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Fluttershy should be focusing on the protest that she organized for that day, but her mind is focused on one thing right now: her friend, Tree Hugger. Their friendship is deep and abiding, centered in their mutual love for nature, and in Tree Hugger's serene ability to tune into whatever troubles Fluttershy and help her center herself.

But could her feelings for her friend go deeper than she thought? With a little help from her friend, Fluttershy will explore the depths of her love, and she may discover a thing or two about herself.

A Flutterhugger/TreeShy shipfic.

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this could be a worthy ship, yes indeed

That was really adorable~ I loved the moments and thoughts going into this. Great work.

Very nice fic! Flutterhugger is my personal favorite ship, and I wish more people would write it.

I also appreciate the worldbuilding.

I'll admit I don't really ship Tree Hugger with Fluttershy, but this was incredibly well written. It makes me want to work on my own ship fic.

7622179 Glad that I managed to motivate you!

I loved it! So much!!!! :yay:

FlutterHugger is also the best ship name ever.

7625353 Indeed, I'm partial to it. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I think my favorite part was the lead-up to the kiss after Tree Hugger asked. It wasn't rushed, it's wasn't sloppy or even romantic. Instead, it was tense, somewhat nerve-wracking and careful. Passion didn't consume them the moment before the kiss and thought was put into the action.

That is my favorite kind of kiss scene. Thanks for being one of the few to write it in the best way. <3

7693428 Yes, just rushing into the kiss and having them being fully overwhelmed with the endorphin rush just seemed base and cliche to me: the nervous, tense approach seemed like something that was more to Fluttershy's character. I'm glad that you liked it!

So much :heart: for this~! :yay:

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