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Writing graduate who loves cartoon horses and all manner of silly things. Occasionally writes serious stories. A divine Swedish woman drew this avatar.


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Majin Syeekoh

I highly doubt that this contains futa.

Majin Syeekoh

7823164 o-oh

Oh my

... Please be gentle

Majin Syeekoh

7823171 I'd assume so, yeah


::Reads the description::

oh hey gary's back :rainbowkiss:

When I got to the part where Rarity does a walk in, this came up on my playlist.

I guess my iPod is cheeky that way. Aside from the whole Alien feel at the beginning of the Tyranid's theme, they get the feel of that instinctual need to devour. And boy howdy, there was way too much devouring in this fic.

I'm somewhat disappointed that the hallmarks of Gary Oak's comedic stylings aren't in here or if they are they're rathe subdued. Y'know, like the spamming of terribly hilarious horse puns, amusingly accurate foreign accents, and stupidly fun songs of dumbassery. Then again, this ain't exactly a comedy, but still, I really, really enjoy those stupid puns.

Probably could've gotten off to this, but humoungous boobs ain't my cup of tea, but mostly cuz theme music for space bugs came on by sheer coincidence. Had it been music to fuck to like this

It might be a different story. Still, I liked it. Maud is best futaneighri jizz geyser :3

Is the title a play of words?
I just can't help but read it as: A mare I can Pie.

Hawt. That is all.

This was gloryous..

Oh that ending was perfect, Rarity will be able to have a huge cock whenever she wants it now, thanks to Fluttershy.

7824929 if RD lets her, that is.:trollestia:
Oh that note, obligatory sequel is obligatory. If that last snippet is any indication, RD is as much of a size queen as rarity is. How would they bond over such experiences?
What about AJ? How would she satisfy the fashionista's needs? Will she confess?

You, good sir, earned not only a like, but a follow to see if you're ever writing those :raritywink:

Edit: waaaait a minute there. Is this a sequel to hurricane futashy? If so, EPIC!!! Still needs more sequels/stories in this continuity :yay:

And in the sequel they all get together and have an orgey

7825023 Oh come on now, of course RD will let her. Actually that would be even hotter than this story. RD, Rarity, and a futa Fluttershy? Oh god yes!

.......My names chance............. Name after a dildo never thought that would happen.....:twilightoops::raritydespair:

After Hurricane Futashy, this was totally worth the wait. Great Job, Gary~

And now you have such an obvious set up for a follow-up story, as people have mentioned. If that means we get more hyper-titted Futashy, I can die happy.

Thx qt <3
:duck: Quite.
Oh boy. I hope you didn't go further than that.
Sorry it wasn't to your tastes. I write anthro differently than pone. Also, why music while reading a fic like this?
It's a play on the title of the film where one of the most memorable scenes is a guy sticking his dick in a pie. It's a layered pun.
The ending does indeed confirm this story shares continuity with the Futashy one. I don't have any plans to write a sequel right now, but I definitely left the possibility open for the next time I find myself in the mood to write anthro!
It's a Bad Dragon joke. One of the more famous, uh, toys from there is called Chance the Stallion. I found out about when one of my female friends told me she was debating getting one.
7824777 7824451

I'm so glad you liked it! Thanks very much! As I mentioned on your user page, the full version of your avatar helped me get through the latter parts of this story. I don't know when I'll write another story in this universe, but I like hyper-titted Fluttershy too much to resist forever. :yay:

7825743 Yeah, I know the movie, but I wanted to know if there was a second intention in the title.

Nah, it's just pronounced "American" with an emphasis on "mare." I thought it was clever because this story features somepony sticking their dick in a Pie.

Great story fellow brony. Hope you continue in this sort of Genre. For a very long time. I understand that it does take a specially long time in the endeavor to create such good works like this. I just wish I was in any way to be of help to you? Maybe in proof-reading? Grammar or Spell-checking? Let me know. Thank you for reading this. :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::yay::yay:

I was never into futa before....now I'm curious.

