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Restaurant reviews for the school paper aren't an exciting job by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, Sunset's friends thought she was nuts to volunteer for it. But it turns out that the position is quite fulfilling...

Contains: fat girls, obesity, gluttony.

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Everyone at Canterlot High is becoming..

Good as always man, keep 'em coming! :pinkiehappy:

8222306 Thanks, I will. :heart:

Who else is getting fat at CHS? :pinkiehappy:

So amazing you should write a story showing sunset starting off skinny amd gaining

This defiantly need a sequel. Great job

Or better yet, maybe she convinces one of her skinny friends to join in, and slowly gets them to her size. :duck:

8222536 Well, all of the humane 6, for one!

8222618 Maybe I will. Thank you!

8222962 Thanks~

Hm.....obese, wide-hipped bootylicious Flash Sentry. .......I NEED IT! And somehow, i'm imagining a gigantic hulkingly sexy musclefat Big Mac. (guy's gotta stay strong for the farm's sake, y'know?)

8223147 Ooh, I like, I like!

Sequel time~

She needs to buy a tread mill

8223638 What, and lose that lovely figure?

i thought sunset would be bigger.

No, she would eat enough to keep gaining. But all that leg work would do wonders for her butt ;)

Isn't this just a retelling of the Simpsons episode, but in the EQG universe?
Not that that's a bad thing, mind you.

8584713 I don't think so. I did admittedly draw heavily on that for the ending, though.

Comment posted by Sunset Awesomness17 deleted Apr 5th, 2019

Yeeeesss... Let the chubs take over the world!

fatset shimmer
I just had too

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