Royal Business

by GhoulDash97

First published

After finishing up a mission with Twilight, Spike was summoned over to Canterlot by Princess Celestia. He has no idea why he was sent on a friendship problem, but he had a good feeling what she had in mind.

When Spike was summoned over to Canterlot on Royal Business, he had no idea what he was in for when his mother, Celestia sent out for him. But upon being guided to Celestia's room, he was given a bottle filled with tanning lotion. After making it into her room, he spotted her laying on a lounging beach chair in her birthday suit. Anything involving nudity and tanning lotion can lead to anything. But when they Grand Galloping Gala comes around and they received the letters confirming that Princess Cadance and Princess Luna are coming, Princess Celestia decides to let them join the fun. Just what does the Sun Princess have in mind?

Fetish: Anal, Ass Worship, Cunnilingus, Cheating, Orgy, Food, Foursome, Rimming


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After making their way to the train station, Twilight and Starlight were helping Spike with his luggage.

"Are you sure you don't need any help? What if the Royal Sisters are fighting over the last cake? What if they're fighting over who had the shower first? What if-"

Just then, Spike stopped Twilight from speaking any further and said,

"Twilight... I'm going on royal business. Nothing more. You really need to relax."

Catching her breath, Twilight said,

"I know. I just..."

"Twilight, you need to loosen up. Just because he was given a letter from Princess Celestia doesn't mean there's some sort of problem in Canterlot. Maybe she could use somepony to talk to, but that's not the point." Starlight said, helping Spike with his luggage.

"Then why not me? I seem capable of talking to her. It's not like I'm worried we have to banish Luna again, nor having to worry about the next cake festival, nor-"

Just then, Starlight slapped Twilight and shouted,

"Would you snap out of it!"

This startled everypony that was getting ready to leave for Canterlot and they turned towards the three. Regaining her composure, Twilight put her hands on Spike's shoulders and said,

"Look... if you're having any problems up in Canterlot, just send me a letter. You know where to find me."

"Yeah. If you're having trouble in Canterlot, just let us know. Okay?" Starlight said, getting Spike's luggage on the train.

After that, they both gave him a hug and Spike went on the train, leaving for Canterlot.


Three hours later, he finally made it to Canterlot where Fancy Pants and Fleur Dis Lee were waiting for him.

"Ah, old sport! How have you been?" Fancy Pants said in a jovial manner.

"Oh hey, Fancy Pants. Where's Celestia?"

"The princess was wrapped up in something, so she sent me to escort you. Normally I would protest upon chaperoning for random visitors, but if it's the son of Celestia, I would be more than happy to be accommodating."

"How are your friends?" Fleur Dis Lee asked.

"They're fine. Pretty busy these days though."

"So are we, Spike. Yet here we are." Fleur said.

Spike put his hand behind his head and said,

"Yeah. Here we are."

The three of them spent their time talking to each other as they continued to walk towards the Castle of the Royal Sisters. After fifteen minutes of making it to the Canterlot Castle and ten minutes of walking to Celestia's room, Fancy Pants said,

"I am sorry to say that this is where we part ways, chap. Whatever the Princess wants to speak to you about... I hope it is in good taste."

Fleur Dis Lee giggled in a lewd manner and said,

"Speaking of good taste, me and Fancy Pants have a few things to take care of. Go to your mommy. Tell her how much you miss her."

"I will." Spike said.

"Oh! Before you go in..." Fancy Pants said, reaching into his pockets.

He gave Spike what appeared to be tanning lotion.

"What's this for?" Spike asked.

They both winked at him and they left, leaving the poor dragon confused. Spike looked towards Celestia's door with the sun symbol embedded on it. Slowly, he grabbed the knob and twisted it. It was covered in sweat as he opened the door. But before he could go in, he knocked on the door and shouted,

"Mom! Are you in there?"

"I'm in here~!" Celestia shouted.

After entering her room, Spike proceeded to look for her. Just then, he heard her shout,

"Over here~!"

He went outside her balcony and found her. Only he found her completely naked, wearing nothing but shades and her choker. He was stunned to see her like this. Seeing her bare, thick, voluptuous, hourglass figure being displayed in front of him. It didn't really bother him when it was just the two of them, but in Canterlot where everypony could see them was where Spike drew the line.

"How are you, sweetie~?" Celestia asked, laying on her chair.

"I'm fine..." Spike said, checking everywhere to see if there were peeping toms.

"Is that banana cream lotion I smell?" Celestia wondered.

Just then, Spike looked into his left hand and noticed the lotion. Spotting it, Celestia asked with a smile,

"Could you please remove your clothes?"

"Now?" Spike asked.

"Yes, sweetie~. I can't have the lotion applied if your clothes are still on~. You'll be suspected of something~."

"I suppose..."

Celestia started smiling as Spike immediately started stripping down and folding his clothes in a neat order. Afterwards, Spike started rubbing the lotion onto his hands and he started applying it to Celestia.

"So how is everypony back in Ponyville?" Celestia asked as she moaned.

"They're fine. Mostly, they're wrapped up in their own ambitions while I'm just their servant." Spike said as he rubbed her back and shoulders.

"What's Twilight doing back in Ponyville? A little lower, please? Around the thighs?"

Blushing as he heard that, Spike squirted out more lotion and applied it on Celestia's legs as he moved down. Trying to find words as he rubbed her thighs.

"Well... she is always busy and often getting on my case about making everything perfect for every party. Especially at your expense. Plus, the other girls nag me to keep helping them with their jobs. It just... it just pisses me off that they don't take responsibility for their actions."

"Could you get my butt, please~?"

Hearing this made Spike blush and his dick perk up upon hearing her request. Knowing he couldn't disobey her, he squirted out some more lotion and started rubbing her butt. As he started to grope it as he rubbed, he had plenty of fantasies he wanted to do to it. So many things he could do to it, but he decided to hold off because he didn't want to be punished again. After applying the tanning lotion, he let her butt go and it bounced wildly before going back in place. Next, he applied the lotion to her sides as she moaned very erotically. He felt his dick go between her butt as he continued to do so.

"Could you please do my front~?" Celestia asked in a lewd manner.

"Wha-! Uh..." Spike said, feeling hesitant.

Celestia flipped over and was now in front of Spike. His dick hardened ever more as he stared at her huge breasts.

"What's the matter~?" Celestia asked, looking at a confused Spike.


Celestia simply giggled and said,

"Don't be shy~. Just put the lotion on. How about you start with my breasts first~?"

Spike was incredibly speechless when he heard that. He wanted to do a lot of naughty things to Celestia, but he couldn't risk alerting the guards of their activity. Like before, he didn't question her command and started applying the lotion to Celestia's bosom. She moaned more erotically as he continued to rub her breasts. But as he continued to do so, he became even more aroused just by looking at the Sun Princess. With every bit of sunblock he applied to her, he became more aroused. Just then, Celestia asked,

"Could you get it everywhere on my body~?"

"Yes, mom..."

Following her command, he squirted out every last drop of the banana cream lotion applied it everywhere on her body. Afterwards, he said,

"I need to use the bathroom."

But before he could leave, she immediately rose out of her chair and stopped him. She had this lewd on her face and he already knew what he was in for.

"Who said we were done~? Celestia asked.


Before he could speak any further, Celestia picked him up and tackled him on her chair.

"How about I work on your massage~?" Celestia asked, leaning closer to Spike.

"I... I suppose..."

"You do~."

Just then, she moved her bosom into his face and started rubbing her body all over him. Everywhere she moved her body on his, it felt like heaven. He was having such a blissful time that he forgot why he was ever so paranoid. Just then, she sat on his face.

"You wanted it so bad~? Eat up~." Celestia said as she prepared to suffocate him.

Having no other choice, he started licking her ass and pussy as she started rubbing her lotion-covered butt on his face. Next, she decided to give him a blowjob while he continued to service her. They were enjoying each other so much they could barely speak. In the next few moments, they both came into each other's faces. Getting off her chair, Celestia commanded,

"I need it~. Give mommy your love~."


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After pinning him down on her chair, Celestia proceeded to rub Celestia's body up and down as she started grinding his dick. The next thing that happened, Celestia started kissing Spike as she continued to rub him with her body. Seeing his dick start to rise back up, she started grinding it with her pussy as she prepared for insertion. Celestia asks,

"Shall I put it in~?"

"Y-Yeah..." Spike responded.

Smiling, Celestia grabbed Spike's cock and inserted it. She was blushing and moaning as soon as it touched her womb.

"How does it feel being back inside your mother~?" Celestia asked.

"Feels... warm." Spike said.

"I'm glad you feel that way~. Because you're gonna burn up~."

Suddenly, she started moving her hips up and down as she french-kissed Spike. In a matter of seconds, she is gyrating as she started pumping him like a piston. The pleasure was so arousing they could barely think while fucking. Celestia was enjoying herself the most. All the work she had to put with in her duties did a number on her. She felt more than ready to have her way with Spike. Spike, on the other hand, felt very underhanded whenever Celestia took charge of their affairs. Whenever their promiscuous events would occur, Spike would always be tired to do anything. But given his position and being her son, he was under no obligation to say no. Especially not to the Sun Princess.

"Enjoying yourself~?" Celestia asked, albeit moaning.

"I'm having a ball." Spike said as he panted.

"Good~. Because I have even more planned for your trip~. So please cum~."

One minute later, Spike did as Celestia told him and he came inside her. Afterwards, Celestia got into a doggystyle position and said,

"Now make me proud of you, my cute dragon~."

