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Canon x OC, that's my specialty, both in art and in MLP stories


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This is nice. Can't wait for more

Very interesting! Can't wait to see where this goes!

good work you two cant wait for the next chapter :twilightsmile:

Good job so far keep it up

A interesting start, and as I have expected from Spoiled Rich, Although she still the snobbish type, I wonder how long till that changed around. Overall, I can see how the OC have use his past experience to handle the situation, a good plot work for the fanfic. Lastly, the boy's positive and innocent mood does even out the bad too, Nice work and we see how the next chapter is going to work out.

Eh, I personally wouldn't want anything to do with a stuck-up, self-important bitch; I'd likely try to remotely poison her, because beings like her are ugly smears on their species' name, whether they're human, pony, or anything else.

Or, y'know, magical brainwashing and attitude adjustment; whichever's easier.

You uh, might have some problems to work out, because that’s a... fairly concerning point of view. Yeesh...

This is a perfect start good job you two

Solo I can't wait for part too I wonder how he gets the girl with the husband still around hmmm maybe the three will be a thing or a brake up with them ?

Any news about ur friend in the hospital I'm holding he's doing better ?

“Mrs. Rich, why are you crying?” he asked, but she didn’t reply. She just kept hugging him affectionately while you sat and watched her let loose her motherly love on your precious boy.

I suspect there is some interesting background story here.

“Well, at least capable of realizing your place. But it’ll take much more than a small speech for the likes of you to earn my trust. Honesty, I don’t know what my husband was thinking, allowing you to stay here,” she scoffed.

Don't you mean "Honestly"?

cant wait for the ending good work

Loving this! Can't wait for the final chapter!

I'm moving onto Princess Skystar after this

oh boy i can only imagine how that'll turn out with an over protective mom and possibly over protective father

I found this chapter cute, so far I can see he and the boy are adjusting it perfectly well and mr rich and diamond are so humble to them too. And we can see the change of heart for Mrs. Rich and we know where this is going too.

Great work

Hope there’s a sequel, or even a oneshot or the birth of their new baby.

So Pinkie also married Cheese in this series!?

Eh...I am not a big fan of that tbh.
I don't like poligamy.

Still, nice fic.
Happy Holidays

First off, love this. Normally, you don't see gradual transformations for Spoiled Rich from being a stuck-up bitch to a strong, but more understanding socialite mare. I was worried you weren't going to be able to capture a similar feeling like you did with Upper Crust...but you proved me wrong with Spoiled Rich and Intellectus here~ Bravo to you.

Secondly, regarding your Skystar fanfic, is it possible if I could be a part of making it alongside you and your editor~ As said a long while back, I have had PLENTY of ideas to share with you on what kind of male Skystar would encounter~

awesome story you two cant wait for princess skystar story:pinkiehappy:

Great work keep it up 👍🏻👍🏻

Still, brilliant work! Looking forward to the next story!

You doing well guys, Seeing a new light on Spoiled Rich, and a bigger family, they end up with a happy ending.

keep up the good work and Brony on

“Why do you earth ponies tend to have such amazing breasts

let's compare a female earth pony to an alicorn's cup size shall we?

Having just finished this story, all I have to say is that this short novel really intrigued me. I kind of wish that there were more chapters; mainly because I think that some of the stories that you’ve made so far should be a lot longer. Now, I’m not saying stop making short stories. Far from it! I love them all! But I think that it’s time for a love story that is over ten chapters long.

In this one, it really made me smile how the human was able to get a new wife; much like you’ve been doing in your other works. Plus, the kid was just able to make me smile.

(As a fellow degenerate, I also enjoyed the naughty parts!)

4.5 out of 5!

I just an idea, human goes to Equestria, by whatever means, and gains a rep as a high-end bodyguard/escort...

Kinky times ensue with whoever he/she is with


I liked this. I never even thought of this kind or story for Spoiled Rich. Good job!

“Mrs. Rich, why are you crying?” he asked, but she didn’t reply. She just kept hugging him affectionately while you sat and watched her let loose her motherly love on your precious little boy.

I half expected Jose to look to his father and comment "Adults are weird."

Is there a link to the cover image?

it's on derpibooru.org

the number is 1382070

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