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I´m what happens, if you have a great libido and too much time on your hands. And yes that also includes fapping...

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Oooh, reality bending, corruption and mind control. Now this looks awesome! Looking forward to reading this one. :twilightsmile:

Will other ponies like the 18+ CMC be joining as well?

This is a neat idea. Looking forward to reading more!

Okay I NEED to see where this goes. *rubs hands together with sinister chuckle*

*smashes the tracking button furiously*

The concept of this is fascinating and if done correct could make for a compelling story

pears give it to applejack she will destroy it

this has a lot of potential I hope to see this progress

Normally don't comment on Clopfics, but this got my attention.

Oh dear sweet Celestia please don't let this fic die, I'm begging you!

And then she fucks Spike in his sleep!!! :trollestia:

I feel as though I should not read this...but at the same time the curiosity is killing me. Should I?

So Twilight is going to turn herself into a Sex Queen, have Spike as her mate and have him impregnate everyone in Ponyville or something?

Ooohhh, I like that idea. But do remember that the Goddess of sex is Princess Molestia, if we can unlock her of course. 😏

By the way, who were those voices that sounded beings observing Twilight, were they “You and TheOneWithoutAName” ?

Who knows? I´m certainly not telling. :twilightsmile:

You have to wait for the next chapters.

The princess of friendship unable to make more than friends. How ironic...

this made me laugh, definitely giving this a fav

Comment posted by TgTfProductions deleted Nov 14th, 2017

I really don't like the fact that you're writing this and 'my little corruption' because this means both of these will update at half the speed.

So what did she pay for the full version? Considering the amount of power the beings who made the IDesire have I can't imagine the payment is really necessary, so most likely it took a part of her to help facilitate her corruption like her soul/morals/conscience.

Holy moly those spoiler tags I uh, I kinda like them-
Here we go~

168 people fapped to this

and dont give me the I was reading it for the plot bullshit we know you did


i dont know if to laugh be silent

Dude, you KNOW you have a excellent story when it's been featured for a entire day and as I write this it number one on the list.

Oh don´t worry. My Little Corruption has first priority for me. It will continue to be updated monthly.

But given this story popularity I will probably also invest some time into this.

Yeah but you only have a limited amount of time in a day.

Whoops. I seem to have prematurely posted. Will edit along.

Shit dawg, I really shouldn't start reading at 2:30 AM. I'll finish this later, yeah? The story itself looks good from what I saw, but please, dude, get an editor!

Academy. Left only Fluttershy

*This left only Fluttershy

And politics and such were Celestias duties, who only called upon Twilight when she thought she could use the purple alicorns affinity to make friends. Which seemed to not come up too often in the last few months.

*friends, which seemed

and her sexy, yet not slutty clothes

sexy, yet not slutty, clothes

She didn´t have Fluttershy massive jugs or Applejack amazonian body or Pinkie Pies bubbly butt.

*Pinkie Pie's

but Starlights relationship 


It was "Stallions Health". A cheap

*"Stallion's Health", a cheap

was so sexually frustrated, that she was glad to have anything to take edge off. Even if it was only a fitness

No need for the comma after "frustrated"
*edge off, even if

fetish, that continually

another deep sigh, before turning 

half naked stallions, posing their

Don't need this comma either

pass the time, while looking at

Maybe don't need this comma

Twilights finger traveled down


Suddenly a heavy object fell on her head. Twilights face was pressed into the soft confines of her mattress and she saw starts blinking before her eyes.

*Suddenly, a heavy object
*she saw stars

Twilight slowly pushed herself upwards


After a few seconds the disc was gone

*Address a few seconds, the disk was gone

before her laid a phone

*lay a phone (maybe, again...)

Who know what this thing could do.

Question mark

So, she flared up her

Remove comma

A scanner, noticed Twilight, as the beam traveled over her face and body.

Remove both commas

This device purpose is


I would love to continue reading this story but the errors are just too numerous for me to get properly invested in reading this story. It's a real shame, the premise is interesting enough. Most of the errors are just small things, like missing apostrophes or wonky spacing.


Well, english is my second language, so forgive me the mistakes there. Granted I suck even with german grammar, but from my perspective it could be lot worse. Like, two-years-earlier-writing worse.

But, if any of you readers want to be my editor or know someone who is willing, I would greatly appreciate it. :raritywink:

This is probably one of the more...transgressive stories I've ever seen get to the top of the feature box.


You could probably cut this down a bit by saying 'it's name's not names' or something. Let the author go through and fix things with that info in mind.

I call out specific lines so that authors may copy/paste them into a ctrl+F. That way, if any of them are missed, it's my fault, not theirs (but only the 2nd or 3rd times; the 1st and 2nd are the author and their editor, if they had one before publishing).

Definitely hoping for the princesses to make an appearance.

I love it. This is such a cool idea. Just one complaint. Whenever you use contractions like can’t, won’t, or didn’t, you put a space between the letters and the apostrophe. You shouldn’t do that. Just avoid this in the future and you’re good.

Well, I hope this gets continuation

*Pears* IDesire ?

Also, if things are supposed to be on a ''give and take'' basis, what of the first changes Twilight did on herself ? There wasn't any indication that she had to ''pay'' anything there (directly stated or in narration).

This fic reminds me of the chronovac series on cyoc, regardless please continue it I really wanna see where this goes!

Wait. If Twilight's always had this body, then why are her clothes still destroyed? And why doesn't she think of that?

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