Grabbing his dick, Spike started patting his dick on Celestia's ass so that he could hard again. Then unbeknownst to her, he proceeded to insert it into her asshole.

"Gah! Wrong hole, Spike~." Celestia said.

"Exactly..." Spike said.

He proceeded to thrust his hip as tears started to pour out of her eyes. Roughing hitting her butt as he thrusted, he started spanking her which aroused him even more.

"Your asshole feels so good, mom. It's so snug, warm, and tight." Spike said as he spanked her.

"Yes~. The way you dick is gaping my walls~..." Celestia said as her ass was being tapped.

Soon, Spike starting to feel more than ready to cum in Celestia's ass.

"Get ready, mom! It's gonna come out." Spike said.

"Go ahead, sweetie~." Celestia said as she moaned.

Seconds later, a second load was shot, filling Celestia's ass with Spike's semen. Spike fell on the ground, feeling exhausted from doing Celestia in her butt.

"Best sex I've had in awhile..." Spike said as he took a drink of bottled water.

Suddenly, Celestia wrapped his arms around him as he took a rest. Sweating nervously, Spike turned his head around and said,


"I hope you enjoyed the little freebie~. Because the price for doing me in the ass has doubled~." Celestia said, leaning her head closer towards Spike.

Just then, she got off the ground and she picked Spike up in the process. Walking towards her bedroom, she locked all the doors, leaving no chance for Spike to escape.

"How are you able to recover this quickly? Your legs should be numb by now!" Spike said, shocked by Celestia's endurance.

"You always forget that I'm the Pillar of Marehood, Spike~. No matter how many times you come into me, I will always be too much mare for you to handle~." Celestia said, pinning Spike on her bed.

"Can't we at least have dinner first? Not even a show?"

Celestia went closer to Spike's left ear and whispered,


Spike was nervous as to what was going to happen next. He already knew he was in hot water when he anally raped Celestia, but she was more sexually experienced and more in charge of their relationship. Not only did it feel demeaning, but it made him feel even more worthless as an assistant. Just then, Celestia said,

"Now give mommy some sugar~."

She proceeded to kiss him once more as they started to take various sexual positions while fucking. She raped and dominated Spike like he was an average filly. They fucked for various hours without end. Spike was beginning to run out of bodily fluids as they kept going. But Celestia kept going due to the fact that she wasn't sexually satisfied. But luckily by hour four, Celestia was ready to call in quits.

"Oh yes~. Please~. Give me your seed~!" Celestia begged.

Spike was reaching his limit as he had sex with Celestia, but like before, he was no position to say no to her. Holding back no longer, he fired his final load into Celestia's womb, finally filling her sexual appetite. Afterwards, she fell onto Spike, tackling him once more.

"Mmm~. You're the best~..." Celestia said, hugging Spike into her bosom.

Smelling Celestia after fucking her for so long, Spike said as he panted,

"Twilight doesn't call me her number one assistant for nothing..."

"She's telling the truth~. My own son servicing his mother in her time of need..."

"Yeah. When it's okay to be a nymphomaniac..."

Just then, Celestia started squeezing Spike into her bosom upon hearing that. After three minutes, Celestia let him go and she said,

"No back-talking your mother, Spike..." Celestia said in her tired voice.

Celestia snuggled Spike into her bosom as she started to fall asleep. She moaned as she closed her eyes, clutching Spike in her grip.

"It feels good to be back, mom. Even though it's still daytime..."

"Don't be silly, sweetie~... There will be time for dinner when Luna raises the moon~..."

Feeling the tightness of the grip around him, Spike tried to get out of Celestia's hug. But feeling him trying to escape, she said in her sleep,

"No, you don't~."

"Um... I was gonna use the bathroom."

"You can hold it~."

Having no other choice left, Spike listened to her and finally fell asleep with her.


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While Spike was asleep in bed the next morning, Celestia looked over some letters sent by Twilight. After replying to most of them and sending them back, she looked over to the bed where Spike was sleeping. She made a lewd smile and returned to the bed. Making her way back, she got on top of him and looked at his lips. Caressing them as he slept, she laid on top of him. Ready at the heat of the moment, she closed her eyes and moved head closer to kiss him. But just when she was about to make her move, she heard a knock on her door. The noise woke Spike up and said,


Celestia buried him in her bosom to make sure he couldn't speak.

"Hello?" Celestia asked as Spike was flailing his arms to make a futile escape.

"Princess Celestia? You have mail coming in from the Crystal Empire regarding Princess Cadence as well as Princess Luna! Do you want me to leave it by the door?" the postman asked.

"Just a minute!" Celestia shouted.

Still in her clutch, Celestia looked down at Spike and whispered,

"Be silent, okay? If the postman sees you, our reputations will be tarnished. So be quiet and hide under the covers. Can you hear?"

"Mm-hmm." Spike said, nodding in her bosom.

"That's why you're my son~." Celestia said, kissing him after releasing him from her chest.

Afterwards, she levitated her robe over with her magic. Tying her robe as she went towards the door, Celestia opened the door and saw the waiting postman in front of her. He was a meek, young colt and he was staring at a goddess. He couldn't find the words in his mind to describe how he got so lucky.

"Do you have the letters?" Celestia asked politely.

Snapping out of his train of thought, he replies,

"Y-Yes. These were addressed to you, Your Highness."

After he bows, he says,

"Have a lovely night, My Liege."

With that said, he immediately ran out of the hallway. After watching him leave, Celestia opens up the envelope and reads the letter. As she was doing so, Spike got out of the covers and asks as he sits up,

"What was that all about?"

"Hmm. It says that a Grand Galloping Gala is going to be held in a few couple days. Requires the presence of me, Cadence, and Luna..." Celestia said as she scanned through the entire letter.

"Why aren't the girls invited?" Spike asks.

"It says that they weren't invited on the account that their friend, Discord, filled the entire party with chocolate milk."

"Well, that sucks."

"But on the bright side, we won't have any interruptions~."

Celestia came back onto the bed as she removed her robe, becoming naked once again. After pinning him down on the bed, she says,

"Luna and Cadence are coming to Canterlot, so I expect you to be on your best behavior. If you promise to be extra nice to Cadence and my sister, I will give you the best experience you have had in your life~."

"I promise." Spike says.

Upon hearing that, Celestia says,

"Good. Now we better get dressed or we will be late for their arrival."

Celestia gets off him and proceeds to get dressed. Spike was a little confused by the gesture, but he decided to get up and dress himself up as well. But before they could leave, Celestia said,

"But before we go, I need you to lie down for me."

"How come?" Spike asks.

Celestia removes her top and hugs Spike into her huge bosom. She knelt down on the ground with Spike laying on her lap. Her breasts were on top of him as she moaned.

"Could you please help me with my milk~?"

Moving his hands to grab them, Spike says,


Immediately, she started breastfeeding him as he sucked on her breasts.

"Oh~. So cute~..." Celestia said as she moaned.


Later today in the throne room, Spike and Celestia were calmly waiting for their arrival. They were quiet as the waited. Just then, the door opened and the trumpets flared as the two entered.

"Our Royal Highnesses! Princess Cadence and Princess Luna!" Flash Sentry announced.

"Oh, it's great to see you two. It must have been a long ride from the Crystal Empire." Celestia said, getting out of her throne to greet her fellow princesses.

"It was. It felt good to stand up after dealing with all the fuss concerning the repairs." Princess Luna said.

"Yes. I couldn't even handle the fact that we had to wait for everypony to board while we had to listen to that annoying intermission music." Princess Cadence said.

Just then, they turned and noticed Spike. They immediately walked over to greet him.

"Hello, Spike. How have you been?" Luna asked.

"I'm fine. Just..."

"Don't be modest. You should be happy you're helping your mother out." Cadence said with a bright smile.

Celestia smiled lewdly as she looked at Spike, which unnerved him a little.

"What's the matter?" Cadence asked.

"N-Nothing, Your Highness. I was just..."

"Hmm. Why not go for a walk where nopony can bother us." Luna asked.

As Spike was talking to the princesses, he could not help but notice that all the guards in the room were staring angrily at him. They were green with envy as the princesses spoke to him. Noticing this, the princesses grabbed Spike and took him out of the throne room. They took him to the garden where they started talking to each other.

"So how is Twilight?" Cadence asked.

"Oh same old, same old. Always stressed and making sure everything's prepared for something." Spike said.

"Twilight was always the neurotic type. How she is still awake is beyond me." Luna said.

"One time when I was teaching about transfiguration, her eyes were so opened that it nearly came off as creepy during class." Celestia said, shuddering at the thought.

"I remember that. She didn't close her eyes during that class. She got a lot done during class though."

"Yes, she did." Luna said.

"So what would the three of you say to breakfast? I'm making pancakes~." Celestia said in a jovial manner.

"Of course! We haven't eaten since we left and it would be nice to eat something other than pretzels and peanuts." Cadence said.

"Agreed. It's time we retired to the kitchen." Luna concurred.

On that note, Spike and the princesses got off their seats and proceeded to walk towards the kitchen.


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After spending their morning making their pancakes, playfully as they did, they sat at the dining table where the princesses and Spike conversed with one another. Ranging from various different subjects to random moments in their lives, the four were very jovial in their presence.

"So sister, what do you plan on wearing for the gala?" Luna asked.

"I don't know yet. I have to see myself at Rarity's Canterlot Boutique to see what would fit me for the occasion. What about you, dear sister?" Celestia said, taking a bite of her pancakes.

