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Brony since 2011. My favorite stories are ones that are either funny or, even better, that really dive into the characters and what makes them tick. Usually in ways the show hasn't done yet.

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Fan Fic Commissions Now Open! · 10:01pm May 16th, 2017

I am now officially excepting commissions for miniature fan fictions. Send me a note telling me what you'd like me to write about and what characters I should include.

What I WILL write:
1. Shipping
2. Comedy
3. Action
4. Slice of Life
5. Crossover
6. Any kind of feel-good schmaltz

What I will NOT write:

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How are you doing, bud?

2312920 I usually drink soda or Hawaiian Punch.

2312916 I enjoy seeing what writers drink whilst they write.

2312667 Neither, actually. Why?

2312537 Which do you prefer: tea or coffee?

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