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This story will stretch from the first season all the way to make "Make new friends but keep discord" and is unabashedly a FlutterHugger shipfic.

Fluttershy has been taking baby steps since she first made friends with Twilight Sparkle and the other elements of harmony, and one of those early steps was to send a letter out to the Equestrian Society for the preservation of rare creatures.

The pony who writes her back and ends up corresponding with her becomes somepony really special to Fluttershy, and through her journey with her friends gains the courage she needs to meet with this pony... that might be her soul mate.

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great start to the story. looking forward to more, I totally ship these two

A good opening to what should be a fun story.

This is so cute! Very in character as well. A wonderful start to a promising fic! :twilightsmile:

I can only agree with them, I really liked this chapter.
I only hope that there isn´t or at least not to many bad suprises in form of a timeskip. Often enough timeskips are done in a bad way in my opinion.

7100089 More to come to be sure. Ze romance of FlutterHugger shall not be denied! :heart::yay:

I never really thought about Tree Hugger possibly having more abilities based on her attunement with her earth pony magic! Interesting, in a good way!

It's too bad that some ponies don't accept Treesy for how she is, but I suppose that's life! Not everyone understands being one with nature and other 'hippy-dippy flower child' things. :twilightsheepish: At least the Hydra made it out ok!

Great chapter!

Keep going please, i really like what you done so far.

What a cute chapter! :twilightsmile: Very in character for Fluttershy.

I never thought about ponies using poison joke as a party gag/theme! That really would make for a great party.

I don't know if it was just me, but I didn't even realize that this chapter came out til just now. It was unread in my tracking folder, but it never showed up on the update indicator, if I'm making sense.

In any case, great chapter! I'm really starting to get behind this ship!

do you continue this story?

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