"I have yet to figure that out."

"I heard that the new catalog could show us what would work well for the gala." Cadance said.

While they were chatting about what they would plan on wearing, Spike was eating away at his pancakes while acting like it was just him back at Twilight's castle. While he didn't seem to care about what the princesses were planning on wearing for the occasion, he was more focused on just doing the things he wanted to do for his vacation, aside from just having sex with Celestia. But the mere thought of being just someone to help them, he didn't feel like concerning himself with petty issues such as gossip. But nevertheless, he knew that he didn't just come here to relax with his relatives. Just then, he heard Celestia ask,

"What do you think, Spike?"


He moved his head up to notice three of the princesses looking at him. He was unsure what to say next.

"What do you think we should wear for the gala, Spike. Weren't you paying attention?" Luna asked.

"U-Uh, I dunno. I'm not the fashion expert when it comes to parties."

"You spend time more time with Rarity than you do with sending out letters from Twilight." Luna said in a deadpan manner.

"W-Well, I-"

"Oh, don't bother him, Luna. The last thing he would want is hanging out with us ladies." Cadance said in a joking manner.

"What?! I didn't-"

"Oh Spike. You are always so easy to knock for a loop~." Celestia said in a chipper tone.

The three princesses laughed as Spike went to sulking in his pancakes, eating as they cackled.

"Oh, dearest Spike. Don't be like that." Cadence said.

"It's but a mere joke. Lighten up." Luna said.

"Yes, Spike. We are glad you joined us. By the way, my back hurts." Celestia said.

Spike looked up in a disturbed manner upon hearing that.

"And whose fault was it for being the biggest in the family?" Luna asked in a mocking manner.

"Like you're any better? You may have a pair of knockers, but mine are in a league of their own~."

Celestia casually undid her top and her boobs collapsed on top of the table, causing Spike to nearly choke from his food.

"Uh, ladies...? Isn't this getting a little out of hoof...?" Cadance asked, trying to ease the sibling confrontation.

"Mine are still on par with yours!" Luna shouted, undoing her top as well.

"I'm still bigger and taller than you, you gothic spinster!"

"At least I don't break my back half the time, you rainbow-headed cougar!"

"Oh come on, ladies. We can-"

"Why not show us yours then?" Luna asked.

"Huh?" Cadance asked.

"Don't be shy, Cadance. It's only us ladies~." Celestia said in a sly manner.

Celestia grabbed her with her magic and Luna undid her top, exposing her breasts.

"Hmm. Not bad. Though you don't really compare to us sisters." Luna said, looking at Cadance's breasts.

"H-Hey! Mine are still on the same level as yours!"

Both Celestia and Luna smirked at each other as Cadance blushed at the embarrassment she was feeling.

"Shining Armor loves having a grab at these whenever Flurry Heart's asleep! You wouldn't know the difference, you old hags!"

Hearing this spurred both Celestia and Luna.

"Hags, are we...?" Luna asked.

"Would you mind calling us that to our faces again?" Celestia asked.

While they were arguing as well as spitting insults towards one another with Cadance trying to ease their spouts of differences, Spike managed to cough out the chewed piece of his pancake. Knowing that he couldn't take anymore of this sibling rivalry, he tries to make his way towards the exit of the kitchen, but he suddenly stopped by Celestia's aura of magic. Being turned one-hundred and eighty degrees, he was now facing the princesses directly. Celestia levitated him into her bosom.

"How about showing these two girls how nasty you wanna be with me?"

"W-What?" Spike asked.

"Do it, Spike! Show us how passionate you are with my older sister!" Luna demanded.

"Yeah! I wanna see how rough you are in bed!" Cadance shouted.

Seeing the looks on their faces, Spike could already tell they were serious.

"Right now?"

"Right now." Celestia said, undoing her entire dress.

"In front of the princesses? In broad daylight?" Spike asked.

Celestia grabbed Spike and pinned him on the table as she undid her panties with her magic. After that, Cadance and Luna grabbed the jugs filled with milk and syrup and started pouring them all over Celestia. Moaning as she rubbed them all over her body, Celestia got down and started frenching Spike. Both Cadance and Luna sat back and started watching the show.

"Let us show these charlatans how passionate we can be~." Celestia said as she started rubbing her body all over Spike.

Spike tried to get away, but Celestia was too powerful for him to escape. After kissing him for two whole minutes, she started kissing his chest, slowing lowly his pants to reveal his already stiff cock.

"Ooh, big boy~." Celestia said, playfully flicking Spike's dick.

The next thing that happened, she started licking his cock around, then she started sucking on it. Spike started moaning erotically as she lapped her tongue around the tip. Cadance and Luna were very impressed by her skill.

"Wow. I didn't know she was this good..." Cadance said.

"My sister's sexual prowess knows no bounds." Luna responded in a calm manner.

Soon, she moved her body on top of Spike in a sixty-nine position. Knowing that he had no other choice, he started eating away at Celestia's drenched pussy.

"I didn't know that Spike could be this capable as a lover..." Cadance said in awe.

"Let us be honest. He is too good for any other mare he comes across. Especially Rarity." Luna responded.

In the next few minutes, Celestia placed herself on top of Spike and inserted his cock into her vagina. After swinging and gyrating her hips, she starts going up and down, hammering Spike as she started fucking him. Her body was heavy as it pounded his pelvis, but Spike felt every pleasure as she continued to go down on him. They moaned erotically as they fucked. Both Cadance and Luna were in lusting awe as they continued to watch.

"Oh~. Shining Armor would never do this with me~." Cadance said, filled with lust as she masturbated.

"I always fantasized of doing these nasty things~." Luna said, grabbing her breast and masturbating as well.

In the next few moments, Spike came into Celestia.

"Ahn~!" Celestia shouted as they climaxed.

Loads of cum leaked out of Celestia's pussy. Celestia touched it and licked it from her fingers.

"I guess that's it for now. How about-"

Just then, Spike held down Celestia and flipped her over.

"Spike?" Celestia asked, worriedly.

"My turn." Spike said, grabbing some milk and syrup.

Immediately, he started pouring it all over her ass.

"Bon appetit..." Spike said as he buried his face into her ass.

He started licking it everywhere like a lollipop as Luna and Cadance were shocked to see him do this.

"Oh Spike~! You beast~!" Celestia shouted.

Soon, he moved his tongue deep into her ass and continued licking. After the next five minutes of doing so, he got up and moved into a doggystyle position where he grabbed his cocked and started smacking her ass with it in order to get it completely hard.

"Don't you dare..." Celestia said.

"I dare." Spike said as he inserted his dick into her anus.

"Ahn~!" Celestia shouted.

Cadance and Luna were beyond flabbergasted to even see this.

"Shining Armor would never do this with me~." Cadance said.

"It seems that my sister is vulnerable after all~." Luna said.

Pounding away at her ass like a piston, he mounted her really hard as he thrusted his hips into her body. He slowly lowered himself and started giving her hickies. Afterwards, he started spanking her ass really hard while continuing to hump her. As Cadance and Luna were masturbating for the next five minutes, Spike was now more than ready to cum in her ass.

"Get ready, mom! It's gonna be big!" Spike said.

"Don't do it!" Celestia pleaded.

Ignoring her pleas, Spike fired his load into her butt, causing Celestia to fall on the table from the pleasure she felt from being anally fucked.


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After Spike finished having his way with Princess Celestia, he took his dick out of her anus and it was leaking huge amounts of cum out of her ass as she fell on the table. Cadance and Luna both went over to the table where Celestia was laying and grabbed the leaking jizz. After looking at it for a brief second, they put it in their mouths and swallowed it, shocking Spike.

"You sure know how to please a lady, Spike~. Shining Armor would be jealous of you~." Cadance said.

"I agree, Cadance~. There doesn't seem to be a colt in Equestria who can measure up to my nephew~. You are very lucky, sister~." Luna said, patting Celestia on her bouncing ass.

Spike was more exhausted and confused than he ever was when they complimented him on his sexual prowess. On one hand, he felt happy that he was being commended for being useful in pleasing his mother, but on the other, he felt a little weirded out that he had to show it to his relatives. But then Luna said,

"But before we can carry this any further, we need to get ready for the gala and we need the proper attire for the occasion."

"You're right! We have to look proper for the guests and we don't know what to wear. Spike?" Cadance said, looking at Spike.

"Yes?" Spike answered.

"Would it be any trouble if you would... go shopping with us?" Cadance asked.

"Oh no! Just... let me get dressed first." Spike said, looking at his dirtied clothes.

"We'll join you then~." Cadance said, taking a hold of Spike's arm.

"Yes, we shall~." Luna said, holding Spike's hand.

On that note, Spike and the two princesses exited the kitchen, leaving an ahegaoed Celestia resting on the table.


Three hours later, Spike and the princesses were out and about looking for dresses to wear at the gala. Walking through shop after shop, they were coming up short on what dresses they should wear.

"There are so many shops here." Cadance said.

"Indeed. No matter where we go, they are all the same." Luna lamented.

Then Spike interjected,

"Wanna try one Rarity's boutique in Canterlot?"

"Hmm. I suppose it wouldn't be a bad idea. And knowing your friend, she more than likely has the perfect choices for what we wanna wear." Cadance said.

"Agreed. We will have more than enough choices for what to wear at the gala." Luna said.

"Well, let's go!" Spike said in full enthusiasm.

With that said, they made their way to Rarity's Canterlot Boutique where they were greeted by Sassy Saddles.

