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I spent a good amount of time thinking of a witty comment for my bio, this is what I came up with.

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Nice practice but now sense it's publish I think you should edit where this all happens don't for get time and date.

Oh yes! Definitely need more toy TF stuff!

7513923 Bimboification, Mind Control, and Transformation are my favorite things. So, yeah, I'm going to do more. I have a Twilight turning into a sex doll story I had planned before writing this, but this was some good practice. And I'm trying to get some ideas about some TF scenarios like public masturbation with a 'Rainbow Dash' dildo and maybe some others.

7513929 I may be a bit biased as I wrote it myself on here before, but how about fleshlight TF? Dash can get all the cock she wants, all the way through her toy body...

What do you mean by transformation into a sex doll?

7514067 Transformation- into- a- Sex Doll. Exactly as it sounds.

7514074 That's not really helpful lol.

7514161 Well, that's what happened. A transformation into a sex doll. I'm usually bad at explaining things unless I try hard like writing a story. But it'll make sense as soon as you read it.

Oh my sweet sinful God


7514161 Literally being turned into a sex doll (like a blow up doll with functioning artificial genitals) via magic, what isn't there to understand???

7514345 Ah, I see. I was wondering if it was something other than that.

7514353 Ah, you were wondering if it was an ultra-domination fic, I get you... No, it's a bit more literal than that...:twilightsmile:

So what next?

Mmmph god that was great. I look forward to more work like this if this was just your warm up.

7518006 If I keep getting reactions like that, then I gladly look forward to writing the list of stories ideas I have.

7519840 You're welcome.

7519153 What can I say? I've got a big thing for (love) doll transformation stories. The only thing that would have made it better were if Twilight had decided to manifest a valve on Dash just to inflate her bigger. I haven't seen any material where the valve(s) are placed over the nipples and I'm not against the idea; I think the cutie mark would work better as a location, especially if it became embossed.

It was a fun read, but Twilight felt too much out of character at the start of it all.

Can you do a sequel please:applecry:

Maybe. Mostly just depends on motivation.

Oh, a sequel would be awesome!

I also would love to see a sequel to this sexy story. :pinkiehappy:

What About the more out there transformations like balloon and blueberry (originated from Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory with gene wilder but got even more popular with Johnny Depp's version of violet based of the book)?

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