• Published 10th May 2013
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Practice Makes Pudding - TacoBiteToughGuy

Dash goes and visits Pinkie after a flight practice, but a terrible tragedy happened to Rainbow which prevents her from flying. Now she's moved in with Pinkie, but can she keep up with all the sweets Pinkie makes?

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The Accident

"Hey Pinkie Pie!" spoke Rainbow Dash as she walked through the door to Pinkie's room. Her room, like Pinkie herself, was pink and very bubbly. Literally. Pinkie Pie was trying to teach Gummy how to blow bubbles.

"No, silly! You don't chew on the wand, you blow through it!" Pinkie tried to explain to the pet alligator with no avail. With her being so busy with Gummy, she didn't even notice Rainbow Dash come in.

'This is gonna be perfect!' Dash thought. 'I'll sneak up on Pinkie and give a little shout to scare her! This is gonna be SO AWESOME!'

Pinkie was the hardest pony to prank in all of Equestria! She was always one step ahead of you and always knew when you were about to pull a fast one on her. This time, though, Rainbow Dash was finally gonna scare Pinkie Pie! She tip-toed over to Pinkie on her hind legs, took a deep breath, and was about to scare the pink pony when...


The floorboards in Pinkie's room were so loud that it scared Dash! Unfortunately for her, Pinkie now knew she was there, ruining the prank...

"Oh, hiya Dashie! Whatcha doin' lying on the ground?" Pinkie asked with a curious stare.

"I'm, I'm, I'm, looking for......my lucky feather! Can you help me find it?" Lied Dash to not admit that the floorboards spooked her enough to make her fall over.

"Okie dokie lokie!" Replied Pinkie, willing to do anything to help a friend in need. The two ponies started to scavenge Pinkie's room for Dash's "lucky feather." After about five minutes, Dash decided to just pluck one of her feathers and say she found it. So she did just that, or she tried anyways. The feather was mixed in with other feathers and debris from her flying earlier. So Dash began to yank harder and harder. Finally, with all her might, she pulled out the feather on her right wing. Unfortunately, she also brought along a few other feathers, and some skin under her feathers.

'OWWWW!' Dash thought to herself as she wiped off everything from the feather. "I found it!" Dash hollered to Pinkie across the room. She held up the beautiful sky blue feather for Pinkie to see.

"Oooooooo... That's one pretty feather Dashie!" Pinkie told RD while still transfixed by the plume.

"Thanks Pinkie!" Dash responded with a tinge of guilt. "Say, do you want to go pull a prank or two on somepony?"

"Sure Dashie, let's go!" Pinkie urged even though it wasn't her idea. "Time is wasting away like 7 birds in an owl nest!"

"Pinkie, you are so random!"

The two trotted out of Sugarcube Corner, trying to think of new pranks to pull on all the other ponies of Ponyville. So far, they had only come up with slipping a whoopee cushion under a pony right before they sat down, which isn't a very good prank for Pinkie and Dash's standards. Then Rainbow Dash had a great idea!

"OH MY GOSH PINKIE! I just thought of the best prank ever! Ok so what we will do is set up a stand selling lemonade, and you will run it normally but then when the customer buys the drink, guess who will be standing right there with a headless horse costume! They'll spill the lemonade all over themselves! This is gonna be SO AWESOME!" Dash leaped into the air and went to perform a backflip but as she went to flap with her wings, but her right wing was very weak all of a sudden...

Dash hit the ground, hard. Then it got very blurry and dark for her. She could hear Pinkie asking her if she was ok, but it sounded distant and faint. And then, black.

"Rainbow Dash? Rainbow Dash??"

"Uhhhhh, where am I?"

"Ponyville General Hospital, thanks to Pinkie Pie here. It seems that you are suffering from multiple injuries. Lets see... concussion, whiplash, wing infection, and slight dehydration. We took care of everything, but I'm afraid I can't let you fly for a few weeks, at least 8-10. The concussion was very bad, and it takes a while for the infection to be cleared out of your bloodstream. It must've gone through your feathers on your right wing, you're missing a few feathers there..."

"Wait, NO FLYING FOR 10 WEEKS!" Dash was chapped! Dash flew everywhere, all the time! And the Wonderbolt Academy started in a week! If she couldn't fly, she'd have to wait a whole year to try out again!

"I'm sorry, but there is no other solution other than time. You may go home, but be very careful. I don't want to see you back here because you wanted to fly too early."

"O.K. Nurse Red Heart, I won't fly until I'm all better..."

"That's good, I want to see you every week so I can see how well you are healing. Now I'd go see Pinkie, she's been worried sick about you."

"Alright, thank you." Rainbow Dash replied very upset.

When RD came into the lobby, Pinkie immediately bombarded her with questions...

"Hey, hey Dashie you all right? Oooooh I've been so worried I've been pacing here for hours wondering if you were O.K. but you are so it's all good so do you want to go prank some ponies now? We can do your amazing prank where we sell lemonade and scare them it'll be a blast!"

"Pinkie, I've been told by the nurse that I can't fly for a few weeks..." RD spoke softly, ignoring whatever Pinkie said earlier.

"I'M SO SORRY DASHIE! This reminds me of the one time where you hurt your arm and couldn't fly and had to stay in the hospital and we all were so sad and then you got better and we were all like yay and relieved to see you flying again doesn't that remind you of this huh, HUH?"

"Yes, it kind if does actually... But how am I supposed to go home? My home is in the clouds and I can't fly." Dash pondered on the verge of tears, which was very rare for her.

"Why don't you come stay with myself and the Cakes? We can still have plenty fun here on the ground I mean look at me I have no wings and look how much fun I have it's the best we throw parties for everypony and have a great time so you should come stay with us while you rest and heal your wing!"

"Ummmmm... thanks Pinkie, I'd like that a lot. I always see you having tons of fun even without wings, so I guess I'll hang with you for a bit."

"Know what this calls for? A PARTY! A get-well-soon-Rainbow-Dash party! Lets go bake some cupcakes!"

"...how about muffins, I'm not really fond of cupcakes..."

"Okie Dokie Lokie, muffins it is!"