"Sew my stitches! What a pleasure it is to see you, princesses! You too, Spike!" Sassy Saddles exclaimed.

"Hello, Sassy Saddles. Do you happen to have any dresses that are fit for the gala?" Luna asked.

"Hmm. I do, but I would have to take some measurements if you want to be ready. But first, is there anything you three would care to try out?"

"Hmm..." Luna wondered.

Luna and Cadance proceeded to pick out the dresses that seemed to impress them. After five minutes of choosing, they took the dresses and went into the measuring room while Spike stood outside and read some random magazine hanging by the register.

"Hmm..." Sassy Saddles wondered as she measured Luna.

Luna kept her arms held up as she waited for Sassy to finish measuring.

"You seem to be a size 130 around the bust. As for the waist, you measure around 72. Your hips are also around 98. You're also exceptional tall around 6'7, although not at tall as your sister. You've been doing good in keeping active, Your Highness." Sassy explained.

"Thank you, Sassy Saddles. What dresses would you recommend?" Luna asked.

"I would recommend a dress that would come with a bustier concerning the size of your bosom. I could make a custom dress for you, but it would take awhile and the gala would have already commenced before I even begun. Would you be okay if I picked out a dress that would make you feel comfortable yet not leave you too exposed?" Sassy consulted.

"I would be more than happy." Luna said.

"Your turn, Princess Cadance." Sassy said, turning towards Cadance.

After measuring Cadance's bust, height, and waist, Sassy said,

"Your bust is around 101. You're height is around 6'2. Plus, you waist is around 57. I think I may have a few dresses, but you would have to choose because we're low on stock and materials for making dresses at this time. Is that okay with you?"

"It would be my pleasure, Sassy Saddles." Cadance said.

"But Sassy Saddles, would it trouble you if Spike would help us choose what to wear in here?" Luna asked.

"I don't see why not. I just don't want any misbehavior occurring in my shop if you catch my meaning. But if that's what you want... Spike!" Sassy Saddles shouted.

"Yes?" Spike answered.

"Would you come into the dressing room, please? The princesses want your opinion!"

Hearing this stumped Spike upon being asked that question. The last thing he wanted to do was to awkwardly stare at the princesses as they try on different dresses, but he was in no position to argue as he was asked to come in by the princesses. Knowing that he had no other choice, he got off his seat and went into the dressing room, but not before taking the magazine with him. Before he could go in however, he was greeted by a voice that he knew too well to deny.

"Hello, Spiky~." the voice said.

Knowing full well who it was, he reluctantly turned around and saw that it was Princess Celestia who has recovered from her anal penetration."

"Hi, mom..." Spike said in a glum manner.

"Oh, don't be like that~. You were only trying to prove your dominance~. Are the ladies trying on new dresses~? Let's go in~!" Celestia suggested.


Before Spike could object however, Celestia grabbed him and went inside the dressing room, where Cadance and Luna were waiting for Spike, but not expecting Celestia.


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Luna and Cadance were surprised when Celestia came in with Spike. Especially with the fact when she was carrying him in her arms.

"Hello, dear sister. You are up early." Luna said.

"Yes. I thought you would be tired from yesterday." Cadance said.

"Yes well, nothing a good breakfast can't fix. Right, Spike~?" Celestia said, looking at Spike.

"Right..." Spike said in a nervous manner.

"Well, it's good to have you today, Princess Celestia. What are you looking to wear for the gala?" Sassy Saddles asked.

"I would gratefully appreciate it if I could find a dress that has a bustier. I'm sure you understand."

"Indeed. I would have to take some measurements first though, but before we go any further... could you please put your fair maiden down?" Sassy Saddles asked in a sarcastic manner.

"Aww~. But he's my cute little teddy bear~." Celestia whined, cuddling Spike in her arms.

"As sad as it is, I need your measurements if we want you to be ready." Sassy said as she stifled her laughter along with the other princesses.

"Okay." Celestia said before putting Spike down.

But before Spike could stand in a corner, Celestia grabbed him and planted a kiss on his cheek.

"Aww~." the princesses and Sassy Saddles said simultaneously.

Spike was clearly annoyed with Celestia's doting nature on him, but he kept himself in check when she let him go. But before he could leave the dressing room.

"This is so demeaning..." Spike thought.

Looking at Spike, Celestia asked,

"Is it okay if Spike can stay in here? I need his opinion on the dresses~." Celestia asked, looking towards Spike.

"Sure. Anything for Her Royal Highness~." Sassy said in a teasing manner.

Immediately, Celestia undressed and the others watched while Spike paid attention to the magazine he took. Sassy Saddles took the measuring tape and started taking Celestia's measurements. Little by little, Sassy was flabbergasted by how by big Celestia was and how radiant she looked. After taking her measurements, Sassy said,

"It's unbelievable! Your size is 172. Your height is 7'7. And your waist is 80! Your figure... you're the pillar of marehood! How did you get to be this beautiful?!"

The other princesses groaned in envy as they looked at her while Spike continued to mind his business. Celestia said,

"Well, if you have been around as long as I have, I would have been growing up from before you ever came into Equestria." Celestia said as she lifted her breasts with her arms.

"I wish I was as beautiful as you..."

"You already are, Sassy Saddles. You already are."

"Thank you, princess. So what dresses would you like to try on?"

The princesses started trying on one dress after the other. Spike had to keep his legs crossed so that the ladies don't notice his cock as he was forced to watch them undress. With every dress they try on, Spike told them that they didn't look good in them. Eventually, they eventually tried on half of them and Spike said that they looked good in them. After purchasing and getting them in a bag, they left the boutique and proceeded to get lunch somewhere in Canterlot. Afterwards, they went back to the castle where they put away their dresses. Celestia and Luna went to a meeting regarding ambassador business while Cadance stood behind with Spike.

"You seem to get along quite well with Celestia." Cadance said.

"Yeah well... it has its perks." Spike said with a nervous chuckle.

"I think you like her." Cadance teased.

"Well, you've already seen how we went. Almost makes me feel like a kid again when we did it."

"Oh~? And how old were you~?"

"Please don't talk to me in that tone... anyway, I was seven-eight years old and she told me to see her in the bathroom. It was birthday, by the way. I get there and she was in a bath tub, naked as she got out. She walked over to me and gave me this gaze that would put Fluttershy's stare to shame. After a brief minute, she told me to close my eyes. One minute later, she pressed her lips onto mine and had her way with me."

"How did it feel?"

"I would be lying to myself if I said it didn't feel great, but ever since that day, she was wringing me like a wet towel. I've met Rarity, but to be honest, Celestia's much more of a mare for Rarity to compare."

"I see. Then how do I compare~?" Cadance asked, leaning towards the young dragon.

"Uh... I'm not sure if we should be doing this..." Spike said, trying to back away.

"Nonsense~. I need it badly~."

"But aren't you married?! What if Shining Armor finds out?!"

"Oh. He's always too preoccupied to spend any time with me. Even Flurry Heart spends too much time playing with her toys to even notice me. Please, Spike. Show me how rough you with Princess Celestia back at the table in the kitchen."

Cadance pinned Spike down as he tried to make a run for it.

"Do you really wish to leave me like this? A sad, aging princess whose husband is married to his duties? Are you really willing to leave me alone in this state?" Cadence asked in a sad manner.

"I don't have a say in this, do I?" Spike asked, albeit glumly.


On that note, Cadance shoved her lips onto Spike's and started kissing him passionately. As they moaned while caressing each other, Cadance undid her top, revealing her bosom to Spike. She grabbed his hands and moved them to her breasts, making him grope them in the process. Then she buried him in her chest and without a moment's hesitation, he started sucking on them. Moaning passionately as he continued to suck on them, Spike hugged Cadance really tight as he grabbed her ass in their hypnotic moment of lust. Lifting up her skirt, he moved through her panties and slipped his fingers into her ass. Fingering her anally as she moaned, she pushed him down completely and said as she undid her entire top,

"Now show me how passionate you were with Princess Celestia~."


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Pressing down as she started kissing him erotically, Princess Cadance took her crown off while she continued to hold Spike down. Just then, she started to feel her boobs tingle. She broke the kiss and moaned as she wrapped her arms around them.

"Are you okay?" Spike asked.

"It's fine. Just milk starting to pour out." Cadance said, looking at her breasts leaking out.

Moving her arm away, Spike got a clear look at them and they were leaking as the milk started to pour out. Seeing it made him feel nostalgic to be a child again when Celestia was taking care of him as her child. Cadance took notice of this and said,

"Could you please do something about this? Ever since Flurry Heart was born, this has been happening to me constantly. I'll tell you why later, but please help this young mare if you would~."

Knowing he couldn't refuse, he started sucking them again. The taste in his mouth coming from the milk tasted great. In his mind, her breasts were not as big as Celestia's, but they felt very good in his hands when he groped them. After a few minutes, she got up and started kissing his chest. After giving him a few pecks on his chest, she lowered down the zipper with her and unbuttoning his pants, she brought them down and looked at his cock with a shocked expression on her face.

"What a monster you have there~!" Cadance exclaimed, looking at his dick.

"You sound like mom..." Spike said as he facepalmed in embarrassment.

"It's a compliment, Spike~. Not even Shining Armor could compare to you~."

"Is that a fact?" Spike asked as she felt her tongue caress the tip.

