• Published 10th May 2013
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Practice Makes Pudding - TacoBiteToughGuy

Dash goes and visits Pinkie after a flight practice, but a terrible tragedy happened to Rainbow which prevents her from flying. Now she's moved in with Pinkie, but can she keep up with all the sweets Pinkie makes?

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Party Time!

"Yup, I was comin' to see Rainbow. I heard she was stayin' with ya." Applejack replied as she looked at the snoring Rainbow Dash in the middle of Sugracube Corner. "She's gotten pretty big, hasn't she?"

"Yeah... She just keeps asking for more and more food. You know how I am when people ask me for sweets. I just have to help them, so Rainbow was no exception. Besides," Pinkie stared at her large, baby blue plot, "I like her like this. Surely you feel the same, right Applejack?"

"Ye-wait a minute! How did you-"

"Why else would you come over here after Rainbow had brunch at your place?" Pinkie grabbed a brownie and gave it to Applejack. "To see more Rainbow of course!"

"Did Rainbow tell you she ate at my place?"

"Nope, my Pinkie Sense told me!"

"Alright then... But what should we do? Should we tell Rainbow, because I don't think she knows what's happening to herself."

"You can tell her, but can it wait until after my super amazing party I'm having this evening? It'll be just the six of us." She handed the farm pony an invitation. "There will be games, music, dancing, and food. Lots and lots of food."

Applejack decided to hand out the rest of the invitations; save Pinkie some trouble. However, everypony seemed to be busy tonight. Rarity was in Canterlot for her new fashion line, Fluttershy was modelling for such fashion line, and Twilight was "hitting the books." In any case, it would only be the three of them for the night, which nopony minded, especially Pinkie Pie and Applejack.

It was party time, and AJ was walking towards the local bakery. The smell of delicious goods hit her nostrils meters away from the door, and she could hear the music from even further away. Though nopony seemed to mind, as it was "just Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie." Feet away from the door, she could hear Rainbow and Pinkie chatting away. Applejack pushed open the door with her hoof, and stepped inside. However, she set off a trip wire, pulling several pulleys and eventually knocking an apple off a ledge, and landing right beside AJ, making her jump at the surprise.

"Hey Pinkie, looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! Bah hah hah hah!" Rainbow started laughing, making her whole body shake and jiggle, attracting Applejack's eyes to the rolls in her body.

"Hahaha, good one Rainbow!" The pink pony replied. Both howling with laughter, Pinkie and Rainbow were all set up for the party. There was streamers all over, music playing, balloons in the air, and of course, plenty of food that could easily feed ten or more ponies.

"Heh, that was a pretty good prank." Applejack said, chuckling a bit. "Now, let's get this hoedown going. Yeehaw!"

Pinkie turned up the music, and the trio started to have a great time, even if their other friends couldn't make it. Applejack set up her own table, full of apple-assorted treats. Pinkie had set up her table of assorted baked good not long before AJ arrived. Now there was plenty of food to go around. Except it was mostly going around Rainbow Dash and her waistline.

Rainbow picked up a plate of brownies Pinkie had baked earlier, and shovelled them all into her open mouth. Once she swallowed all of the treats at once, she moved on to the next item; a large chocolate cake.

Now this wasn't your standard chocolate cake. This was the triple chocolate cake with creamy chocolate whipped cream and chocolate candy sprinkles. The cake was baked in three layers; dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate in that order. In between each layer was the chocolate whipped cream, with more cream on top. It was one of Pinkie's favourites to make (and to eat), but she wasn't going to get to taste it tonight.

Rainbow picked up the large confection and started taking huge bites out of the cake. It was like a chocolate explosion in her mouth. "Mmm, delicious..." Rainbow took another huge bite, then another. Soon, there was nothing left except the crumbs and stains of chocolate on Rainbow Dash's plump body.

"Just gotta dust these off... Hey! When did I get so...big?" RD gave herself the once over, then a twice over just to make sure. "How? What happened to my figure? How will I ever make the Wonderbolts looking like this? There is no way!"

"Hey, what's up silly billy? Aren't you gonna have more food? You look hungry. Have a cupcake!" Pinkie grabbed a nearby cupcake and shoved it practically down the pegasus' throat. It caused Rainbow to move a bit, making her fat on her frame jiggle and shake. This created quite the show for Applejack, who just happened to be behind Rainbow at the time, watching her plot bounce almost hypnotically.

"Pinkie! I can't be eating food like this! I've been getting fat and it's been such a short time since I've arrived! I have to train, even if I can't fly. I have to stay in shape for the Wonderbolts!"

"Come on Dashie, it's just one night. I'll even help you with your diet tomorrow if you'd like. You can start your training, and I'll make your food." Pinkie offered to the blue mare. "Please? Just one night?"

"Ok, just one night. But that's it! Tomorrow, I start my diet and lose these pounds for the Wonderbolts!" Rainbow Dash said, as she picked up a nearby plate of cookies, and downed every bit of cookie, even the crumbs. There was no way Rainbow wasn't going to milk it for all it was worth.

Author's Note:

Ok, I know it's short, but it gives me a lot of room to work on chapter 9. Plus, it is something and you don't have to ponder over who the mystery pone is :3