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This story is a sequel to Floral Embrace

A lot of things happened at the good ol' triple G. The crusaders got some hot tips on cutie marks, the nobles were smoozed beyond belief, and Tree Hugger met somebody who really, really intrigued her.

Still, Discord was a bit bemused when Tree Hugger offered to show him her garden. After all, he'd had threatened to throw her into another reality, and that usually put most ponies off from having more interactions with him.

But perhaps, with time, Tree Hugger's intentions might become clear.

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Yeah, you really did a good job of showing how Tree Hugger simply sees reality different from most ponies. She's so disconnected from reality because she sees AURAS rather than ponies.

Her view of the different ponies was interesting. In particular the CMC. You really made Tree Hugger's acid trip like vision clearly have defined rules.

I wonder how a cheat between her and Pinkie Pie would go. Since Pinkie Pie sees reality in a rather surprising way too. Johanthan had a VERY interesting view of Pinkie Pie's sixth's sense.

"I'd like to make sense of you," Tree Hugger murmured.

Me too, Treezie. Me too.

I wait patiently for the update, the conflict, and Tree Hugger's imminent obsession.



I continue to adore your take on Tree Hugger. It all makes sense to her.

I adore this already, was wondering about what something involving these two characters in such a fashion would be like, glad to see it come to fruition. Keep up the good work!

I continue to adore your version of Tree Hugger (and feel somewhat shamed for going with the lowest common denominator in my story) and I look forward to seeing how she and Discord develop. Excellent work!

You know the best thing about this story? Someone actually playing Discord like a flute. You've made Tree Hugger an absolute delight, and I urge continuation!


Discord is adorkable here. Love him, he is exactly the discord I imagined after tirek

6123445 Well, can you think of any other pony who 'harshes his mellow like Tree Hugger? 'Cause I certainly can't.

Tree Hugger is like a wise sage similar to Zecora but with way more funnier character traits. Instead rhyming she is constantly high and whie she can read the most hidden secrets and intentions, she can't see the obvious things like Fluttershy being a pegasus XD

I don't think he'll get romantic with Miss Hugger, but they play off one another very well.
They seem like they'll be good friends.

6126076 Well, yeah. It's your story and you're writing a romance. I'm just thinking in the abstract.

I'm enjoying this. I love the way you write Tree Hugger's isms.

Ah, I see. Ten chapters? I ask because that's how long "tambourine" is, though Dr. Wiki reminds me I've heard of taiko.

You know, I just love this pairing so much. :rainbowkiss: You're interpretation of her is so delightful and just shows how the two characters play off each other so well.

Oh, this updated. Well, that's what I get for putting it in the wrong shelf. In any case, I continue to love what you're doing with Tree Hugger. Her interactions with Discord are especially enjoyable.

"You... what? How--No. No, miss Hugger, I am not going to just accept whatever you say." Discord stood up as tall as he could. "You and I are going to have some serious together time, and I will get to the bottom of this mystery!"
"Sounds great." Tree Hugger swallowed the last of her drink. "Camping trip this weekend?"
"That will do quite nicely, thank you. And I assure you our venue will be quite memorable!"
The mare smiled. "Wouldn't miss it for the world."

Ha, he just asked her out on a date without admitting it. Brilliant.

I think I know what the next author's note is. And having said that, I suspect I'm going to be completely wrong.

In any case, still enjoyable. Tree Hugger isn't just harmonious, she's playing a tune Discord's never heard before. No wonder he can't make heads or tails of her. In the meantime, they're developing a delightful friendship.

Again, Tree Hugger just makes this fic. She should be used more often, but I doubt many could reach this level of greatness that you pull off. Thanks for writing this. As well, it's nice to see a pony that can even confuse the master of chaos himself. Hmm, it's going to be hilarious and so ironic with him trying to make sense out of something. I have half a mind to say that he won't succeed because finding sense itself can be tricky in something no nonsensical as well as it is Discord's nature to 'off-balance' that which does makes sense.