Slowly but surely after licking around the walls, she puts the cock in her mouth and starts blowing him. Moving up and down with her mouth, Spike could feel her throat as she continued to suck on him. Breathing through her nose, she continued to fellate him as he moaned. Just then, Spike said,

"C-Cadance, I'm gonna-!"

Just then, Cadance started to Spike cum in her mouth. She tried to pull away, but he held onto her as he came buckets into her mouth to the point of nearly choking. Thirty seconds later, Spike released her and Cadance was coughing from the jizz that he unloaded into her mouth.

"Are you okay?" he asks.

"Yes. It takes more than a little sperm to kill me. My only concern is if you're still hard." Cadance said, albeit coughing a little bit.

The cum falling out of her mouth was in her hand as Cadance drooled it out. After drinking it whole, she looked down and noticed that Spike was still hard.

"It seems that your friend still wants to play~. Shall we begin~?" Cadance asks after grabbing his cock.

"If Shining Armor finds out about this, he'll-"

Before Spike could speak any further, Cadance put her finger on his lips and said,

"He will not know. This is our fun little secret, okay~?" Cadance said before inserting her pussy with his cock.

After swallowing his penis with her pussy, she immediately started gyrating as Cadance started to go up and down like a hammer against a nail. Spike started pushing his hips forward as they started to fuck. Up and down she went, Cadance was experiencing this on a far greater level than she was with Shining Armor. The arousing pleasure she felt from having sex with Spike was enough to make her climax with pleasure. Just then, the latter sat up and grabbed her ass as they continued to rut.

"Wow~! You're really good at this~!" Cadance said in a lewd voice.

"I've been doing this with Celestia since I was a kid. This is a walk in the park for me." Spike said as he started sucking her breasts.

Spike picked her up and got on top of Cadance. He grabbed her right leg and fucked her in a sailing position.

"Oh dear~! You are far better than Shining Armor~! He would never do this with me~!"

Panting as he continued to fuck her, he started to feel his cock tingle as he continued to pump it into her pussy.

"Cadance, I'm gonna cum soon! I'll pull out when-!"

Just then, Cadance used her magic to stop Spike from leaving.

"Don't worry! It's safe. Cum whenever you feel the urge." Cadance assured.

Taking Cadance's word for it, Spike continued to fuck her until he felt himself ready to cum. One minute later after pumping into her really fast, he ejaculated into her vagina. A whole load was leaking out of Cadance as he pulled out of her.

"Wow~. You really are better than Shining Armor~."

"Did he use to do this with you? With the lactating thing?"

"Shining Armor would always be the one to help, but his busy schedule was always in the way, He never gives me the time of day to just talk. He's always so busy that he never gives me the time of day to just ask me if he felt like doing it. I always want something more than just dinner, you know!"

Tears started coming out of her eyes as Cadance kept talking, scaring Spike a little bit.

"Why is that being a princess means never getting to spend time with your family. I have a life too! I just want to be with Shining Armor and Flurry Heart! I just wanna take my tiara off and just say fuck it all! Do something freaky for once in her life! Can't a mare ever have something like that?"

Cadance started crying after letting it out. Spike felt a little awkward after hearing her little tirade about having a busy life, but he felt a form of sympathy for her, considering that he was always busy with Twilight. And he knew that she just had to let it out. But knowing that she was longing for a moment such as this, he pushed her to the ground and lifted her from her body. Then he moved her ass to his face as he sat criss-cross.

"What're you doing?" Cadance asked in a confused manner.

"Doing it with you. Need I explain more?" Spike said.

Hearing that made Cadance smile as Spike inserted his tongue into her anus. This shocked her to a high degree as he started to lick her. Moaning and lapping as he licked, the taste and scent of the strawberries coming from her ass aroused Spike even more. After several minutes of licking her, Spike put her in a doggy position and proceeded to insert his penis into her anus as Cadance felt both the pain and the pleasure of having his cock go in. After getting it in, he started thrusting into her very hard as she moaned ever more passionately from Spike raping her in the ass.

"Oh my~! No wonder Celestia enjoys this~! This is far better than just the usual sex I had with Shining Armor~!"

"Oh, you ain't seen nothing yet!" Spike said as he started fingering Cadance's vagina and grabbing her right breast. He started thrusting even harder than usual as he started squeezing her right breast.

"Do you like that?" Spike asked.

"Very much~!" Cadance said as she started to ahegao.

Moments later, he came buckets into her ass. Letting her go, she fell to the ground exhausted from the pleasure she felt of being fucked by Spike.

"I hope you enjoyed that." Spike said, kissing Cadance on the cheek.

After getting himself dressed, he looked at Cadance in her still ahegaoed state and said,

"Look, I know how hard it is to be busy. I may be Twilight's No. 1 Assistant, but that never means I get special treatment. Though since we're in different positions, I can't really say. Still, you have my sympathies for being ignored. I hope you can find a way to fix your problems."

Afterwards, he got up and proceeded to head to the door. But before he left, he lifted up Cadance's skirt on the floor and kissed her ass before leaving. But little does he know that Luna was watching.

"Oh, but we can~. Oh, but we will~." Luna said as she held onto her left breast and masturbated with her wet pussy as she watched.


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As Spike was lounging about outside the balcony and soaking in the sun, he was beginning to have thoughts about the affair he had with Cadance. He wondered if he really should have just left in her emotional state and if he shouldn't have anally fucked her. He even wondered what would happen if Shining Armor found about what they did in the castle. He already knew it wouldn't end well for him if he found out, but then he probably would have felt the wrath of Princess of Love. Nevertheless, what's done was done. There was no turning back for him and he already knew it. All he could do now was sit back and enjoy the view as it headed towards the afternoon. Just then, he started to feel a stomachache come around. All of a sudden, he burped and out came a message. He opened it, and curiously enough, it was addressed from Luna. It read:

"Meet me in my room. I have cookies."

Spike frowned after reading the note, already suspecting what was going to happen next. But he would never be the type to turn down a free treat, let alone a request from Princess Luna, who was just as equally powerful as Princess Celestia. So he got out of his lounge chair and proceeded to walk to Princess Luna's room. But before he could leave, he bumped into Princess Celestia.

"Hey, Spike. Where are you off to?" the Sun Princess asked.

"Auntie Luna wants to see me. Didn't say why, but I have to go to her. She did say she had cookies though." Spike answered.

"Oh. Well, I'm gonna be lowering the sun in a little bit, so come back here when it's time for bed, okay~?"

Spike gulped nervously upon hearing that. He knew all too well that he couldn't disobey his mother, but whenever a princess wants to see him, he has to follow their commands, whether he liked it or not. Any excuse he would come up with would be thrown under whenever he tried explaining himself. So after being explained on the specific time he has to come back to her room, he went to her bedroom door. But before he could exit her bedroom, Celestia stopped him with her magic and brought Spike back over in front of her. Then she asked,

"Are we forgetting something~?"

Rolling his eyes when he heard that question, she picked him up and they closed their eyes and kissed each other. It was a brief but passionate kiss that would often be shared between lovers before going to sleep with each other. After their short exchange of love, she put him down and he went to the door. Before he could exit though, Celestia said,

"See you in a few hours, lover~."

"I love you too, mom. I'll see you later." Spike responded in a shy manner.

She blew a kiss at Spike, who returned the gesture with a smile. After closing the door, he made his way towards the door. Walking all the way over, he had no idea what to expect. Spike wasn't sure if Luna just wanted to talk, or if she just wanted to get into his pants. But either way, there were cookies and he wasn't going to turn that offer away for Equestria. Even if it meant being forced to do overtime with Celestia. Fifteen minutes later, Spike made it to Luna's room where she was sitting in an elegant manner with plate of cookies on a table as she promised.

"Hello, Spike. Make yourself comfortable." Luna said in a pleasant manner.

Listening to her, Spike took a seat next to the small table in Luna's room. Seeing a cookie, he felt the urge to take one, but he didn't want to be rude. Then Luna said,

"Relax, Spike. It is only us. No guards nor any of those stuffy aristocrats and politicians who visit us. Just me and your auntie Luna. Please have a cookie." Luna assured, handing him a fudge-flavored cookie.

Wasting no time, Spike took the cookie that Luna offered and ate it. Luna took one as well and ate it. They both talked for countless hours on end about various topics ranging from adventures to anything such as food or events. But when it came around to it, Luna asked,

"So how was Cadance?"

Spike froze upon hearing that question. Unwilling to give himself away, Spike said,

"She's fine. Just spoke to me about her time with Shining Armor and Flurry Heart. The usual family life and all."

Just then, he started to feel his pelvic region tingle as he took another bite of a cookie Luna offered. The effects planted in the cookies were making him extremely horny as he tried to keep a straight face when talking to Luna.

"What is the matter, Spike?" Luna asked.

"Oh it's nothing. Just need to use the bathroom is all. I'll be right back, o-"

Just then, Luna held onto Spike and grabbed him by his junk. She smiled when he started to feel the effects of the cookies she gave him. He was now frightened that she knew what happened between Spike and Cadance.

"Do you really take me for a fool~?" Luna asked as she pulled Spike towards her.

"Please tell me you just passed by." Spike asked in a scared voice.

Luna simply giggled and said,

"I saw you and Cadence when I just finished watering the flowers. The way you went at it with her was beyond anything what you would call exquisite~. Far more romantic than anything she would do with Shining Armor~."

Luna started rubbing Spike's cock against her leg and moved it up and down like she was masturbating him. Then she pushed him onto her bed and pinned him down. After that, she started kissing Spike. That same kiss that he shared with both the princesses. It felt erotic as their tongues moved around in motion. After a minute, they broke the kiss. She said,

"I saw how you went at it with Cadance and my sister~. How far would you go with me~?" Luna asked as she undid her top.

