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Haaaaaaiiiiiiiii, I'm Seeeeaaaaaa, and this is my bioooo, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

This story will contain: 2nd person because there isn't much related to fat, Near immobility/ mobility issues, a spoiled pampered pony, fat, Mint Horse, very light slob, teasing.

Simple story of an obese unicorn living life as all obese unicorns live. Obese and lazy. But this changes this morning as your feeder isn't even around to help you... Now you have to do stuff on your own. There'll still be an obese unicorn, just not as lazy now.

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I don't think I've seen this fetish ever portrayed this way before. Very nice read, hope you can make more in the future.

holy shi-ite this is so good love it so much

Keep them comming. Its great

Too cute! I love it!

Adorable so far~ X3 Its well written and has great descriptions! :3

I enjoyed this, would love to see it continued

Mmm please more, this is soooo goooood

This is still far too adorably naughty for my own good...HHNNNNNNNGGGG WORTH

I’m guessing this story is dead @ this point?

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