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“Our first meal of the day... and we got our own chefs to prepare them for us,” you said, still trying to adjust to your new life. Though, as you and your family waited, you were still processing what went on during the battle against Lord Tirek, Cozy Glow and Queen Chrysalis. You probably wouldn’t be alive if so many old friends from far and wide hadn’t come to your rescue when you were tempted to give up.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA!!!!!!! What ever happened to King Fang from Your New Loving Queen???!!!!!!

We're still working that out

Oh, I see,

You understand my confusion, yes? Your New Loving Queen is No.2 of my top 5 favourite stories on FimFiction.

Just please let me know when you come up with what happened to him. I though Chrysalis took a turn for the best and put her evil self behind her!

This story is Amazing. Twilight can be cute sometimes.

Are you still planning on writing a wife for Discord and also a third person for bon bon and Lyra and Octavia and vinyl?
Just curious and I remember you saying in one chapter you were planning on writing those

Sweet, yet spicy. Loved it :pinkiehappy:

I don't like marriage. If you want to tie your life to someone else, that is your prerogative, though it seems more like a curse to me.
no offence.

Discord'll get a wife one day, just be patient

IKR?! i cant believe we're just expected to think that story's no longer canon

I didnt think you would do something like this but I am happy you two did. Keep up the good work.

Sorry just this story threw me off on the schedule because I remember you saying one of the young 6 was next so sorry threw me off

So who's next? Redheart or Coco Pommel?

I have to ask, who is the artist of the Cover picture?

Well I know exactly where you're gonna end up by the time you're 40.

good work you two you and your partner never cease to amazing me keep up the good work who is next?

So the 2nd story for Queen Chrysalis and King fang is cancelled?

What about the Fourth change? Her bust changing to a G or H?

Yeah, of course I do, I am not going to be married. Have a job, and spend weekends working on my hobby

Harmony is my 4th daughters name

That's an awesome chapter Dude

so who's next??? starlight? apple jack? rarity??

The story goes really well, Though Im a bit lost, knowing that Queen Chrysalis is with her husband King Fang, Im sure you two can fix that part, Overall it's a very warming story to see Twilight's family and their both love making session, I will be thinking that it will be a boy on the way.

Good work you two and brony on

I'm working through that little detail

He's already wrote stories for all three.

Ok then..........

Any chance I can get the name of the artist behind the cover please?

I like the story. I still hate the fact Chrysalis didn't get a chance at reform


Though Im a bit lost, knowing that Queen Chrysalis is with her husband King Fang,

Me too, buddy. Me too.

Ok. This story disturbed me, not to say that this story is bad but is... Is...THIS!

you were still processing what went on during the battle against Lord Tirek, Cozy Glow and Queen Chrysalis.

what happen!? I thought she got changed and living with Fang as King and Queen!? Ok, think logical me, this smell like discord doing he may have created a clone of chrysalis since she refused to follow the call since she is integral to his plan so he made one. And the real one is still in the forest somewhere with Fang building their hive in peace. I will take this logic than her story being non-canon, until a better explanation come.

stop, what happened then after "Your New Loving Queen"?
or is this story no longer canon for your universe?

Again with this question? Dude, I'm gonna fix it in due time.

I've been asked this question tons of times and I'm tired of re-answering it

I just didn't read the other comments and said the first thing that came to my mind.

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I like how me and twilight are husband and wife

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