Spike looked at her bosom and was blown away. They weren't as big as Celestia's breasts, but just as big to grasp into his hands. She grabbed his hands and moved them onto her breasts. Then she moved them around in a massaging manner as Spike squeezed them like stress balls. Then she asked,

"Can you share this passion with your poor auntie?"


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Laying him down as she kept him pinned, Luna proceeded to undo Spike's shirt while he looked at her, both terrified and enchanted by her beauty. Grinding herself on his body, Luna was getting incredibly hot from just touching Spike. Lowing herself down, she proceeded to kiss Spike more as she levitated a pair of handcuffs over to her side. Raising Spike's arms up as she tantalized him with her kissing, she proceeded to slip them onto his wrists and bind him on her bed. He was sitting straight up when he was chained. Upon realizing what she doing, Spike says,

"Please tell me you're not keeping me here."

"Did you really think I brought you here just so we could just chat?" Luna asked.

Luna got up and moved her lower body closer to Spike with his eyes meeting her pussy.

"What do you see, my dear Spike~?" Luna asked in a dominant manner.

Not knowing what to say, Spike said,

"Uh... my supper?"

"Give the cute dragon a cigar. I can understand why my sister was so taken with you." Luna said as she grabbed Spike's head closer to her pussy. "Now start drinking, you cur!"

Not wasting any time, Spike put his mouth on Luna's pussy and started licking. Lapping and twirling his tongue around as he nuzzled his way around her walls, Luna could feel the intense pleasure from just getting licked by her nephew. The salty taste of her pussy made Spike feel dizzy as he continued to lick. But they seemed to be enjoying themselves as Luna held Spike tighter when she felt herself ready to cum.

"Ah...! Yes! Keep going! Do not cease!" Luna shouted as she kept her grip on Spike.

Moments later as Spike continued to lick her, Luna bit her lip as she was finally ready to cum.

"Do not let a single drop escape your mouth, dragon! I will be cumming soon..." Luna shouted in her dominant voice, keeping her grip on Spike.

Seconds away from cumming, Spike moved his mouth forward and prepared for her to shoot her bodily juices into his mouth. Suddenly after much pressure was building inside Luna, she finally came into Spike's mouth. He swallowed every drop that went into his mouth and didn't spill. Afterwards, she laid Spike back down.

"Ah, this looks comfortable~." Luna said as she sat on Spike's face. "Let us see how long you last under suffocation~."

Sitting on his face, she started rubbing her butt on him as she unzipped his pants. Taking a good look as she took his cock out of his pants, Luna started licking it a little as she started fingering Spike's asshole. Turning her head around, Luna said to Spike,

"Don't just lay there! Start licking!"

Like before, Spike obeyed her command and started licking Luna's asshole. Like her pussy, her ass was salty, but it had a lewd smell that somewhat reminded him of Celestia's. Since Luna was treating him this way, he was wishing he was fucked by Celestia. The way he was being treated by Luna almost made him regret taking Celestia's sexual love for granted. But just then, he felt something go right up his ass as she continued to sit on him and he could already figure out what it was.

"I hope you are enjoying this, Spike. I decided to do this because I saw how rough you were with Cadance and my sister, especially towards the latter. But why would you never include me? Am I just not good enough for you? Is my sister just too meaty and sexy for you to fuck?" Luna asked as she shoved her dildo hard.

Just then as she was about to fuck Spike even further, Luna look outside her window and saw that the sun was already beginning to set. Getting off of Spike's face and getting her top back on, she unshackled Spike and released him.

"Leave my room, before I decide to give myself a reason to have my sister get angry at you." Luna warned.

Not sure if it was the right but needed to ask anyway, Spike asked,

"Can I take the cookies...?"

"I could care less what you do with them..." Luna said in a solemn manner.

Not knowing what she meant but not really caring, Spike took the cookies and left Luna's room. Making his way back to Celestia's room, he wondered why Luna would seduce him like this. He was no stranger to being seduced by Celestia or Cadance, but it seemed a little out of character for Luna to be doing so. Even so, he couldn't think about it right now because he had to be at Celestia's room by bed time, otherwise he would be given overtime. So he wasted no time in making a run for Celestia's bedroom. Passing through every guard and aristocrat as he ran, he quickly made his way through the hallway and right to Celestia's bedroom. Before the final minute, he grabbed the door and opened it. But upon opening the door, he bumped his face into Celestia's bosom.

"Oh, darling Spike~. I know that you're excited to see me, but you need to wait until after dinnertime~." Celestia said as she squeezed Spike into her chest.

Squeezing her body everywhere to get her to let go, Spike was beginning to run out of breath as he tried to escape. After letting him go, she said,

"Tomorrow, we need to get you a suit for the gala that will come by the next night, so we will have to take measurements by tomorrow, but the tailor is extra busy, so we will have to get an early start. But in the meantime, we need to have dinner. Then afterwards~..." Celestia said, holding Spike towards her chest.

Spike rolled his eyes when Celestia proceeded to squeeze him more into her chest.


Later, the four of them were at the dinner table eating their usual meals. Afterwards, Luna and Cadance went to bed while Celestia proceeded to fuck Spike before going to sleep. After a lengthy two hours of banging away at each other, the two went to bed with Celestia clutching and squeezing Spike into her chest like a teddy bear while the latter felt a little traumatized by what happened between him and Luna.

New Suit

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The next morning, Spike felt something tickle his face as he slept. As this mystery item touched him, his laughter started to stifle. It felt soft as marshmallows and it was pillowy more times than it gave off. Just then, he felt these starting to press hard onto his face. But even as he was being crushed by them, he felt like he was flying around in the sky and sinking his tired body into the cushy softness. They were as big as the sun, and he was ready to call in quits. Just then, he started to feel these items starting to suffocate him. Even as he tried to push himself out of there, he was unable to escape. This realization caused him to wake up and notice that Celestia was pressing her bosom on his face.

"Oh my- What're you trying to do?! Kill me?!" Spike shouted.

"Well, I had to find some way to wake you up~. You were sleeping like the cute little baby you were~." Celestia said as she twirled her hair around.

"That's was because you wrung me dry last night!"

"Regardless, we need to get you ready for tomorrow's gala. And we have very little time, so we need to get dressed and get you to a tailor."


"Because you are going to be by my side and you need to be representable. I can't have everypony thinking that I do everything around here."

Spike groaned as he got himself dressed up for today. While he was doing so, he still could not understand why Luna assaulted him when she invited him over to her room. He had no idea whether it was with his time with the other princesses or the time he spent by himself in Ponyville, but he did feel something was off with her. But Spike couldn't figure it out because he and Celestia needed to get themselves ready for the gala. After having breakfast, Spike and the princesses proceeded to go to a colt's tux shop.

"Greetings, princesses. What can we help you with today?" the manager asked.

"We would to have this young dragon measured and fitted for any suits you have around here, if you wouldn't mind." Celestia said.

"Right away, Your Highness." the manager said as he took Spike to the dressing room by his arm.

The princesses followed suit as they went into the dressing room. After stripping him down to his underwear, the manager grabbed his measuring tape and started taking his measurements on the dragon. After spending some time getting his measurements finished, one of the measurers said,

"He is 5'10 and he is quite slim. I have some great suits for him to wear, but I'd suggest you choose right away because we're having a sale right now."

"We understand." Celestia said.

With that said, Spike started trying on various outfits passed out by the dresser. After spending a half-hour of picking out dresses, they finally chosen one for Spike. It consisted of a vest, pinstriped dockers, an ascot, white shirt, and a frock. The suit fitted Spike perfectly and the princesses were incredibly satisfied. As they were getting the suit boxed and put in a bag, Celestia grabbed Spike by his junk and whispered into his ear,

"I have a surprise for you after the gala~."

Spike shivered as Celestia pulled away from him and smiled. After getting everything squared away, they went out for lunch and spent time outside the castle for a bit before tomorrow's gala. When they were finished with their day, they returned to the castle and had dinner. Then they returned to their rooms.

"It seems that everypony is ready for the gala tomorrow." Spike said as he took his clothes off.

"That's right. I saw everypony around shopping for dresses and suits to wear for tomorrow." Celestia said as she stripped as well.

"It's a shame that the girls won't be here though."

"But at least you'll have me and the other princesses."

"True. Hey, is Luna okay? She hasn't spoken much all day."

"Knowing her, the first thing that would come out of her mouth is good morning with that usual tired look on her face." Celestia said with a mocking impersonation of Luna.

"I know, but she was crankier more than usual. Especially with how Cadance was."

"Really? Is there something you would like to tell me~?" Celestia asked as she cornered Spike against a wall.

"W-Well, she seemed to have been a bit more overly attached to me today. She even touched my thighs during lunch." Spike said.

"Hmm. Did you fuck her~?" Celestia asked.

"Uh..." Spike said as he tried to find the proper words.

But before he could speak any further, Celestia said,

"Don't speak any further. I know a lie when I hear it~."

Just then, she lifted him with her magic, so that she could meet him at eye-level. Then she asked,

"Did you have sex with Princess Cadance?"

Knowing that he could never keep a lie from his mother, he said,

"It wasn't like I wanted to! She just pushed herself onto me and then-!"

"I know. I know. But I can't be sure if you were cheating on me or not. So I'm sure that you know what I'm implying~." Celestia said as she pulled his face closer to hers.

