked pretty sad the last time I saw her.....What if her comfort eating gets out of control?"

"Uuuuuh....*Golly, this little filly is coincidentally very perceptive...Ah never even thought of that....Ah really hope that doesn't happen....hmm.....* Ah-Ah'm sure Rainbow Dash would never do that to herself. She's too conscious and proud of her athletic body. And, she was never big on food anyway. That is such a silly thing to worry about...."

On that note, Applejack and Sweetie Belle had reached the Carousel Boutique. The first floor of the building was lit. And, the two ponies outside could hear rambling coming from the inside. Sweetie Belle opened the front door and trotted in with Applejack following right behind her. The bell chimed. But, it didn't catch anypony's attention.

"And so I says - 'Cranky, that lure couldn't catch you a new toupee if you cast it at a Wigs n' Wears!!'"

"Doh-hohohoooh, dear, you tell the funniest stories!"

Rarity was trying her hardest not to cringe with a pained smile hiding her discontent. "Y-yes, father.....That was quite......the raucous...."

Then, Rarity noticed Sweetie Belle and Applejack. Her face beamed as she rushed over to Sweetie Belle and gripped her with a breath stopping hug. "OH, SWEETIE BELLE!! Thank goodness you're here!! Your trot here was safe? Indeed, it was. I guess it's time for you and mother and father to go back home!" Rarity rushed behind her parents and forcefully pushed them both towards the front door. "I appreciate the visit! And Sweetie Belle was well behaved! But, it's late and we don't want to deny little Sweetie her rest!"

Rarity's mom was going to say something, but Rarity interrupted. "I love you! Ta-ta! Have a safe trot home! Goodnight!"

Her mom gave her a knowing smile. "Thank you, dear. We'll be on our way. Let's go, honey. Come along, Sweetie Belle."

They walked out the door as Sweetie Belle added, "Um.....bye....Rarity....Bye, Applejack!"

Rarity waved them goodbye. And, when they were far enough away, Rarity closed the door and sighed with relief.

Applejack smirked. "You couldn't wait for them to leave. Could ya?"

Rarity sighed once more. "Oh, Applejack. I do love my parents. I really do. However, I can only listen to their ramblings and embarrassing small talk for so long. And, they will go on and on and on if you don't interrupt them."

"Hehehehe, Granny Smith can be just as bad in that regard."

Rarity perked up and gasped. "OH, APPLEJACK!! Thank you for reminding me!" She galloped to the back of the boutique and past a violet curtain.

"Uh...Reminding you of what, Rares?"

Suddenly, a plain, white, wicker chair floated from behind the curtain. Despite its relatively plain look, it seemed to be expertly woven with floral and apple designs sprinkled about in delicate patterns. It looked pretty sturdy as well. Rarity came out looking proud and waiting for a response.

"That is a mighty fine wicker chair ya got there Rarity. But, what you show me it for?"

"This is my gift to Granny Smith for her birthday next month! It's not quite finished yet, but I just wanted to give you a preview. I wanted to do something rustic, yet stylish that I believe she would enjoy."

"You can make furniture too?"

"Why, yes, Applejack. I am a fashionista of all trades, darling. My skills range much more spaciously than mere dress making. So, what do you think?"

"Ah'm sure Granny Smith will love this. And, she loves everythin' that Ponyville gives her. The whole town does somethin' special for her every year. Ya'll are too kind."

"Well, she is one of the ponies who helped create Ponyville, darling. It would almost be a crime for us not to show some appreciation for such an important mare."

"You are all too right, Rarity. Well now, Ah must be goin'. Ah need to head home and get some sleep. Need to be up an' early fer the usual chores."

Rarity sent the wicker chair back behind the curtain. "Oh, yes! Sorry to burden you with Sweetie Belle and keeping you from going home! I had to tend to my parents' inevitable visit. And, I didn't want them touching anything!"

"Not a problem, Sugar Cube. Ah had a nice talk with Sweetie Belle on the way here. She's mighty adorable!"
Then, Applejack scrunched her face and turned quickly. "ALL RIGHT! GOTTA GO! BYE!" Applejack zoomed in a blur out of the boutique.

Rarity was flabbergasted and wasn't sure how to react to the sudden anxiety. But, she got that sense of overbearing suspicion again.

