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I've been writing for the past 15 years, ever since I was ten. I hope you'll be kind enough to read my work and leave a comment or two.


Diamond Tiara has learned from experience that the words we use can have negative affects on other ponies' lives. With this, she decides to have a heart-to-heart talk with Trixie about being kinder and how to forgive oneself for the mistakes in one's past. Unfortunately for Diamond Tiara, this turns out easier said than done.

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Did Ha... Sorry, Rarity, get a letter from Trixie the same day? :ajsmug:

6602059 Interesting question. Might have to add that. You know, they say that when someone picks you, it means they secretly like you. (Take Helga Pataki, for example.) So maybe Trixie has a bit of a crush on Rarity. Who knows? I honestly don't think that pairing has been done before. When it comes to Trixie, her most popular love interest is Twilight, but that's completely understandable due to all of the foe yay between the two of them in the show. Just today I watched "Magic Duel" and one of Twilight's lines is, "I can't stop thinking about Trixie." Taken out of context, this can lead you to the conclusion that she and Trixie secretly like each other.

I'd like a second chapter or a sequel, one with more Trixie and Diamond interaction. I could easily see the two of them becoming something like sisters due to their shared past as bullies and the hurt they caused others because of their own pain.:unsuresweetie:

6602611 I'm not sure about any romantic relationship, I was more referring to Trixie apologising for calling her a rude name... Though, I do think a certain dressmaker overreacted slightly. Hagerty is hardly the worst insult in the world...

And interesting that DT is the one to deliver the lecture... Talk about learning a lot in a short space of time... I'd like an episode where 1. she tries to gel with her new friends (But finds it difficult) and 2. Shows she still has traces of her old antagonistic behaviour, only not employed in the services of being a heartless bully.

After all, if Discord can get away with it...

6603904 Interesting idea. I like it. I might do that.

6604251 This is Diamond Tiara's story, so Rarity getting a letter from Trixie would seem kind of pointless.

I also would love a future episode where Diamond Tuara's character development is elaborated on. Maybe in the sixth season? I'm hoping Celestia does more in that season than she has in the last two.

6604578 Ever heard of a 'sub plot'?

As for S6, I hope we get more DT by herself, as opposed to just being a satellite character for the Crusaders. Silver Spoon, as well.

Sunbutt I'll have to take a pass on, though. All powerful benevolent beings are BORING...

Which is Batman would always be better than Superman.

6604624 Yes. I have. LOL There are a lot of those in "A Mother's Touch."

I would too, especially one centering on her parents. I'd also like to see the inside of her house.

I actually find Celestia to be a fascinating character. Though, as the series goes on, the writers seem to have forgotten about her, especially since Twilight became a princess. "Thanks for the mentoring, Princess Celestia. Well, looks like I don't need you anymore, so screw you. I'm off to do my own thing. Bye." Spike doesn't even send letters to her anymore, and the morals have been put on the back burner since season four.

Wow, that's an unusual pairing! But it makes a lot of sense that Diamond Tiara talks with Trixie.
Good story!

6612104 I agree that it's an odd pairing, which is probably why I did it in the first place. Really glad you liked the story. I really like your avatar.

6667924 Thanks for the comment. I really like stories with unusual pairings, like Diamond Tiara and Spike. There should be more of those.

6602611 Actually, I have seen a few Rarity x Trixie fics on this site.

6811371 Really? Well, isn't that an odd pairing. Not as odd as Spike x Diamond Tiara, i guess.

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