"I do, but I wish I didn't..."

"You know you want to~. I'm merely doing this as insurance so you're not cheating on me~." Celestia said with an erotic chuckle.

On that note, Celestia proceeded to kiss Spike and fuck him dry until she was tired. A tired and exhausted Spike was lying next Celestia as she kept him in her clutches. At this point, Spike was starting to feel exhausted from all the fucking he did with the princesses. He was more than ready to go back to Ponyville, but he had to stay for the gala. Even if it was only for one more night, Spike just wanted a rest from the lewd activities he endured and somewhat enjoyed with the princesses. But nevertheless, after the surprise that Celestia would show him, he could finally go home and rest his tired pelvis. For better or worse.


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After getting themselves ready and dressed, the princesses went to the hallway stairs and greeted everypony as they entered inside the castle. One by one, the guests walked to the princesses and shake their hands as Spike watched in his servant attire. While some of the male guests were trying to steal a look at Celestia's cleavage, Spike growled at them to make sure they weren't trying to do anything funny in the vicinity. Afterwards, the gala began and everypony was conversing with one another as Spike and the princesses watched. Just then, Cadance came over to Spike's side and asked,

"Could you come with me, Spike?"

"Yes, Princess." Spike said in a formal manner.

Grabbing his arm, Cadance took Spike over to a corner of the castle behind the party. With nopony in sight and being in a quiet place, Cadance shoved Spike onto a wall and kissed him. Shoving her away from him, Spike asked,

"What are you trying to do?"

"I think you already know what I want~." Cadance said in a drunk, carefree manner.

Looking at Cadance, he couldn't tell if she was reeking of alcohol or not, but he may have sneaked a look of her having a glass of grape wine as the gala continued.

"Please put your tongue to use, or I will tell Celestia about what we did while she and Luna were at the meeting." Cadance said, lifting her skirt up.

Afraid and having no other choice left, Spike got on his knees and faced her pussy. Catching a whiff of the smell and rubbing his face against it, he could already see that it was wet and she need to have it. Suddenly, Cadance grabbed Spike's head and shoved it into her pussy. Opening his mouth and licking it, the taste of it was in splendor. Even as he was against the idea, he was enjoying himself as he lapped his tongue around in her insides and Cadance started moaning in pleasure. Grabbing her ass as he hugged her lower body, he let the smell and intoxicating taste get to him as he inserted his fingers into her anus. Breathing out of control as Spike started licking and sucking rapidly, she came into his mouth moments later. Helping her out of her daze, he slowly walked her back to the gala and seated her back down.


Hours have passed as the gala continued. Spike just stood quietly as he observed the guests. Not batting an eye, he didn't notice as Celestia grabbed him so assertively and took him back to the same place that he and Cadance were at. Grabbing him in her arms and kissing while holding him against the wall, Celestia said,

"You have such a girly ass~. It's no wonder Rarity has you model her dresses~."

"Please tell me you're not intoxicated..." Spike lamented as Celestia started necking him.

"Nonsense, sweetie~. It was only a couple glasses~." Celestia assured as she put him on his knees.

Knowing what she wanted him to do as she lifted up her skirt, Spike started kissing her thighs as he worked his way up to her pussy. Giving it a small kiss, he moved his tongue out and licked the clitoris as she moaned. Sucking and licking it as he groped her ass and spreading it, he closed his eyes and sniffed her mound of venus. It smelled erotic with the smell of bananas and cakes as he moaned into her pussy. Biting her lip, Celestia whispered,

"Yes~. Keep going~. Make mommy proud~."

Licking the inside of her pussy walls, Celestia was almost on the verge of cumming as she held Spike close into her pussy. Moaning erotically with all the pressure building up inside her, Celestia was ready to pour it all into Spike's mouth. Five minutes later, she came right into his mouth without holding back. Falling back from swallowing her juices, Celestia grabbed him before he could hit there ground. Holding him into her arms, she said,

"I could never ask for a better son such as yourself~."

On that note, Celestia kissed Spike and helped him off the ground. Making their way back to the gala, everypony was making nasty looks as Spike was holding Celestia back to her throne. He didn't mind, but he was more than ready for the gala to be over with.


As the final hours of the gala were approaching, Celestia noticed that Cadance was intoxicated and ready to faint from the alcohol that she drank. Feeling the need to help her, Celestia asked,

"Sister, would you mind keeping the party covered while I help Cadance to her quarters?"

"Of course, dear sister. It is all under control." Luna said as she turned towards Spike.

Shifting his eyes away from her, he kept them directly focused on the gala as Celestia grabbed Cadance and escorted her to her room. Eying Spike as he looked at the guests, Luna turned towards Fancy Pants and called out for him. Coming to her side, she brings his ear to her mouth and asks,

"Fancy Pants, would you and Fleur Dis Lee care to entertain our guests while me and Spike attend to an important matter?"

"Why of course, Princess. Anything for you." Fancy Pants said as he turned towards the guests.

Getting out of her chair and grabbing Spike's arm, she took him back to the same place that Cadane and Celestia dragged him towards as the party got loud all of a sudden.

"Please tell me you're not gonna make me give you head..." Spike whined.

"You know exactly what I desire and you will give me what I want." Luna said as she knocked him on his and lifted her skirt up.

"Can't we do this another time? My tongue is getting numb..."

"Soldier up and lick my cunt, dragon! Or perhaps Celestia was mistaken in her sexual desire towards you~."

Hearing this, Spike got on his knees and fiercely started to lick her pussy. Closing her eyes as he started to lick, she moaned passionately while his tongue lapped around her wall and he sucked on her clit. Grabbing his head as she felt the pleasure arouse her, she said,

"Oh my~... I now understand why Celestia chose you as her personal sex partner~. You are so lewd~!"

Continuing to lick her fiercely as she held onto him, she said in her moaning voice,

"I'm sorry for the way I treated you in my room. It's just that... whenever I see you with Celestia or Cadance... I just feel left out because you don't feel the desire to somepony such as myself. I'm sure you understand the sentiment, considering we're often left out by our compatriots. I hope you can find it within yourself to forgive me for that uncharacteristic charade I have committed."

Feeling herself ready to cum, Luna held Spike's head as tightly as she could and in the next moment, she poured her juices into her mouth and he fell to the ground, exhausted from giving cunnilingus to all three princesses. Helping him off the ground and seating him on a bench, she said,

"I am going to announce that the gala will end soon. When this is over, I want you to meet us in our sister's room. She has a wonderful surprise for you~."

After telling him that, Luna gave Spike a kiss on the cheek and returned to the gala to announce its end, leaving Spike to recover from servicing the princesses.


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After recovering from giving cunnilingus to the three princesses, he got off the bench and proceeded to walk towards the gala where all the guests have left. Walking through the hallway, it was completely quiet. There was nopony to be seen and nopony to be found. Then he remembered what Luna said. He recalled her telling him to come to Celestia's bedroom. Already knowing what was in store for him and having no other recourse, he proceeded to walk to her bedroom. As he walked, he smelled something come out of his mouth. Breathing into his hand, Spike could smell the scent of rotten tuna come out of his breath.


Fifteen minutes later, Spike made it to Celestia's room. Knocking on the door, he asked,


He heard moans and erotic noises as he listened through the door. Slowly opening the door, he noticed the princesses kissing and groping each other through the keyhole. He felt incredibly aroused when he noticed them go at it. Then they turned to him with lust in their eyes. Startled, Spike backed away before anything bad could happen to him. Giggling from seeing him back away, Celestia said,

"Before you come in, why not have a brownie~?"

Turning to his right, Spike noticed a plate of brownies on a stool. Not wasting any time, Spike had a go and consumed the sweets before him. After he was finished eating, he turned towards the door and opened it. After entering the room, he took a good look at the princesses. They were wearing nothing but thigh-high socks and chokers with their breasts, asses, and pussies exposed. He was hypnotized by their sensual nature as he suddenly felt his entire body turn weird. His penis became as hard as a rock for some odd reason after eating the brownies. Celestia levitated Spike over to her and tackled him on her bed.

"How did you enjoy the brownies~? Cadance baked them while we were preparing for the Gala~." Celestia asked.

"Pretty good. What'd you put in them?" Spike responded.

"Oh Spike~. You should know better than to doubt my culinary talents~." Cadance said as she caressed his face.

"Pinkie helped her with the recipe when she wanted to have another foal with Shining Armor~. You had to have known this would happen when we made our advances towards you~." Luna said as she moved closer towards Spike.

"We have all been waiting for this moment after the gala, and it will not be taken away from us, child~." Celestia said as she licked her lips.

"Please tell me you girls weren't planning all this..." Spike said.

Grinning as they heard him say that, Celestia said,

"We are not girls, Spiky. We are mares with needs and we need you to relieve us of our stress~."

Knowing that there was no turning back due to the drug kicking in from the brownies, Spike said,

"Well, we have come this far... may as well go with full speed ahead."

Hearing this, Celestia grabbed Spike and kissed him passionately, albeit with more force. After letting him go, Luna kissed him as Celestia grabbed his junk. When she was finished, Luna grabbed his tail and licked it while Cadance proceeded to kiss Spike as she undid his shirt. After kissing him, Cadance proceeded to kiss his chest, slowly going down to suck on his dick while fondling his balls. Celestia and Luna smothered Spike with their breasts as he grabbed their asses. Moaning with pleasure from the ecstasy filled in the brownies. Pulling them closer, Spike decided to put his fingers in their asshole and anally finger them. Celestia and Luna moaned as this happened. Just then, Cadance stopped sucking on his penis.

