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Can you make a rainbow just with sunlight and water? No magic required? With the help of the pegasus weather team, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle investigate.

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This looks promising. I'll put this in my read later list and tell you what I think about it.

Also, there's another way to make rainbows.

with the help of the pegasus device

This will get featured. calling it now

Nicely written and pony realilistic. Good gob. Have 5 spikes!!!:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

The Rainbow factory bosses won't like this competition.

A pony science story about a topic I've been mildly interested in for a while now but never bothered to research? Nicely done. You receive a thumb.

This.. This is goin' places. Best of luck to you on this wild ride.

Interesting. It's implied strongly in canon that, inside Everfree, the environment is 'wild', following the laws of ordinary nature and outside the control of the ponies who, in all other areas, have totally controlled the ecology to a degree that would make any modern human eco-engineer weep with jealousy. Of course, it means that things like natural optical rainbows can only occur there.

Now, I wonder if Twilight is planning to turn the forest into her physics test zone. :twilightsmile:

Very cute, hope to see more from you.:moustache::moustache:

Yesh, there are plenty of writers who are better than me.
But I will take the compliment.:rainbowkiss:

Science and ponies. Not bad.

Excellently written.

One thing that you should have added is that if the sun, and you, are high enough, you can see the complete rainbow, i.e., a full circle.

It's just like in one of my Japanese animes high school physics classes! (Damn that was a while ago...)

1714006 bottom of your comment

Unreadable text is

Interesting and educational. I approve very much. Kudos. :moustache:

is that last lightning phenomena at the end real or you just made that up?
anyways here is my fav + thumbs up

So complete misappropriation of weather resources for an unlicensed experiment.

Rainbow, you're fired!


It's not unreadable...

It says "With the help of the pegasus device"

Now I don't know what that means, exactly, but I could read it.

This. Is. Unreadable.


An unlicensed experiment sponsored by the student of one of the two most powerful ponies in equestria, by both physical and political measurements? I don't think you're going to fire her for that - it's like the FBI commandeering resources from a local police force. Or a local police force commandeering resources from a private company.

1716158 where did you get that? The original was written by WoodenToaster. Who made this?

“Ooo, got it. Let me help you find the right book.” She bounced over to a shelf, prised off a volume with her hoof, and tossed it to the pegasus, who read the title: 'DIY Psychoanalysis for Pegasi'.

That was great, I still don't get Pinkie Pie's cabbage salad pun from One Bad Apple though....

The red light moves faster than the blue

sorry to be a soil-sport, but blue light has the highest energy in the visible spectrum. I moves the fastest. Red is the slowest and has the least energy.

Upper Atmospheric Lightning: Jets, Sprites and Elves


Surprised Twilight didn't mention fire rainbows--that'd get RD's attention. Also, do the colors always appear inverted on the second rainbow in a double rainbow? I've seen them before, but I can't remember what orders the colors were in....
Also, fave'd.

Love it >w<

Maybe they can make a Fire Rainbow Cloud next >7<

Natural Rainbows... damn.

So that makes me wonder: how does a Rainboom work?



Hush. All magic is just a different form of science. The Doctor said so, therefore it has to be true.

So awesome, especially I got tested over geometric optics on Thursday.:twilightsmile:


Ya know that ain't Twilight's style. She blew a gasket cause she couldn't explain Pinkie's ESP.

Damn, you stuck a science lesson in the middle of my entertainment! I hate the taste of entertainment and education! It's like....

Chocolate and peanut butter.:heart:

Equestrian science doesn't work that way:raritydespair::raritydespair::raritydespair:

Now for the elusive triple and mythical quadruple rainbows. That'd blow Twi's mind like Tenacious D did to a poor chap.


No it isn't. I found it VERY readable. Of course. I might have used copy/paste

Implied? I thought they directly stated that the weather system works like that without magic.

Thanks for all the positive comments, as this was my first attempt at pony fic I was totally prepared for it to be ignored. Good to know you can enjoy (or at least tolerate) a bit of stealth science education. :twilightsmile:

'Upper Atmospheric Lightning: Jets, Sprites and Elves'. “ do I spy with my little eye a sequel to this good story?

Have to be careful - somepony could get hurt. I can imagine writing a high altitude adventure with pegasi and airships - but I expect that by the time I next have the time to write some more fiction, I will be chasing some other idea.


Its Twilight in a balloon surrounded by lightning bursts, what could go wrong:pinkiecrazy:.

Alt. Title: The Art Of Proving The Rainbow Factory Wrong

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