I've read quite a bit of futa but this has got to go on top for how detailed it is at just the right length great job.

In the warning bit, don't the last two sort of invite the other? Like saying "Here's a sandwich. Be careful though, there's ham and meat in it".

Thanks very much! I'll try to remember next time I write one of these. They just kind of sporadically happen.
That's kind of what happened to me at a young age.
Thank you! I appreciate the complement, since I tried to focus on pacing this thing while keeping a reasonable amount of detail.
Specific things might turn some people off, and you can have excessive cum with no cumflation if it's all outside. I tried to be as clear as possible, especially with the futa tags, as some people just don't like it.

7826833 To be fair, I was half joking. Heh.

This is really top notch material, Gary. Bravo! :raritystarry:

I'm hoping if you ever do a next part for this, it takes less than a year :twilightsheepish:

Well this was just a fun and sexy romp. Was kinda hoping the twist was gonna be Marble plowing Big Mac, but Futa-Maud is a classic!

It's so great I have no words for it. Awesome Job :derpytongue2::pinkiecrazy::rainbowwild:

Welp... This story just earned you a follower, a like, and a favorite. Congratulations are in order.

I haven't even read the story and already there's a spelling error (is there any way you can edit the title?)

Thanks! And... um... erm... yeah. :twilightblush: I actually had no intention of writing this story until something like the 20th of December where I randomly got inspiration. After trying a "by demand" sequel to one of my fics and it not having much of a reception, I decided to not do that in future. That said, I have some ideas for writing another story or two in this, uh, "universe," but I have no clue when they'll get written, if ever. I really do hope I get inspiration sooner rather than later; slutty Rarity was a lot of fun to write for.
Never been a fan of futa-on-male, so the chances I'll write a story involving that are pretty low. I appreciate that you enjoyed the direction I ended up taking the story, though! :raritywink:
Well, yeah. :derpytongue2:
7829357 7829397
Thanks very much!
But it's not an error...

7841405 Apparently you're blind to puns...

7846219 *Exam's the title* *realizes the pun* *stares off in frustration* You mothafucka, damn puns:ajbemused:

This story actually has a record low of puns (for me).

I'm usually out and about when I read fanfic, so I'm usually on my iPhone. It has a built in iPod, so why not use it? I use it to drown out real life when I read stories. Get into the fic more, eh? Most of the time, it's songs that fit the tone of a story or feel rather neutral to it. But on occasion, hitting shuffle churns up songs that are either ironic or hilariously inappropriate for the mood of a story. It's like, I read a serious story where someone gets brutally murdered. It's all emotional and building tension and making me wonder if somepony else is also going to be murdered. And then this starts playing XD I should probably organize songs into playlists, but hell it's way more amusing this way :rainbowlaugh: Makes life a bit more exciting :B Definitely a YMMV kind of deal, eh?

Also, the story may not be completely to my tastes, but there's other things in there that are that I do find erotic :3 Like, getting part of the way there is better than not getting anywhere at all. Just means more smut has to be read :P

Well, at least there was something. :trollestia:

Never been a big futa fan, but DAMN!! This was amazing! 5 out of 5!

With a wet pop! , the head of Maud's cock came free, and the cum inside Marble gushed out in a torrent, soaking Maud's thighs and the mattress. Rarity marvelled as Marble groaned and rubbed her over-inflated stomach, which shrank as litres of cum rushed out. Maud stared into her eyes and leaned back, her cock standing firmly at attention.

Glad SOMEONE on this site uses the metric system

I think I need to, since Maud shoots a metric ton of cum at her partners!

Ever heard of Omni-balls?

Uh... should I have? Should I want to? :rainbowderp:

You heard of hyperc***s and hyper balls in those Add. tags?

I'm afraid I don't follow.

i think that's probably a good thing

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