Something is eating at Rainbow Dash. Ever since the Royal Wedding in Canterlot, she's been quiet, aloof, and distracted. After a long day's work of shaping the rainclouds over Ponyville, she can no longer keep the truth bottled in. The only problem is, as a picnic with her close friends looms over the horizon, she's at a loss to find a pony she can comfortably share her thoughts with.

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Is this L-day?

I would assume so. We're getting a new Skirts fic every 10 minutes.


Today has been a good day for FiMFiction.

well alright then.

Let the L-day commence!
Uhhh... I mean continue.

1195843 No offense, but please stop. Right now I've got three different conversations on THREE different websites, and I'm trying to read:raritydespair:. If you really wanna talk, shoot me a PM and I'll talk later!

To sleep or not to sleep?

Edit: The fic will still be here in the morning.
2nd Edit: SS&E, why must you give me all these feels?

Consard It, I haven't even got to halfway with the first one.

I still can't read fast enough!

1195839 I'm not favouriting them until I read them and to be honest only half have seemed interesting. I got other shit to read too you know.

Oh, I'm doing the same. I only favorite after reading. And I plan on reading all of them this weekend.

But there are so many that you figure a couple will make feature box.



Well now, for something so cliche as "Rainbow Dash comes out of the closet" this one was really well done.
No great surprises or epiphanies though, the roles and how the whole thing played out was quite traditional.

Tough stuff.

This is the first time I've read something with lots of Lyra and Bon-Bon, and I love the way you wrote them. While the fic is supposed to be about Rainbow Dash, I ended up wanting to read more about those two. Ha!

As far as input, the story did feel like it was dragging its feet through the first few chapters and the exchange with Zecora was anticlimactic compared to the conversation with Lyra and Bon-Bon. Zecora's piece could be nixed without affecting the flow of the story; alternatively, it could be moved to an earlier spot. Aren't unsolicited suggestions the best?

The characters' feelings really came through in the story, and I definitely laughed at the comedic elements. There's plenty here that can resonate with all types of readers, whether they've experienced a similar situation, or perhaps are just facing a point in life where they're wondering if there is more to it than fame and fans and sonic rainbooms.

Ok, I cant believe that there are no comments on this series. If this had likes like facebook or youtube, I'd give this a thousand likes. I love how you delve into the the personality of Rainbow Dash in this story, crumbling the well-built facade of her toughness and showing us her vulnerable inner self. I have so much more to say, but I dont think I'd be allowed to write that much, so I'll leave you with this: Keep doing what you're doing. You are fantastic at this.

-With much admiration , AppleDash

You made me cry! You actually made me cry! i was so happy when I read this :"There's been something I've been meaning to tell you... all of you. And, like, I guess I'm a little scared to. And there really isn't much in this world that scares me. But this does. It scares me, because I know that things will... will change. I mean, they'll be different—or maybe just feel different after I... after I just come out and say it. And I don't want to freak you all out and yet I owe you all enough to just be upfront about it and—"

"I love you too, Rainbow Dash," Twilight said.

Rainbow Dash froze, her eyes locked on Twilight Sparkle. Her irises shrunk and her lips parted. "...Buh?"

"Heeheehee," Twilight giggled pleasantly. "It's okay, Rainbow Dash."

that i had to stop for like 5 minutes and fan my face like some old lad from Canterlot...-er, i mean...England? Anyway, , I got back and was finally sane enough to read this : "We're your friends," Twilight said. "And we all love you dearly. We know how hard it is for you to express your feelings, on account of how 'sappy' it is to do so."
"It... It is...?"
Needless, to say, i lost my sanity again for a while. Why must you mess wit my emotions so? Why must I ove your stories?
Actually, here's a serious thought: I'll be writing an MLP fanfic series soon and I really love your style of writing. I'd be honored if you would be my editor. Please, send me a message with your response. Rardless of your answer, I still love your writing! Keep it up!

I like this so far, but while RD is best (mane 6) pony, I guess I never thought of her as being as professional and proper about weatherwork as you show. Sure she cares deeply about Ponyville and does a good job taking care of it's weather but I always see her as being more carefree about it. My best guess would be that maybe in this fic she is trying to get past whatever problems/ depression she is having by burying herself in the work?

Also did I spy with my little eye a Night Shift Vampony Cheerilee reference?

So good, I loved the feeling in this chapter, manly tears were (actually) shed. Poor Rainbow Dash.

Noooooo!!! I really want to see what happens, but at the same time I realize that that wasn't the point of this story, it was about Rainbow's coming to grips with herself and telling others. I do wish there was more though...

Man, Lemur Day is fantastic. You and your writing are fantastic!

