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Careful what you wish for Caramel.

I expected the TG to happen to Stormchaser honestly.

What does TF/TG stand for? I'm sorry to ask what is most likely a stupid question, but honest to God I can't figure it out. :twilightsheepish:

(I haven't read this story.) At least one character in this gets their gender changed as well the rest of their body. TF can often mean species change as well, but I don't know if it does in this case.

Hyped as fuck for the conclusion.

Don't disappoint, Habby.

I identify with Stormfeather SO HARD, especially about his constant attempts and failures to get a job. I just felt like crying because that reminded me of so many long nights soaking in a bathtub after getting bad news once again, burying myself in fanfiction to cope.

...Nevermind :fluttercry:

Even our views on relationships are the same bitter and despair-filled affair~! :pinkiesad2:

What about the tf? Just jumping around is leaving a couple of plot holes open. Even if u do it as a separate story, it's still needed to close those holes


Maybe TF/TG was the wrong tag to give it. I suppose it could be more considered genderswapping than anything else.

This was a weird fic, but I liked it :rainbowwild:

Apep’s smile turned gentler. “Now, now, I’m not judging. Far from it, in fact. I’m no master on love, but I do know that the nature of it is quite complex. So much so, that it could almost be described as... chaotic. What matters in the end is that you’re happy, right?”


Well damn, I really love this story, just said to see the complete tag already. Fantastic work on it nonetheless, I just wish I could see more and something of a happy ending. Regardless, again, good work.

well ,this is a much more interesting ending the what I had expected. Caramel cared enough for Stormfeather as a friend to go though the transformation and lay with him, but did not love him enough to stay as a mare to be by his side, but will still miss him greatly and know to let him got to follow storm's life dream.

“I’ll bet the tomato vendor wasn’t laughing much, though.”

Stormfeather held back a fresh snort of laughter. “Not so much. He started ranting about having bad luck. Something about cabbages, I think? I didn’t catch all of it.”

Toffee hesitated. “Cabbages?”

Stormfeather shook his head and waved a hoof. “No idea. He stomped off before I could ask.”

HAHA! I see what you did, there!

Mmm. Delicious angst is delicious. Can't wait to see how this turns out.

Oh, and caught a little typo(emphasis mine):

Caramel took a long pull from his spirit, nearly draining the whole thing. “You’ve also told me in the past that the gyms in Cloudsdale are better suited for what you need. Not to mention you’ll be more motivated if you’re around other pegasus athletes, and you might even find some connections there if you network. You’re going to need every advantage you can get, Mel. Celestia knows what kind of competition you’re going up against.”


Whoops. Thanks for spotting that. It's fixed now.

Not sure what you mean by "how this turns out", though. The story's complete!

7325249 Oh. I misunderstood your Author's Note for chapter 1 then. I read it as two more chapters plus an epilogue.



Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck ;~;

Way to short... :-(

It was so good, and it had a lot of promise. Is it too much to hour for a follow up.

Hehehe. Loving this story...

This last chapter makes me hate Caramel, no doubts About it.

Awwwww I wanted a trans Carmel... oh well still a great fic.

You're missing a 'sad' tag

Excuse me, but that title demands someone post this here, and that someone might as well be me.


What the hell kinda ending is that!?

T'was a sweet thing that Carmel did. Not many would give up their own selfish desires for the sake of anothers dreams, a trait of extreme loyalty and kindness. I enjoyed this immensely and am still rooting for some sort of sweet ending.

I don't really see what's really wrong with Stormfeather's mindset.

I mean, he also worryingly sounds like me, but still.


Not all endings are happy, my friend.

7328366 Takes a true friend to sacrifice their heart, for the dreams of another.

That's sorta the reason we read stories, and write stories. Life is full of unhappy endings.

That's why it hurts more when we see one in fiction.