*Why would Applejack become so afraid after telling me about talking to Sweetie Belle?....She has been acting rather strange today. She was doing something with Scootaloo earlier that she didn't want to talk about. And now Sweetie Belle?! What are you hiding, Applejack?* Rarity huffed and turned to get ready for bed. She'd spend the rest of her night contemplating.


"Good luck at school, my little Wonderbolt!"

"Thanks, daddy! That was an *urp* awesome breakfast! See ya later!"

And so, with her rainbow colored saddle bag in tow, Rainbow Dash trotted out the front door of her parents' cloud house. It was small and not as elaborate as her own. But, it had a nice, modest front yard with rainbow tulips sprouting from the cumulus clouds themselves.

Rainbow Dash loved getting a running start in between the lines of flowers before taking flight. However, this time it took a little more effort for some reason. She flapped her wings rapidly to get herself into the air and struggled slightly to keep herself going. Her wings flapped almost as fast as a small, weak bird's. But, she still headed to the Cloudsdale Flight Academy - where she would take her first steps in fulfilling her dream of becoming a Wonderbolt.

Yes, she was already old enough to begin her advanced flight training. She even could get a dorm at the Academy itself, but she'd rather stay with her parents when she wasn't doing anything that involved it. Why, do you ask? Well...she liked her dad's cooking......A LOT.

Fluttershy was waiting for Rainbow Dash in front of the Academy's main, cloud building. Rainbow Dash was her only real friend in Cloudsdale. Ever since THAT(first Sonic Rainboom) fateful day - back when they were both fillies - Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were almost inseperable. However, when Fluttershy caught a glimpse at Rainbow Dash's incoming form, she looked a little worried.

Rainbow Dash landed in a sweaty heap. A large, sweaty heap. The clouds that she was laying on sank slightly. "Huff....huff....*pant* PHEW! That was a good warm up flight! Eh, Fluttershy?"

She tried to hide her face behind her long, pink mane. "U-um....yeah, Rainbow Dash...." She looked toward the direction Rainbow Dash flew in from. Fluttershy could still see the cloud house Rainbow Dash lived in. It really wasn't that far away; for a pegasus, anyway.

Rainbow Dash's father had probably moved it closer to the Academy on purpose. He knew that Rainbow Dash would be very eager to begin her flight training and would want to get to it as quickly as possible. However, Fluttershy assumed that that wasn't the only reason. "You flew a whole....half a mile...that's really good...." Fluttershy tried to put in as much mock enthusiasm as she could bare to give.

"Well, what else would you expect from the one and only Rainbow Dash? Next great Wonderbolt in training?"

*At least she's still confident...* Fluttershy felt terrible. And, she wouldn't dare show it. She has been trying as hard as she possibly could to be careful when talking to Rainbow Dash. And, that meant lying....a lot. At least, that's what she thought worked best at the time. She didn't want to hurt Dash's feelings.

However, today was the first day of the first semester of their first year at the Cloudsdale Flight Academy. And, Fluttershy knew what it was like to be teased and picked on by other ponies. Before, Rainbow Dash defended Fluttershy from bullies. But now...

"OH! IS THAT A SNACK MACHINE?!" Rainbow Dash galloped very quickly to the rectangular box of snacky goodness. It was positioned against the wall right past one of the entrance doors, which was open. "I know how to cheat you! You can't keep your Hays Chips away from me!" Her wing stretched into the horizontal compartment and ruffled in an odd manner until a sudden click was heard. "Jackpot!" When her wing came out, snacks tumbled out as Rainbow Dash tried to grab as many as she possibly could and stuffed them into her saddle bag. She proceeded to rip the remaining snack bag that she was holding in her mouth open and dumped all of its contents into her gaping maw. She threw the bag into a waste bin and was about to open another that would suffer the same fate, until Fluttershy noticed that ponies were beginning to stare.

Fluttershy rushed to Rainbow Dash's side. "WAIT!"

"Huh? What's up, Fluttershy?" Rainbow Dash was completely oblivious to the snickering in the background.

Fluttershy strained to come up with a way stop Rainbow Dash from embarrassing herself. "R-Rainbow, u-u-umm.....W-why don't.....why don't you save the rest of your snacks for...for the rest of the day! They could give you a good energy boost when you n-need it! It could help you with your training!"

