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Princess Celestia is a busy mare. Her life is stressful, and the downtime often too short to enjoy before it ends. The stress has led her to develop a habit of over-eating, and while Princess Luna remains the bigger sister as far as mass goes, Celestia's obesity adds to her stress as daily tasks become harder and she worries what her subjects might think of her.

So it is that Princess Celestia decides on a vacation to get herself back in shape, but it does not proceed as she had hoped.

This story was the first-place entry for a private writing contest.

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This was a delight to read!

WEll thank you kindly :>

This is only your first story?! :pinkiegasp:

Una #4 · Sep 1st, 2019 · · ·

Good story. Would love to see a more of this story if possible.

No actually it's like... the 5th or so :p

Thank you kindly! There might be, I've had ideas.

For now you have my other works.

Yeah woops I'm dumb...

Drakin #8 · Sep 3rd, 2019 · · 1 ·

Definitely needs more chapters with the princesses getting even bigger maybe as they continue their vacation. I imagine towards the end the pair might be so large the ship could barely hold them by the time they get back to Canterlot as near immobile blobs of flab. Perhaps even an epilogue where the city's support structure has to be reinforced as both princesses have started to outgrow the entire castle. ^__^

You are welcome to fantasize, but I don't think hyper-fat fits in the grounded reality I have here :p.

I have considered adding on to it however, we'll see. You're welcome to write that yourself as well if you like, inspiring others is great.

I just might. I have a Writing.com account and a dozen or so interactive stories. One of which is MLP weight gain. I may add to that tonight if I'm able.

And yeah, sorry I like REALLY BIG changes. I have no upward limits so more is always better in my eyes. ^_^;;

Don't apologize for what you like, like it without shame.
It's just generally not what I do, but I do have commissions open and I take requests easily- are you on discord? Message me on here and we can talk more.

I have to say, I love your writing of chubby ponies. I'm also someone who likes realisically fat magical cartoon horses (which is totally a legitimate thing now) over huge gains. But both are good. I like how this is kind of a 'Slice of chubby life' genre over a purely weight gain fic. You scratch the strange pony itch I have, thanks for writing.

Regarding this story, I think the main conflict (Celly vs Lulu, but really Celly vs Self) has turned a corner, so any continuation might need a new conflict. Luna's motivations on her plan to 'eat her way through 1000 years of history,' Celestia exploring the hints of a fat fetish she noticed looking at Luna (some feeder Celly, growing Rarity romance is my guilty pleasure, what's yours?). Just because she's chubby doesn't mean she couldn't use stairs, she could add some muscle under that flab doing some adventuring on her vacation.

All and all, write the story you want. I'm just excited seeing a short story with a lot of room to grow.

You're quite welcome and I'm happy you enjoyed :3

I doubt there will be any sense of a direct continuation, but I enjoy writing and so you can expect more of the same in the future.

I figured you told all the story you wanted to tell with this one. I can always hope your muse leads you to revisit this universe at some point. In the meantime I'll look forward to whatever you write next.

Thank kindly! The next posting will probably be the penultimate chapter of the Totty thing, and maybe a commission or two if they get permission to be posted here.

I do have ideas to do more with this but I don't think I have ideas for sequels that can be nearly as strong narratively.

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