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Twilight experiments with a new type of magic that involves conjuring food, but soon finds herself in over her head as circumstances she didn't anticipate start growing. With limited knowledge of the subject, she and Spike, with some unaccounted-for help from Fluttershy, have to figure out what's happening before those circumstances spin out of control.

Warning: contains lots of weight gain

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Short and Sweet! :pinkiehappy:

Great read, I loved the story!

A strange idea forged into a well-written story. Good job!

"(...) and your research has proven to be incredibly helpful!"

"Besides, you look so funny, lol! Wait until I tell Luna about this!" - that's probably what Celestia actually thought. :trollestia:

I chuckled madly when Spike companionably patted Twilight's rear end before answering the door.

Oh Twi and your magic. Sometimes it gets quite a bit out of hand.

Twilight's horn glowed again, conjuring up a huge cheeseburger, which she immediately took a huge bite out of.

Spike gasped, "No, Twilight! Don't eat that! That's Daisy the cow!"

"Moooooo! Don't-cha-know!" said the cheeseburger.

Spike must be enjoying that bed of his...

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