"Huh? What's this?" Spike asked.

"Just wait..." Cadance said as she turned around.

After facing the opposite direction, Cadance grabbed his penis and slowly inserted it into her ass. Quivering with joy, the tip kissed the anus as she moaned. Fully inserting it, she let out a loud moan after it went in. Moving up and down like a piston, she gyrated her hips as the indulgence took her over. Seeing this, Celestia said,

"Use your tongue, my child~."

Celestia got on top of his and started sitting on his face while Luna grabbed his tail and started grinding her pussy against it. With Celestia's ass on top of him, Spike opened his mouth and started putting his tongue into her anus, all the while groping her ass and thighs as she rubbed her butt on his face. They were all moaning in pleasure as they were ready to cum. Not wasting any time, Spike went ahead and came into Cadance's ass as he kept licking. Seeing that he was still hard, Celestia got off his face and Luna stopped grinding her pussy against his tail. Getting down in doggystyle positions, Celestia said,

"Are you still a dragon~?"

Hearing this, Spike grabbed his dick and inserted it into her pussy. Thrusting with all his might, Spike was experiencing a night unlike any other. He was not only having sex with Celestia, but with the other two princesses as well. He may have had it rough when the princesses wanted a taste of him, but he was doing well thanks to the brownies and he wasn't going to waste one more second about how a loser like himself has gotten so lucky. Fucking away at Celestia, he fired his second load into her pussy. Then he moved towards Luna and started rutting her as well. Fucking her with ultimate pleasure as they moaned, Spike fired a third load into her. After her, he went to Cadance and fucked her. The pleasure was making him dizzy as he kept fucking away, feeling himself get lost. Afterwards when he fired another shot into Cadance, he started going at them in different positions. They kept going at it until 3:00 AM. When they were finished, they fell onto Celestia's bed, exhausted from the hardcore experience they had. Spike was completely limp when they were finished.

"It was quite a night, wouldn't you say Spike?" Celestia asked, holding him towards her.

"I'll admit that I feel a little less stressed." Spike said as he scratched his head.

"Oh, be honest. You enjoyed it." Luna said, pressing against his back.

"Every ounce of love you poured made us feel whole." Cadance said, laying her head against his.

"Ladies, remember our talk about who he belongs to?" Celestia asked, clutching Spike even harder.

"Nonsense, dear sister. Sharing is caring~." Luna said, pressing against his back.

"She's right. He save the Crystal Empire. So I say I should have him."

"Ladies!" Spike shouted.

They were startled by his sudden shouting when they were arguing amongst one another. Spike said,

"We had ourselves a great night. Can't we just park our antics for now? I'm tired!"

Knowing that he was in no mood to argue right now, Celestia said as she caressed his scales,

"Okay Spike. If it means making you happy."

Before going to sleep, each princess gave him a kiss goodnight before going to sleep. Celestia started with her giving him a genuine kiss. After her, Luna gave him the same kiss as Celestia's. Then it was Cadence's turn. Afterwards, they all turned in for the night. While it may have been Spike's last night in Canterlot, he had enjoyed spending his time with the Princesses, even if they spent their time trying to get into his pants. Regardless, he was happy he got to be with them and he was sad to leave tomorrow, but it was worth it in the end. With that, Spike passed out, falling asleep on Celestia's bosom and surrounded by the other princesses, ready to see the beginning of tomorrow.


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The next morning after waking up from their little escape, the princesses and Spike got out of bed and went into the bathroom together. After cleaning themselves up for a good hour, they dressed and went downstairs to have breakfast.

"That was some gala..." Spike said, chewing on his hash-browns.

"It was a really fun time we had together as a family~. Especially with your performance~." Celestia said as she poured her maple syrup on her pancakes.

"Yeah." Spike said in a quiet manner.

"Oh, don't be modest~. Even the manliest of colts can never compare to a dragon such as yourself~." Luna said as she drank her orange juice.

"She's right, Spike. You should not act conservative around the women you please. Especially when he can make a housewife such as myself satisfied~." Cadance said as she swooned at his face.

"Can we agree to keep this from Twilight or anypony else? The last thing I need is a lynch mob. Besides, the only reason I was able to keep up with you ladies was because you slipped some aphrodisiacs into those brownies."

"Even without the brownies, you still would have enjoyed yourself. You should know. My sister taught you everything about the pleasures of sex." Luna said as she took a bite of her toast.

Spike felt defeated after hearing their logical argument. He knew it all too well that he was able to please the princesses, but it would only be a matter of time until somepony figured it all out.

"But don't worry about it. We were proud of what you did for us after that stuffy gala." Celestia said before kissing Spike.

After giving him a brief but passionate kiss, the other two princesses got out of their seats and went over to Spike to kiss him as well. When they were finished, they stood up and turned the opposite direction. Moving their skirts aside, Celestia said,

"Could you please give them a kiss as well~?"

Gulping as Spike nodded, he faced Celestia's ass and grabbed it. Moving his face forward, he gave her cheek a smooch before burying his face into it. Removing her thong, he pressed his tongue into her anus and started frenching it. Celestia moaned erotically as Spike licked. The taste and aroma was sparse due to being cleaned, but it was exquisite nonetheless.

"Do not forget about me, boy~." Luna said, bumping her ass deeper into Celestia's.

Doing as she told, Spike turned the other way and started licking Luna's as well after removing her underwear as well. It was the same as Celestia's, but still nice nevertheless. Slurping and lapping around, Spike felt like he was in heaven. He may have had to please them on their terms, but it was his turn to repay the favor.

"What about me, silly~?" Cadance asked as she pressed her ass against Spike's face.

Once again, he turned around and started kissing and licking Cadance's ass. After a good hour of doing so, they both looked at the clock near the door and it read 9:30 AM. Then they turned towards Spike and smiled. Smiling back as well, Spike said,

"Oh, forget it."

Hearing this, the princesses tackled him to the floor and picked up where they left off last night.


Three hours later after a good period of having sex once more, they got dressed and proceeded to walk towards the train-station.

"I can't believe this whole week already ended. It all happened so fast." Spike said.

"Not fast enough~." Celestia said.


"We were already aware it was going to move fast. It was only the matter of how long we would make it last~." Luna said.

"You don't say." Spike said, looking into the sky.

"Life's too short. You will not get anywhere in life unless you embrace your youth." Cadance said.

After making it to the train-station as they talked, Spike was about to say his goodbyes until Luna asked,

"By the way, Spike. Why do you have your bags with you?"

"Isn't it obvious? I'm headed back to Ponyville. Twilight can't do anything without her number one assistant." Spike asked as he grabbed his bags.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that~." Luna said as she levitated his bags out of his hands.

"Huh? What is this?" Spike asked in a suspicious manner.

"You may not have noticed Spikey-dear, but while you were asleep with Cadance and my sister, I wrote a letter to Twilight about you deciding to move back to Canterlot." Luna said.

"Come again?"

"Me, Luna, and Cadance spoke about it yesterday while you were recovering from your little stunt with my sister~. After we deprived you of your energy, Luna snuck her way over to my desk and wrote a letter telling you about how homesick you were and wanting to stay with your mommy~." Celestia explained.

After putting the pieces together, he said,

"Oh, you conniving-"

"Do not say anything you will regret, Spike. After all, you are staying with them now~." Cadance said.

"But if I'm here with my bags, then who's leaving for the train?!" Spike asked.

"Me of course, silly~. I have to get back to the Crystal Empire or Shining Armor will get worried. But don't worry... I will be back~. You still owe me for ramming your cock into my ass~." Cadance proclaimed as she held Spike's face.

"That's what I'm afraid of..." Spike said.

"Don't get upset, Spikey~. After all, I'm not the one about to be drained of his bodily fluids~..."

"But what will Twilight say when she finds out about this?!"

"We'll deal with that later. I hope you enjoyed your stay, Cadance." Celestia said as Cadance prepared to board the train.

"Bring your husband and daughter next time! It should be a ball!" Luna exclaimed.

"Ha ha ha! Take care, you two. Especially you, Spike~." Cadance said as she gave him a kiss on the cheek, making him blush in the process.

After Cadance got on her train and watching it depart for the Crystal Empire, Spike turned towards Celestia and Luna who had these suggestive smirks on their faces. Already knowing what awaits him, he said with a relenting tone and a small but meek smile,

"Well... what can you do?"

Chuckling erotically as they heard him, they started walking away with Spike being levitated by Celestia and his bags being levitated by Luna, taking him back to the castle where they had even more fun with each other.


Meanwhile in Ponyville, Twilight was in bed, naked with her friends as they were still asleep. Rubbing her eyes as she just awoke, Twilight noticed a letter addressed to her by Celestia. Opening it up, she was shocked to learn that Spike had decided to move back to Canterlot.

"What's the matter...?" Starlight asked as she looked at Twilight.

"Oh nothing. I'll show you later. By the way, it was quite a party last night, wouldn't you say~?" Twilight asked as she looked at Starlight with lust.

"You bet~." Starlight replied as she proceeded to kiss Twilight while grabbing her breasts.

But before they could go any further, Rainbow Dash shouted,

"Could you girls be quiet?! Most of us are trying to sleep!"

Looking at Rainbow Dash in an annoyed demeanor as she went back to sleep, Starlight said,


Twilight giggled and smooched Starlight before going back to sleep with the others.