The story was well written, but I'm afraid the ending has left a bad taste in mouth. :/

This feels unfinished. Like yes we have a sort of idea where this is going but we never get to see how it all turns out. The biggest thing is that we know this isn't the "end" so to speak. Caramel will still have contact with storm, he'll still have those feelings, and if storm isn't popping red flags and trying to figure out what's happening after that episode he doesn't care for caramel even as a friend nearly as much as he claims. There is a clear gap here were the story has not been finished, at least in a closure sense. At some point, either storm will decide to be a terrible and generally unsympathetic friend and not pry at what's going on with Caramel, or there will have to be some sort of resolution, even if it's just storm either thinking his friend is trying to pull some sick prank about the mare or him believing it but just not being able to stomach a gay relationship. Even if there isn't a happy ending after all this, this is not a very... final... note to end the story on.

In the end though, you would not be the first author to end a story in such an unfinished manner. Some even like those types of stories as it leaves things open for imagination to finish the story in their head. Maybe allowing someone to make up their own stories about what happened next so I don't blame you if you decide after all to keep it this way.

My own personal feelings are mixed as I have a sort of want for both, I want to see things "finished" with some closure, but the creative potential for what comes next could play out a wild and inspiring drama about finding ones way to cope when the one you love accepts you in every way but the one thing you can't change. I suppose the true feeling is that I want to see this finished, but not in a simple one off where he simply gets rejected or accepted but as a looping, perilous emotional journey where caramel struggles with the aftermath his friend has no way of even starting to understand. I want to see what it's like through his eyes and maybe learn a new perspective I hadn't considered. Perhaps those perspectives are why I read at all.

I really like this story and the idea behind it but at the end there I feel like Caramels going to end up killing himself or doing something he'll regret (Which in some ways he already did). It just seems weird to me caramel didn't spill the beans If he really wanted that why not try his hardest to make it happen? Lots of people have said it needs a sequel and I'll say the same thing I think since you left the ending up the air there is a lot to work with. I also felt like you hinted in some small ways that storm feather knew it was Caramel which would surprise me but that'd be interesting if he did.

This is a surprisingly good fic. I look forward to reading more.

NONONONONONONOOOOO!!!! I am seriously enjoying thus story, and an ending like that!!! Darn! Poot! Sugar!

Comment posted by VocareAdVacui deleted Sep 11th, 2019

Yeah, loose ends aplenty.

Sexy story, though, even if the TF wasn't on-screen.

Not quite sure how he was dripping pre on his tail when he was on top. Did I just miss a position change?

7324199 Are you going to give it a sequel?


Perfect reason why commissions are terrible. One night stand and unrequited love ≠ romance tag, and this is a Sad / Drama more than anything else. It hit on the kinks, certainly, but that's about all it did. An unsatisfying ending, that also feels very unfinished (Why I say commissions are terrible, this really feels like it needed more to it if you wanted to have any chance to justify the tags put on it) and overall, those qualities drag it down hard. Not a satisfying read, all because of the end/openness of it.

... Can someone please explain to me what "TF" stands for?

7990834 Transformation


You're right. I'll put one on.

I loved the first two chapters, but... That ending... Just... It feels incomplete. Theres no resolution. I hope someone either commissions a sequel or you write one on your own.

This is absolutely heartbreaking and I want a sequel but I don’t at the same time because I feel that this story could only stay sad without some completely insane twist.

Honestly I really like the ending. Very sad but reasonable adds a consequence for that freaky gender swap stuff.
Very good indeed

So, in a way there was a catch, but not one that... Mr. Apep… put into the agreement. Rather, the catch was one of Caramel's own making and it cost him his best friend without his best friend knowing it. It does make me wonder if Caramel would ever consider becoming Toffee full time to remain with Stormfeather,

Well, this was... odd. Really well-written, well-paced, and everything. And then the end happened, and i find myself wondering, where did the rest go? This barely seems like the actual ending to the story because compared to everything that came before, it seems empty, short, unsatisfying, and honestly just hollow. And that’s so strange because the previous chapters were so amazing! I find myself wanting more, feeling like this is the penultimate chapter before the finale, a dramatic cliffhanger before the resolution, but instead... nothing. Well, regardless of the last chapter, this is still a great story, so don’t let anybody say otherwise :twilightsmile:

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