...So that's a "no," then? Or at least a "maybe, maybe not, but your otherwise correct observation doesn't extend to the author's notes"?

I quite like this fic so far, but I feel like Tree Hugger is described to be to perfect to be true.
She's got life figured out, she can answer any philosophical question immediately and whitout problems (albeit with her unique speech pattern), she's impervious to anything Discord throw at her...
I know the point is to give Discord something that could challenge and interest him, but I'd like to see a situation ( or several) where Tree Hugger doesn't have immediately the solution, or just some philosophical point Discord could make that could make her think.
Just my thoughts, otherwise this is good ^_^

Who is this "Johanthan" I did a user search and couldn't find them. They sound like they are worth a read...

Huh. How'd I miss that Romance tag until now?

In any case, this continues to be fantastic, especially the magical effects of marijuana. And I was right about being wrong about this chapter's author's note. I thought it was going to be "walrus." :derpytongue2:

Yes, he's falling for her and it's adorable. Glad to see the romance popping up and that wraith bit was hilarious. I do have a thing for characters who can understand nonsense/critter speak and we just have to guess what the other is saying. Classic. :pinkiesmile:

This is fun, weird and a real ride to read. But I kinda wish Discord was bringing more to the table. An ancient being of chaos and disharmony should have something to tell Treehugger too. As it is now, it kinda bugs me that Treehugger is the one seemingly dispensing wisdom. Or talking out of her flank.

Fun. Odd. Not much else to say. Have a like.

Just one question, how does she see Maud Pie?

How I've been: Overloaded feeling, as usual. I'm having trouble finding the words, but hopefully I can send you a PM. Remind me in a few days if I haven't by then? If you can?

I've just gotten to reading this now, and it's really good.
Oh! These two are so good together!

Wow, I mean, wow. That was incredibly sweet, emotional, and well written. :twilightsmile: I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and Tree Hugger was very cute here. I was kind of surprised to find that she's, in a way, blind, but it does explain a few things.

Oh wow, I was not expecting the blind thing. It actually makes a lot of sense!

The way they're gravitating towards each other is very sweet.

"One of them will break the cycle eventually, and the circle will become a spiral."

What did she think when they got their cutie marks?

Yay, one of my favorite stories updated! :pinkiehappy: I love the pace that you're going at with Discord and Tree Hugger's relationship. It's not too fast or too slow. Seeing Tree Hugger grow a tree in this chapter was amazing! I could imagine her welcoming that little tree into the world just like that. I also liked her explanation as to why the other ponies what her talent tended to not do as well as her. She just lets the plant be rather than force her own rhythm on the plant.

I really enjoy your style of writing overall! It flows so nicely and is very relaxing, yet interesting. Thank you for this chapter! :twilightsmile:

This is rapidly becoming my favorite ridiculous ship. Eagerly looking forward to the next installment.

Believe it or not, I only just noticed the pattern in the chapter titles. :facehoof:

Tree Hugger trailed her hoof around her face. "My eyebrows are freaking huge..."

:rainbowlaugh: Literally laughed out loud at that.

A truly touching gesture by Discord, though rather double-edged. Still, very nice on his part. Seeing Tree Hugger acclimate to sensing photons is fascinating, and I love her method of philosophy. This continues to be the best thing I never knew I wanted.

Awww~:pinkiesmile: This chapter was so cute. It's really interesting seeing this version of Tree Hugger, especially with the clever way you write her vision. It's quite clever.

How goes she feel when I wonder when she learns the CMC got their cutie marks by helping THEIR WORST ENEMY!

This was beautiful! :heart: Such a great chapter! I wish I could articulate just how good this is! I love watching Tree Hugger learning all the different ways creatures 'see'.

I loved it! :heart: Their relationship is so special and unique!

I loved Tree Hugger's answer as to why they got married. :rainbowlaugh: That's how to do it!

Thank you so much for writing this. Between Floral Embrace and Psychedelic, I can honestly say you are the best writer for Tree Hugger on this site!

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