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Tree Hugger just wants some Cheese Puffs, and what is a good marefriend for if not obtaining the snack food when it runs out. This does however require Fluttershy to go out in public, and may not necessarily be in the right state of mind.

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I feel like this could have been longer. There needed to be a consequence of some sort for going out like that. Maybe more conversations with other ponies while she tries to act normal, or other ponies reacting to her weird behavior. I don't know, just that someone needs to suffer like in all comedy.

God damn hippies.

Featured Box, here we come!

Man, I could go for some Cheesy Puffs.


Honey BBQ Cheese Doodles. So addictive

Stoned Fluttershy? Psh, I'm not reading this... Eh, like, 1k words isn't that much...

"lol the character is so high" humor is exceptionally lazy, and typically written by people who have never been high ever. All weed does is make you lazy and extra paranoid of the things you already were paranoid of. Media misconceptions dating back to the fucking 70s have painted being stoned as a magical adventure, when it really just makes you into this stupid lump of a human being who laughs at shit that isn't funny and occasionally freaks out over someone looking at them wrong.

6217341 Thanks for the comment, but you are forgetting two things. One, people who smoke can have wildly different experiences. I've met someone who would just get angry and bitch and moan all day after smoking. Two humor is very subjective, and I was going for a more 'adult swim' kind of humor. The laid back, chill kind. But that's just this story, I've other stories that are comedy with a lot more action, or more random. Whatever fit the story itself.

I agree that pot humor can be very lazy, but sometimes you just need a laid back and calm experience. Not action packed, not limb tearing, and not explosive humor. If I had to pick a super lazy style of humor, I'd say that slapstick tops the list.

6217432 "calm" and "boring" are basically synonymous when it comes to humor. At least something HAPPENS when you have slapstick. Nothing happens when you're stoned. You just act like an idiot, and not even an entertaining one. Ergo, pot humor is unrealistic because it portrays being high as something that comedy gold is born from.

6217742 ...what? No, pot humor is rarely comedy gold. I'll admit that I am upset with how most media portray the act of smoking, the act itself is not funny, and in most cases it's just relaxing.

Comedy is subjective, and if you don't find humor in this story, that's fine with me. This was more of an experiment than anything else. I'd actually say that this was a surprising/disappointing success. If only I had made this story even more mundane, it could have truly succeeded. (Though I won't be writing comedy like this for a long time, me thinks. i might write another absurd comedy next time, who knows?)

6217849 Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to discourage you from writing. Hell, I'm not even going tot ell you to take my words to heart; I just feel like it's good to have different people's viewpoints, and pot "humor" is something I feel strongly on, so I feel it's worth at least HAVING my opinion in mind, if not agreeing with it.

6219277 Don't get me wrong, I am very thankful for your comment, and I agree that pot humor is generally unrealistic and dumb. There is wisdom in your words. You know what happens when you get high and go to the store... not an awful lot to tell the truth. There is no big adventure across the woods to get to a fast food place, you just get there, eat some grub, and go home.

That said, smoke can do all kinds of different things to different people. Sometimes they get really dumb, other times they start building things, or get philosophical (though that's rare), and in one case someone would get angry and bitch and moan about the anything/everything. Oh and lets not forget the guy who had ADHD and how he would start getting hyper after smoking... that was really weird.

I am seriously surprised by how many likes this story has gotten. I didn't actually expect much from it to tell the truth, I wrote it in about an hour to see what I could come up with given a 'that 70's show' as a starting point and a short time limit. (To tell the truth, I don't really like writing smoke humor that much.)

6219332 Weirdly enough, I don't mind the smoke humor in That 70s Show because it's fucking stupid. It's realistic to how being high is; you act dumb and laugh at dumb things, and sometimes you get really god damn paranoid.

I don't know about y'all but when I go on a snack run I never forget why I'm there but I always come back with more then i was originally going for. lol

This was great, and I could actually somewhat see Flutters and Moondancer doing this, but the story itself is way too short.

Eh, still enjoyable either way.

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