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When Ponyville's landfill is starting to pose some warnings of overflowing, the ponies get a great idea to help out.

Story is an art trade with http://bludgeonwarrior.deviantart.com/ and his OC Fruit Cake.


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This is where volunteering for things gets you.

I did enjoy. A good job to you.

Comment posted by 1987Snave deleted May 4th, 2014

That was pretty random lol.

I know this was a quick thing, but I wish there was more description of her weight during the stuffing and the post-stuffing. Comparisons do wonders for figure description in relation to fat.

(Please do write more, I did enjoy it and the subject matter.)

4336121 Thanks for the feedback, I'll try and take this into consideration the next time I write a story!

4508849 I do agree, saving the world is pretty random...

4509418 In my brain database there is a image of her...

4522341 well, that's an image if I ever saw one, and a mighty good one at that!

I love your stories my fav one is when Luna visits the Cookieverse

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