*I should really just take all those snacks away....B-but....I-I-I ca-an't.....That wouldn't be nice...And I certainly don't have the courage....*

"That's a great idea, Fluttershy!..." Rainbow Dash seemed hesitant. "But...this is a Chunky Chuck Bar....These things are like....the best...I don't know if I could wait that long....Maybe I'll stop after I eat this one...."


Fluttershy got startled. "Eeep!....Oh...n-noooo...."

Rainbow Dash turned and glared at the three, lumpy pegasus colts that were all too familiar. "UGH. You feather brains are here too? Aren't you guys getting too old to be pickin' on fillies? Or, are you guys compensating for something?" She smirked as she ripped open the candy bar and shoved the whole thing into her mouth.

The three delinquents just stared at Rainbow Dash as if they had just seen the most astonishing thing. Then, they laughed hysterically. Other ponies were starting to watch the scene.

Rainbow Dash was getting angry. "HEY!!! WHAT'S SO FUNNY!?!?" Chocolate chunks flew out of her mouth as she yelled. Her muzzle and cheeks had chocolate stains.

Fluttershy cowered in a corner. "Oh my.....I'm...*sniff*....so sorry....Rainbow......"

The three idiots were calming down a bit. "Heheh....*gasp*...RAINBOW CRASH?! HAVE YOU LOOKED AT YOURSELF IN A MIRROR LATELY?!"


Rainbow Dash flinched. Her ears drooped and she started feel a sudden anxiety. "W-what....What is that s-supposed to m-mean?" She grabbed another bag of chips, ripped it open, and started shoving hooffuls of chips into her face.

"W-wait!!! HAHAHA!! YOU'RE KIDDING, RIGHT?! JUST LOOK AT YOU!!!" He went up to Rainbow Dash and forcefully poked her barrel. His hoof sunk in a few inches. And, when he withdrew it, her whole body jiggled and wobbled. This made the now large crowd of students laugh wildly.

A giant, round mirror had suddenly risen out of the cloudy floor, facing Rainbow Dash. Then, she gasped and dropped the bag of chips. Tears were beginning to form in the corners of her eyes as she gazed regrettably at the undeniable truth. SHE WAS FAT. VERY FAT.

Her face bore two round lumps on the sides of her muzzle. They were big enough to hinder eyesight slightly and were covered in chocolate and crumbs. She was almost as wide and round as the mirror itself. Her cutie mark was stretched out to be three times the size of a normal pony's. Her barrel stuck out so far that she could rest her two chins on it and still look forward. Her belly was so large and heavy that it grazed the floor and almost made her legs useless.

Instead of being inside of the Academy, Rainbow Dash was now sitting in front of the mirror on what little bit of cloud was left, which was now floating in a red void. The crowd of ponies had become large, exaggerated shadows with jagged, malicious faces. The only distinguishable shapes were of the Wonderbolts themselves. They laughed as well. They laughed. And they laughed. And they laughed. Rainbow Dash started pulling out more snacks and shoving them whole down her throat as tears ran down her chunky face. And, she continued to stare into the mirror with hopeless despair in her eyes.


Her own voice echoed over the cacophony of acidic laughter.

"STOP.....................STOP......................STOP LAUGHING..................STOPLAUGHING....STOPLAUGHING-STOPLAUGHING!!!!!!!..........SSSSTTTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In reality, Rainbow Dash was squirming in the bed as tears dripped down the sides of her face while she slept.

"Stop......stop laughing........please....."


Author's Note:

Well, I finally finished this freakin' chapter. I'll have you all know that I started writing this about a week after the last one. However, at the time, I was absurdly busy with real life stuff. And after a month of that, I came back to this with writer's block. I ended up getting more distracted by other things as well. But, the main thing I have to say about this is that I have been thinking about how this entire story will play out for some time. And, I wanted this chapter to set up a lot of the major items within the plot. I know that some of you might have been waiting for another riveting, fetishy sequence. If you could call the last chapter.....THAT. But, I really want this particular weight gain fic to stand out and be a little more than just some cheap, fap material. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with that. I've indulged in cheap, fap material in the past. And, some of it was pretty damn good. My point is that I want to tell an at least somewhat unique story.

So, does anyone like it?

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