I love the Lyra and Bon Bon parts, you write them extremely well.
Rainbow's parts were also great, it was easy to see how conflicted she was, and the time it took for her to realize everything would be alright was paced very well.
In other words: D'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

I gotta feel sorry for the owner of the lake house though, it sounds like there'd be quite a bit of cleaning up to do. :moustache:

Edit: I'm kinda surprised this doesn't have a sad tag next to it. It's got that bittersweet ring to it IMHO.

This was an excellent fic and a really good character study for RD the Lyra and Bonbon pieces were also very well done and having Zecora into the mix was just made it twenty percent cooler.
It's amazing how much you seem to have taken from Dash's "I hate being alone" line form an episode and manage to bring this out.

no matter how tomboy a girl is, a girl is still a girl (a mare in this case)

I though this story will lead Rainbow Dash longing to a stallion and want to make over herself to be more like a 'lady'. But, as the story progress it feel more and more like other "lesbo" problem solving aaaandd it ended not like I was expecting :rainbowderp: so bravo!!!:rainbowlaugh:

Oh, this story was fantastic. I am glad I read it despite its lack of a Romance tag. The only thing I'm unhappy about right now in regards to this story, is that I've already read it, so I can't read it again. The way Rainbow was written, the unsympatheticness in the way she acted towards others while being burdened with her thoughts was so very good. I wish there were more stories like this.


Brilliant use of Zecora on this chapter. Always risky when you have to make her speak in rhyme, but you pulled it off brilliantly :rainbowkiss:
Can't wait to see what the lake house is all about too..

Why does this not have more likes? IT MUST HAVE MOAR:pinkiecrazy:

Lemurs stole my feels and my times.
Why? Why must be so much at once?

“Loyalty" begins with an L. :rainbowdetermined2:
And so does “Love". :twilightsmile:
And so does “Lesbian". :rainbowhuh:
(And I'm not even counting “Lemur" :derpytongue2:)

That was excellent! Better than I expected going into it, even though I knew it was from you. It managed to be funny, emotional and heartwarming all at the same time. And I like how you never said or even hinted at which of Rainbow's friends she has a crush on (unless it actually is Twilight, in which case you did do a little hinting).

I especially loved how you poked fun at the League of Gentlecolts switcheroo there.

Awesome work here!

Tears are being shed. :pinkiesad2::raritydespair:

At first I thought she wanted a family. XD
Or is this her coming to terms with her being a lesbian? It was never actually clear, but I guess that was the point of the story xD

Not what I had in mind for a chapter(for this story)but it was pretty damn good:twilightsmile:

Sooo... Dash likes Thunderlane? :rainbowhuh:

"Sure beats gardening during your free time."

Is this a reference to Smiling Flowers I see?

The character tags tell me that she's going to end up talking to Lyra and Bon Bon about whatever it is that's troubling her. Or maybe Zecora. Or Thunderlane.

Dash is clearly bothered about something beyond that "sir" business...

Yep. Something's definitely up with Dash (Well, obviously, the description mentioned something was up. But beyond that, something strange is going on. Sheesh. I'm not that stupid :twilightsheepish: )

I sense more feels on the way...

Hmmm... None of the Mane 6 are tagged. I wonder...

This lake house intrigues me.

No matter how much I may end up liking or disliking this, this is masterfully written, as always, Skirts. Well done :twilightsmile:

This seemed a little random, but it seemed to fit at the same time.

I really, honestly do not know how I feel about this story. A lot of what Dash was so concerned about is fairly up in the air. Sure, implications are made one way, but they can be taken to mean something else as well.

Still, as I said before, masterful writing as always, Skirts.

Spot on on the "worry and dread of coming out to your friends" front, ringing lots of bells for me.
having pretty much lived this story a longtime ago (but with guys) I really want to see the inevitable "I've got something I want to tell you all" announcement scene. I'm fairly sure friendship will , as ever, be magic and hugs and emotions will be had and metaphorical weights will be lifted off shoulders.

Is there a follow on from this?

loved Lyra and BonBon in this, also Zecora, she doesn't get enough just hanging out with friends time, also the lake house running gag.

edit: 11 people didn't like this, seriously? why?
Not every rainbow story has to end with 2 mares waking up in bed together.
Coming out sucks until you actually do it, even if everyone else seems to know already, this story gets that feeling pretty much 120% perfect. not sure this could be better written.


Or all four at once.

But no, it's not rated Mature. :ajsleepy: Silly me.


edit: 11 people didn't like this, seriously? why?

I'm fairly certain a number of people decided to down-thumb all of Skirts's fics after he published 7 right in a row.
Some people...

Unexpected direction.
But well-executed.
As always, a drunken, cider-addled cheers to you!


If this had likes like facebook or youtube

*Looks at like system that is exactly the same as the one on Youtube*

Yeah, if only!

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