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An English major, a furry, a geek with a tempestuous swirling cauldron of hobbies and interests, now here to spin some yarns for you.


Sweet Apple Acres: For Sale by Owner completed. · 9:08am Oct 9th, 2014

Last chapter's up, and I've marked the story as complete. Received a couple dislikes for my trouble. 9,9

I'll do some further revising as actual feedback appears, but the ride is about over. Thanks for coming along, folks.

Thank you to Llyander and Zontan for pre-reading for me.

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Thanks for the watch!

Have some PFUDoR

Thanks for the follow on Twitter!

1107706 Ah, that. Yeah, I need to finish that thing already.

1100755 Yep, been here around a year. Hippophobia was cute, by the way.

Hey kitty! Didn't realize you were on this site. ^^

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